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Twilight Visions of the Night

Album: ''Twilight Visions of the Night'' (2005 Demo)
1. The Call of the Distant Skies
2. Nightside Glance
3. Omen (Son of Satan)
4. In Raven Claws
5. Twilight Visions of the Night
6. The Funeral Bell

nightside glance


The first Look From The Dark Side (NIGHTSIDE GLANCE) was darted in the November of 2003 when the admiration for the dark beauty, majesty and emotionality of the melodic forms of extreme art found its incarnation in some independent creative attempts. Gothard, a guitar player, wrote several songs and was joined by another guitarist Lestat and a drummer by the name Astaroth shortly thereafter, thus forming the backbone of the yet unnamed band. This was followed by the first rehearsals, the work on the sound and initial playable material. After a bassplayer named Alex came, there were attempts to record several songs, yet without vocals.

Gothard came across Asketh, the frontman of the extreme black metal band DAMNED ICON from Minsk, early in autumn 2004. Since Otshelnik turned out the last original member of his collapsing band (while all of its potential hadn't been really revealed), they decided to revive Damned Icon, at least for a farewell show. Gothard, Alex, Asketh and Forneus as a session drummer rehearsed the old songs and then played them live as Damned Icon at the MASSA BRUTTO 6 extreme music fest.

Asketh and Gothard found a common interest in creating more melodic and atmospheric music. The lineup was supplemented with Midgard, a keyboardist, and after a time the new Dark Melodic Black band got its name. NIGHTSIDE GLANCE. The Look From The Dark Side. The gleam of the countless eyes of the Universe shimmering in the Darkness. The anticipant stare from beyond the bounds of ordinary perception and comprehension. Asketh's voice and verses, as well as Midgard's keyboard parts, added vividness, emotionality and completeness to the music, making it possible to start the serious realization of the material. The first demo record denoted the next stride on the Way — but later the frontman had to abandon music due to personal and family issues. The decision to part ways with the bassplayer came soon afterwards.

The lineup problems were solved during the next few months: Demian took the place at the mic prop, and Beherith became the new 4 strings torturer. The Nightside Glance… You can feel it now! The demo album Twilight Visions Of The Night was recorded at the Bobruisk Metal Studio (guitars) and the Legacy Studio in Minsk (vocals, keyboards, drums, mixing and mastering) between July and October 2005. It contains the majestic intro and the five songs combining elements of old school heavy metal and emotional guitar solos with mystical keyboard arrangements and a strong sympho black influence.

While carefully preparing for the live presentation of the recorded material, the band pays much attention to the visual aspect of perception. Exclusive stage garment and the characteristic black metal makeup have become an integral part of Nightside Glance shows. During October, right after the recording, the band played live three times in the clubs of Minsk, thus acquiring some important live experience. While there are plans of playing more shows, the work on new material and preparations for the recording of a full length debut album do not cease.

The story and the mystery go on…

Symphonic Black Metal

Satan, Misanthropy, Anti-Christianity

Belarus (Minsk), formed in 2003



Demian - vocals & synth
Midgard - synthesizers & piano
Gothard - lead guitar & synth (Amentia (Blr))
Grover - guitar

Otshelnik - vocals
Lestat - guitar
Beherith - bass
Astaroth - drums


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