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Album: ''Zazaz'' (2003 EP)
1. Choronzon The Eternal
2. Satan Ex-Machina
3. Signed In Blood



There are four artists with this name:
1) Nox is a brutal death metal band from the Netherlands. The band consists of Niels Adams - Vocals (ex-Prostitute Disfigurement), Rob Oorthuis - Guitars (ex-Centurian}, Patrick Boleij - Bass (Severe Torture, ex-Pyaemia, ex-Centurian), Bob Dussel - Drums. They released the album Ixaxaar on February 19, 2007.

2) NOX mixes Hungarian folk music with pop and techno styles, and performances involve folk dancing featuring the front man, Tamás Nagy. Szilvia Péter Szabó performs vocals. The band was put on the European radar at Eurovision 2005 in Kiev with their hit "Forogj, világ!" and now has released 5 albums:
- Örökség (2002)
- Bűvölet (2003)
- Karácsony (2004)
- Ragyogás (2005)
- Örömvölgy (2006)
The songs are generally in Hungarian, but there are some versions in English (for example, "Tüztánc" - "Fire song").

3) Philadelphia rapper NOX
Nox, born René Pichardo, lived in Puerto Rico until 1990, when he came to Philadelphia speaking little English. The rapper did not become bilingual until around 1992. He's been working with Storch since meeting the producer in 1999.
NOX is now working on a bilingual project with Scott Storch. The album will be English and Spanish. NOX is Latin so, there's a lot of street music, a lot of just fun music at the same time, club music.

4) Nox (Metz/France)
French industrial act from the 80s/90s. It was formed by Cecile Babiole, Laurent Perrier, Gerome Nox and Laurent Pernice. Nox ceased to exist in 1994.

Live session demonstrating with killing attack the powerful guitar and percussion melting which strongly characterizes Nox's sonic rock. [PDCD booklet]

Nox started as a trio in th early 80's, made a lot of performance with bands like Sprung Aus den Wolken and Einsturzende Neubauten . Their heavy tribal percussions, hypnotic guitars and war chants just push them as the right link between industrial and hardcore. Besides Nox, each member manages his own career into different areas: Cecile Babiole is a movie director ("Menagerie", "Xons"), Gerome (G-Nox) acts as producer ( Garbage Collector , Laurent Pernice ), Laurent Perrier is a label manager (Odd Size), and Laurent Pernice is a solo musician. [Bruits Blancs booklet]


Acte 1
(1983) K7
AKT Production

Killing drive power
(1989) LP
Permis de construire - PER 019

(1989) 10"
Odd size - OS07

Acte 1 : back to the roots!
(1989) LP
Permis de construire - PER 013

Live at the Manufacture
(1989) CD
Permis de construire - PPP 101

(1990) SP
Permis de construire

Killin' drive power
(1990) CD
Permis de construire - PER 019 CD

Death Metal

Satanic, Anti-Religion...

Netherlands (Den Haag (The Hague)), formed in 2003

Wicked World/Earache


Niels Adams - Vocals (Prostitute Disfigurement, Abhorrence (Hol))
Rob Oorthuis - Guitars (ex-Centurian)
Patrick Boleij - Bass (Severe Torture, ex-Pyaemia, ex-Centurian)
Bob Dussel - Drums

Seth Van De Loo - Vocals (Severe Torture, ex-Centurian)


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