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Son Of A Dayless Night

Album: ''Son Of A Dayless Night'' (1999)
1. The Fifth Season
2. Ancient Witchcraft
3. Night Throne
4. Snowfall' Serenade
5. Subjugation Of The Cursed Kingdom
6. Son Of A Dayless Night
7. My Crystal Land
8. Secrets And Tales Of A Blackened Sky
9. Forever I'll Lie Alone

...Of Darkness, Death And Faith - promo version - rough mix

Album: ''...Of Darkness, Death And Faith - promo version - rough mix'' (2005 Demo)
1. Dismal Wisdom Enlightens With Darkness
2. Join The Black Horde
3. ...Of Darkness, Death And Faith
4. Dancing Macabre Melody

obscure devotion


Obscure Devotion was born back in 1996 in Potenza (Lucania - South Italy ) by the hands of Roberto Tursi (Cabal Dark Moon) and Davide Tantone (Kobalt Black Sky) all 16 years old. Born from the ashes of various projects, Obscure Devotion recorded his first demo tape called “Dark Melodies For Sunset” back in 1997, with the help of Walter Basile (from Black Metal band Black Sunrise) as session drummer but using a drum sequencer. The demo, pressed in just 100 copies, got the interest from Elegy Records from Italy that offered the band a #2 albums record deal. “Son Of A Dayless Night”, the first full length, was recorded in 1998 with the same line-up of the demo (but this time with acoustic drums) and then released in 1999. The album got very good reviews on magazines like, for example, Grind Zone and Metal Hammer but due to a very poor promotion and a poor and out of contest artwork, made up by the label itself, the band got many problems of distribution and selling's… Basically, the artwork was much close to a Power Metal band than a Black Metal one... far away from the OD's musician's ideas. Anyway, the band started playing some live shows to promote the hard work did in the studio and so the first dates appeared. After some months, Walter left OD without communicating any motivation and Kobalt Black Sky had to move in Germany for a period. With no drummer, the activities of the band were putted on ice for almost 3 years. In the meantime some problems occurred with the label, especially concerning royalties and the “compromising artwork affair” that soon leaded Cabal to the decision to cancel the deal. Obscure Devotion rise again in 2002 when Sandro "Zander Furious Storm" Laurenzana (from Death Core band Undertakers) joined the band as permanent drummer. Together again as a three piece, OD restarted to play regularly and the composition of some new songs was again on full speed but, just shortly after entering the studio for the 2nd album recording, Sandro left the band due to some personal problem throwing Obscure Devotion into a deep oblivion one more time. Stressed by this hard situation and unsure future, Cabal Dark Moon (forced to work alone for almost 6 years composing music, lyrics, arrangements and creating artworks) decided to ask Gionata "Thorns" Potenti (from Black Metal bands Handful Of Hate and Frostmoon Eclipse) an help to record drums for the long awaited second album, ready since 2000 but never recorded because of lack of interest from other musicians involved in Obscure Devotion than Cabal himself. Gionata listened to the songs and accepted. Actually, the band has finally finished to record the 6 years long awaited “…Of Darkness, Death And Faith” album and soon after the recordings, Cabal has decided to fire Kobalt because of the last's too different artistic views. After 10 years, Kobalt's role has been replaced by Andrea "Dead Shadow" Gaeta. The new full length will be released on September 2006, probably on an Italian label…

Black Metal

Hate against human race, Revenge in its beauty

Italy (Potenza), formed in 1996

The Oath Records


Cabal Dark Moon (Roberto Tursi) - guitar, Vocals (Valkiria, Abbas Taeter)
Gionata Potenti - Session Drums (Frostmoon Eclipse (Ita), Handful of Hate, Macabre Omen, ex-Nocternity (Grc), session for Infernal Angels, Aptorian Demon, In Extremo Spiritu, Hiems (Ita))
Andrea ``Dead Shadow`` Gaeta - Bass

Zander Furious Storm (Sandro Laurenzana) (drums) (ex-Undertakers)
Domenico Senatore (guitar) (Valkiria (Ita), Ecnephias)
Kobalt Black Sky - bass
Walter Basile - session drums (ex-Black Sunrise, Larsen, ex-Hixi, ex-Valkiria (Ita))


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