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Waiting for the Twilight

Album: ''Waiting for the Twilight'' (1984)
1. Trust a Crowd
2. Waiting for the Twilight
3. Too Late
4. Royal Death
5. Drive Down to Hell
6. Lord of the Sky
7. The Legend
8. Fool on the Scene

Power of the Universe

Album: ''Power of the Universe'' (1985)
1. Running for the Deal
2. Diamond Crown
3. Prowler in the Night
4. Power of the Universe
5. Let's Go
6. Judgement Day
7. Princess of the Rising Sun
8. Invisible World

Astral Deliverance

Album: ''Astral Deliverance'' (1999 EP)
1. Astral Deliverance
2. The Legend
3. Heart Of Fire
4. Princess Of The Rising Sun
5. Howlers Of Insanity

Live Deliverance

Album: ''Live Deliverance'' (2000 Live album)
1. Astral Deliverance
2. The Legend
3. Trust A Crowd
4. Princess Of The Rising Sun
5. Let's Go
6. Waiting For The Twilight / Le Jour Du Châtiment
7. Diamond Crown
8. Heart Of Fire
9. Power Of The Universe
10. Too Late
11. Judgement Day


Album: ''Cosmovision'' (2001)
1. Roads To Nazca (Intro)
2. Cosmovision
3. Corridors Of Knowledge
4. Spirits Of The Sunset
5. The Church
6. Behold The Nighttime
7. Necropolis
8. The Cemetary Road
9. Kill For The New Messiah
10. The Spiral Of Madness
11. Last Flight To Sirius
12. Riddle In The Ocean

Silent Room

Album: ''Silent Room'' (2003)
1. Paranormal Magnitude
2. The Rise Of A Child
3. Strange Connection
4. Travel In The Spheres Of Dreams
5. Shades In The Night
6. Silent Room
7. Mind Matrix Schizophrenia
8. A Piece Of Paradise
9. Virtual Freedom
10. Sniper In The Playground
11. The Death Toll
12. Prisoner Of The System
13. Shipt Of Fools (Vicious Rumors Cover)

The Dominion Gate

Album: ''The Dominion Gate'' (2005)
1. Temple Of Tears
2. A Taste Of Armageddon
3. Messenger Of Faith
4. Secret Rules (Beati Paoli)
5. The Dressmaker
6. Endless Agony
7. Paranormal Magnitude Part II
8. Circle Of The Dark
9. Haunting Memories
10. Heretic
11. The Dominion Gate
12. The Watchtower
13. K-141

Power/Traditional Metal

France (Grenoble), formed in 1979

Regain Records


Joe Amore - Vocals (Drums in the 80s)
Franck Milleliri - Guitars (Dark Light)
Alex Hilbert - Guitars
Yves Campion - Bass
David Amore - Drums

Christophe Houpert - Vocals (On "Waiting for the Twilight")
Jean-Marie Boix (R.I.P 19/04/1999) - Vocals (On "Power of the Universe") (Bronx)
Tom Jackson - Vocals (Zenith (Ger), ex-Praying Mantis, Bernie Marsden's S.O.S.)
Nicolas De Dominicis - Guitars (1979-2005)
Jean Stripolli - Guitars
Stephane Rabilloud - Keyboards (On "Cosmovision")


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