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Sweet Vengeance

Album: ''Sweet Vengeance'' (2003)
1. The Tremor
2. The Glow of the Setting Sun
3. Hero
4. Elusive Emotion
5. Gloomy Daydreams
6. Macabre Apparition
7. In My Heart
8. Ethereal
9. Circle of Pain
10. At the Ends of the Earth
11. The Howls of the Wolves

Descent into Chaos

Album: ''Descent into Chaos'' (2005)
1. Being Nothing
2. Phantasma
3. Poems
4. Descent into Chaos
5. Frozen
6. Drug
7. Silent Solitude
8. Omen
9. Release
10. Solus
11. Jubilant Cry
12. Reality Versus Truth

A New Disease is Born

Album: ''A New Disease is Born'' (2007)
1. Spiral
2. Reconcile
3. Death-Like Silence
4. A Condemned Club
5. Scars
6. De-Fame
7. Scathing
8. Surge of Pity
9. Encircle
10. Drone
11. Spiritual Impulse
12. A New Disease is Born (Instrumental)
13. Ostentatious*



Nightrage is a melo-death metal band originally based in Greece (now located in Gothenburg, Sweden). They are an all-star band, of sorts, bringing together musicians from At the Gates, Dream Evil, and Septic Flesh.

from The BNR Metal Pages (
"Nightrage was formed by the Greek guitarist duo of Marios Iliopoulos and Gus G, and after acquiring a trio of European recruits (a Swedish singer, a French bassist, and a Danish drummer), set about recording their debut album, Sweet Vengeance. Death metal is the order of the day here, sounding somewhat Swedish though not quite as melodic as the current crop of Swedish-styled melodic death bands, with the exception of a few passages where some clean vocals (courtesy of Evergrey's Tom Englund) are added to the mix. Vocalist Tomas Lindberg has appeared on several death metal albums over the last few years (At The Gates, Lock Up, and The Crown among others), and he's in typically fine form here (though he has recently left the band). The appearance of Gus G is a bit curious, since his other bands are all firmly rooted in power metal, and Nightrage sounds absolutely nothing like these bands. Yet Gus and his compatriot Marios thrash away, slicing and dicing with plenty of conviction. Sweet Vengeance really isn't revolutionary, but it's a very capable modern death metal album.

"Though Gus G and Tomas Lindberg both left the band after their second album, a revamped lineup released A New Disease Is Born in 2007."

Their first CD, Sweet Vengeance, was released in 2003 on Century Media Records, and its follow up, Descent Into Chaos was released in 2005. Their new album A New Disease Is Born was released March 12/07 in Europe, and April 17/07 in USA and Canada.

Melodic Death Metal

Pain, Desperation, Betrayal

Greece (Thessaloniki (originally) / Göteborg, Sweden (now)), formed in 2000

Lifeforce Records


Marios Iliopoulos - Guitars (ex-Exhumation (Grc))
Antony Hämäläinen - Vocals (Burn Your Halo)
Olof Mörck - Live Guitars (Dragonland)
Johan Nunez - Drums (Suicide Of Demons)

Tomas ``Tompa`` Lindberg (ex-At the Gates, Grotesque (Swe), Infestation (Swe), ex-Liers in Wait, Lockup, ex-The Crown, Ben-Hur, Conquest, Disfear, Hide, Skitsystem, The Great Deceiver, World Without End)
Tom S. Englund (session on ``Sweet Vengeance``) (Evergrey)
Jimmie Strimell (Death Destruction, Cipher System, Dead By April)

Gus G. (also vocals on demos) (ex-Dream Evil, Firewind, ex-Mystic Prophecy, Tour Guitarist for Arch Enemy in 2005)
Pierre Lysell (live) (None)
Christian Münzner (live) (Majesty, ex-Necrophagist, ex-Defeated Sanity, Civilization One)

Brice Leclercq (ex-Dissection (Swe), ex-Sol Negro)
Henric Karlsson (Cipher System, Dead By April)

Per M. Jensen (Invocator, The Haunted, Artillery, Geronimo, ex-Daemon (Dnk), ex-Konkhra, ex-Extreme Feedback)
Fotis ``Benardo`` Giannakopoulos (ex-Bob Katsionis, Overlord's Perpetual, Septic Flesh, ex-InnerWish, ex-Double Square)
Nicholas Barker (live) (ex-Cradle of Filth, ex-Dimmu Borgir, ex-Old Man's Child, Lockup, Brujeria, Monolith (Uk), Benediction, session for Testament)
Alex Svenningson (Mindfall, Poem, Dead By April)


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