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Thorns on the Black Rose

Album: ''Thorns on the Black Rose'' (1995)
1. The Heretic Kingdom
2. As Hermits Return
3. Purity Of The Tyrants
4. December Thoughts
5. Ages Of The Reign
6. Thorns On The Black Rose
7. In The Circle Of The Kings

From The Dark Past

Album: ''From The Dark Past'' (1998)
1. The Kingdom
2. My Pagan Love
3. Whispering The Return
4. Hymn To Winter
5. Throught My Blood
6. Just Another Battle
7. In The Circle Of The Kings


Album: ''Korona'' (2001)
1. Nasz Honor i Krew (Our Blood and Honor)
2. Czas Zemsty i Krwi (The Time of Vengeance and Blood)
3. W drodze do Nawii (On the Way to Navia)
4. Syn Nocnych Majestatów (Son of Nocturnal Majesties)
5. Z Moca Ognistych Prawd (With the Power of fiery truth)
6. Korona (The Crown)
7. W Slowianskie Imperium (Into the slavonic Empire)
8. Straznicy Ognia (Guardians of Fire)
9. Niesmiertelna Duma (Immortal Pride)



This page represents several different artists/bands using the name North/NORTH.

NORTH from Tucson, Arizona, USA are a Post Rock/Instrumental Metal band. Formed in late 2005, the group is comprised of Ty Engle (guitar), Matt Mutterperl (guitar), Evan Leek (bass), and Zack Hansen (drums). The group has an EP entitled Siberia that encompasses 8 tracks, moving from powerful metal compilations, to lighter, more melodic fare. Their sound can be best described as a mixture of Red Sparowes, Pelican, and some tinges of Mono and Explosions in the Sky. They have completed a tour of the West Coast and are planning bigger tours for the South and East Coast, etc.

North (from Poland) is a black metal band with pagan influences. 2006 the relesed they 4th album " Na Polach Bitew" via Pagan Records. One of the oldest Polish black metal band. Started with such bands like Behemoth, Graveland and such.

A band by the name of North also existed for a short time in the 90's and recorded only one 7" EP for the Mindwalk record label. They were part of the post-punk music scene in Philadelphia and little is known about who its members were.

NORTH are also four local musicians from Melbourne, Australia - Alf, Beau, Joel and Thanh - doing their own thing in the music business.

NORTH write their own songs, produce their music, choreograph their dancing and style their 'look'. The four guys all have their vital roles in NORTH. Alf writes, as well as produces the music. Thanh writes and provides the singing arranging and coaching for the group. Beau and Joel provide all the inspiration for the styling, choreography and stage act. They also contribute to the music and lyrics. The guys have crafted everything you see and hear of NORTH.

NORTH has already released its first album – North – which included two number one hits in Indonesia and Thailand. The four did their first promo tour of the Asian region in August and September 2004, signing more than 12,000 autographs, giving 37 radio interviews, making 18 TV appearances and appearing in more than 180 press articles! After finishing the Asian tour, the boys all came back home to Melbourne and headed straight into their studios.

They’ve been writing and working on their music for the last 10 months.

NORTH has recently been offered a record deal with EMI Asia, which includes China, Taiwan and South Korea. The boys are all very excited about the release of their second album, as it will portray their new edgier look and also their new sound. The second album will be including songs written by the boys but also songs co-written with top named songwriters.

NORTH recognises the problems in the global music industry (‘ripping off’ CDs, pirate copies or illegal downloads) but have sought to keep abreast of the latest technologies to get their music heard. "We are constantly surprised by people asking us to sign pirated copies of our first album", recalls Alf. "But it is great to meet the fans and perform our own music, no one can copy that! And it will be very satisfying to return with our new material too.”

NORTH intends releasing its new album in other parts of the world soon, but is determined to retain its independence and musical integrity along the way. "We are very proud of our music and live performances. There is always something for everyone and, yes, we sing live!”

Raw Black Metal (early),Pagan War Metal (later)

Paganism, Anti-christianity, Medieval Wars

Poland (Toruñ), formed in 1992

Pagan Records


Sirkis - Guitar, Vocals (Grom (Pol), My Infinite Kingdom, Fight (Pol))
Marcin - Guitar
Sabesthor - Bass (Grom (Pol), My Infinite Kingdom, Selossed)
Hellrider aka Lola - Drums (Croque-Mort)

Thorn - Guitar, Vocals (Neasit)
Zemial - Guitars (Venedae, The Lord, ex-Midnight (Pol), ex-Angrenost (Pol), Demiurg Blyskawicy)
Vermighor - Guitar (Neasit)
Aothar - Guitar (Grom (Pol), Selossed)
Nithramous - Drums (Neasit)

S³awoj Orze³ Trivialis - session Guitar (Nów (Pol), Majestat, Stara Piesn, Stanica, ex-Grom (Pol), ex-Fornostem, Or³ów Kraina, Kurhany, Zarzewie)


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