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Album: ''Demo'' (2005 Demo)
1. Insomniac
2. Death Penalty Syndrome
3. Virtuous Massacre



Noesis: pure knowledge; understanding. From the Greek nous (emotion): that which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings.

NoEsIS was officially formed with its complete lineup in March 2005 by Tom and Mike, as a result of their hankering and inclination for music, being a two member jam group, way back in 2003. Back then, still nameless, Tom went through the search of other members to complete the line-up. They witnessed a sign of luck when they once had an irate looking emaciated trespasser (Kamil) who entered the garage creating an impression among Mike and Tom that he was about to demand them stop their music due to the noise levels. Surprisingly, the guy walked to Tom and claimed that he owned the same guitar as Tom did and asked if he could play some riffs for them. The moment Kamil started shredding the guitar, Tom and Mike already could not believe their luck and how it had favored them in finding the best match for their musical tastes. The trio scheduled regular practice sessions and the hunt for the vocalist and a bassist began. Disappointments became a routine during vocal auditions until Tom found an advertisement in a local website, where they found an Indian vocalist (Ramki) looking to join a metal band. Ramki, with numerous laurels in his shoulders in music was an easy decision for the band, who introduced the bassist (Stan). With extensive guitar experience, and after being the guitarist for a melodic death metal band back in Russia, it was not a tough decision for Stan to make in order to agree to Ramki's request in supporting the band as a bassist. The search for musicians finally came to an end for Tom and Mike and the line-up was finally complete. NoEsIS was born.

As defined by its name, the band has always been an immortal force in terms of expressing their thoughts and feelings through their technical deliverance of melodic death metal, inspiring the souls that crave for that uniqueness, which always remains an important highlight of their creations. While remaining occupied as scientist/engineers, they chose to explore technical music using their backgrounds. This approach helped them to develop original ideas in their music and elevate them further. The variety in their individual creations, their cultural differences, the wide range of influences from Iron Maiden through Cynic to Aghora and the valuable suggestions and lessons from the pioneers of metal and their passion for music, has helped them walk quite a way in such a diminutive duration.

Thrash/Death Metal

United States of America (Chicago,Illinois), formed in 2005



Ramki - vocals
Kamil - guitar
Tomek - guitar
Stanislav - bass
Michal - drums


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