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Kun päivästä tulee yö

Album: ''Kun päivästä tulee yö'' (1999 EP)
1. Annatko Anteeksi?
2. Silkkiä Sulavaa
3. Kahdet Kädet
4. Annamme Kaikkemme


Album: ''Lahja'' (2000 EP)
1. Lahja
2. Uuteen
3. Pelonkantaja
4. Hänen Hiljaisuus


Album: ''Harmonia'' (2001 EP)
1. Pysähdy
2. Sammuvatko tähdetkin
3. Minuutin hiljaisuus
4. Yön aamu
5. Viet sen pois


Album: ''Odotus'' (2002)
1. Maalaudun
2. Kauas
3. Helmet ja kuu
4. Atopia
5. Näkymätön kirja
6. Sairas maailma
7. Kuljetaan
8. Ikuista
9. Lähde Sydän Devootio
10. Valheet


Album: ''Ikuista'' (2002 Single)
1. Ikuista
2. Ei mitään lisättävää
3. Viet sen pois (Live @ Club25 Vaasa 5th Jan 2002)


Album: ''Valve'' (2003 Single)
1. Valve
2. Hiljaisuus

Suljetut Ajatukset

Album: ''Suljetut Ajatukset'' (2004)
1. Valta
2. Suunta
3. Sanasta sanaan
4. Ajaton
5. Saavumme
6. Piirteiden suojasta
7. Suljetut ajatukset
8. Taakse
9. Lahja
10. Aamun seisaus
11. Kaaos
12. Valve (protone remix)

120 Minuuttia

Album: ''120 Minuuttia'' (2004 DVD)
1. Live at Tavastia
2. Live at Provinssirock
3. Lahja [Music Video]
4. Pysähdy [Music Video]
5. Valve [Music Video]
6. Kaaos [Music Video]
7. Kilhin' & Reipsin' (b-t-c)
8. Studio sessions
9. Valve remix & Slideshow


Album: ''Tasavalta'' (2007 DVD)
1. Live at Provinssirock
2. Suljetut Ajatukset (Music Video)
3. Suunta (Music Video)
4. Touring Document
5. Making of Suljetut Ajatukset
6. Making of Suunta



There are more than one singer/band by name Nicole:

1)Nicole (the band): Finnish metal band Nicole is one of the founders of the new wave of Finnish heavymetal. Instead of following the trends of the day, Nicole has kept it's style of music the same since the beginning and continued to develope it heavier and heavier every year And more symphonic.

Nicole is a great example of the new generation metal bands in Finland that have made their way into the spotlight during the last couple of years. Since founded in -97 the band has published 10 releases including 3 albums and 2 DVDs. The band has developed into a fierce metal machine and has enjoyed great success after the release of "Suljetut ajatukset" -album in fall 2004. Nicole has its own label, own rules, so as a celebration of last summers success at Finnish festivals. Success seems to be continuing, Nicole has been booked on most of the major festivals in Finland for summer 2007. Their latest album, "Sivu syyttömistä", introduced more brutal Nicole to date, this can be heard on their MySpace site.
Nicole has it's unique sounds mix of industrial, nu metal, death metal and core metal


Ilkka Laitiala - Vocals, Guitar
Olli Ketola - Guitar
Ville Sahakangas - Drums
Sami Katajamäki - Bass
(official website)

2)Nicole (Chilean singer): Nicole (real name: Denisse Laval) is a Chilean singer, based in Miami. She began her career as a young child. Her first album, Tal Vez me Estoy Enamorando (Perhaps I'm falling in love) was locally successful, reaching Gold Status. Years later, the singer released Esperando Nada (Waiting for nothing), produced by Tito Dávila (ex Enanitos Verdes), which sold more than 75,000 copies in her country alone. In 1997, Sueños en Tránsito (Dreams in transit), produced by Gustavo Cerati, made her deserving of recognition in Latin America as a consolidated singer.
Viaje Infinito (Infinite journey), released in 2002, part of Madonna’s Latin label Maverick Música, received a Grammy nomination for best Latin Female Vocalist.
Actually, APT (apartment), produced by Jimmy Frazier and Nicole have been listened
successfully in the Chilean radios and MTV. (Si Vienes Por Mi (If you come for me)).
(official website)

3) Nicole is a German singer, she won the Eurovision Songcontest for Germany back in 1982 with the song Ein bißchen Frieden, since that time she remained quite popular in the german schlager scene.
Some of her other songs are: Dann küß mich doch, Als die Blumen weinen könnten, Papillon and many more

4) Nicole Scherzinger - the singer of the popband Pussycat Dolls. Her first solo album, "Her name is Nicole" appears in September 2007 and the first two hits are here: "Whatever U Like"(feat. T.I.) and "Baby Love", the newest video of Nicole.
official website:

Melodic Death Metal, Alternative/Heavy Metal

Poetry, Life

Finland (Teuva), formed in 1997

Biotech Records


Ilkka Laitala - Vocals, Guitar
Olli Ketola - Guitar
Sami Katajamäki - Bass (Canvasion)
Ville Sahakangas - Drums

Jussi Jokipii - Bass (Canvasion)
Iiro Rantanen - bass
Jorma Korhonen - guitar, vocals (Sara, Pedestrian's Motor)
Otto Seppelin - Turntables


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