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Union in Unholy Pentagram

Album: ''Union in Unholy Pentagram'' (1994 Demo)
1. Pagan Ancient Rites
2. Funeral at the Fullmoon


Album: ''Witchcraft'' (1996 Demo)
1. Unholycraft
2. Covering Shadows Wings of Demon
3. I'm the Wolf of Black Circle
4. Old Witches
5. Storming throught of the Damned Shadow (Pure Holocaust Winds)
6. Under the Eternal Throne of Moon
7. Winternorthernstorm (Seven Diabolic Winds)

Fucking Cleric Pedophile

Album: ''Fucking Cleric Pedophile'' (2003 Demo)
1. Intro: Total Hammer
2. Ripping Christian Carrion
3. Fucking Cleric Pedophile


Album: ''It's Pure...'' (2003 Demo)
1. Introtten
2. Immortal Path
3. Black Magic
4. Fog Eternal
5. Sadist Imperator STOH
6. Outro
7. Old Witches (Rehearsal ' 96)
8. Storming trought of the Damned Shadows (Pure Holocaust Winds)

Unholycraft - Blood For Glory Of Satan

Album: ''Unholycraft - Blood For Glory Of Satan'' (2006)
1. Behold From Hell To The Venegance
2. Open Christian Terror - Sodomized By Lambs Of Christ
3. The Pack Of Lucifer - Eternal Legion Of Evil
4. Ripping Christian Carrion
5. The Heretic Mass - Plague... Spit On It
6. I Pass Through This World Like A Funeral
7. Deep Withing Enchanted Lands
8. Nocturnal Silent Evil



Nocturnal is a modern thrash band with three members, with stage names Vomitor, Evil Avenger and Hellbastard.

They are some seriously killer thrash. The roots of NOCTURNAL go back into the year 1997 where a band called BESTIAL DESECRATION recorded their first demo. To make a long story short, BESTIAL DESECRATION split up in 2000 and the only founding member renamed the band into NOCTURNAL. The Aim was still like from the beginning to play Riff based old school Thrash in the vein of DESTRUCTION, ASSASSIN, LIVING DEATH, ONSLAUGHT, RAZOR, SODOM, IRON ANGEL,EXUMER, EXODUS and many more ! First release was the "Rites of the Black mass" Demo , after this In the end of 2000 Avenger met Skull Crusher who joined the band to play the 2nd guitar and to do the vocals ! With this 2 piece line-up the band recorded 4 tracks in the time from December ´00 to February ´01. 2 of the 4 songs were released on the „Slaughter Command" 7´EP on DEATHSTRIKE RECORDS ! In the middle of the year ´01 Metallic Mayhem (Vocals) and Hellbastard (drums) completed the band, with this we partned ways with Skull Crusher! It was not possible to rehearse with him as he lives too far away from the rest of the band and he starts to focus again more into his own Death Metal band, nowadays he plays with FLESHCRAWL ! With this 3 piece line up we recorded 5 tracks in November ´01 which was released as the „Thrash with the devil" MLP on DEATHSTRIKE RECORDS ! Also a Tapeversion was realeased by HADES PARADISE DISTRO from germany ! In the meantime the band found 2 new members in Jex (ex-VEXED) on the 2nd guitar and Vomitor on the bass ! In early April ´03 we entered the studio again to record another 7´EP called "Fire of Revenge" which got released after a bunch of delays one year later. In the meantime they partened ways with Jex because of several personal and some other problems. We now go on with only one guitar on live gigs with Avenger recording both guitars in the studio himself. Rehearsals are much more productive and effective again so they pretty fast completed the songs for their first album. The Band signed a 2 album deal with From Beyong Prod. (NL) and In June/July the band entered the Toxomusic Studio (Desaster, Metal Inquisitor, Metalucifer, Decayed) again for one week. The result was called "Arrival of the Carnivore" and the band hired Kris Verwimp for drawing them a fitting cover artwork. The album will be released in December 2004 and will hit you like a Razor ….

Black Metal

Anti-christianity, Evil, Darkness

Poland (Gliwice), formed in 1993

STOH Productions


Nocturno Blasphemias - Vocal (Diabolical (Pol), Mortuary (Pol))
Desecrator - Guitar
Blackthorn - Bass
Kamil B. - session Drums

Necronoise - Drums
Nebiros - Drums (Pagan Woods, Diabolical (Pol))
Death Cult - Guitar
Abaddon - Bass
Hellhorn - Bass


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