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Turn On The Amp

Album: ''Turn On The Amp'' (2006 Demo)
1. Rotten Paradise
2. The Naive
3. Hell On the Earth
4. An Old Hippie
5. Free Souls
6. Suicide Baby

new black widow


Part I

The members of Black Widow have known each other for a long time before they founded the band called “Black Widow”.

In the early 90-ties, in the Black Widow members` home town, Liptovsky Mikulas, there were many bands. Some of them were „famous“, some not. Musicians were changing the bands and „our guys“ also played and met each other in some of these bands. But still not all in the same one. As the time went by, many bands split. ... well ... The weak were beaten and the strong survived. And Black Widow memebers survived.

Part II

In 1999 everything turned. Mirra Kerežan and Pavol Maro are founding hard and heavy band Black Widow. They ask many drummers to take part in. Only unknown drummer Andrej Šimon joins them. That`s spinal. They look for another guitarist. Martin Nemček`s carrier in Black Widow is short, but he gives recommendation for singer. His ex-former bandmate – Marek Radič. In October 1999 Black Widow is complete. The gigs can be started.

In 2000 Black Widow catches the deadline for the festival Sliačske Rockové Leto 2000 and Anbeatably wins the competition part. Reward is – 25 hours in studio. Black Widow records its first, serious promo profile – „Hard And Heavy“.

A week after they got back from studio, Andrej Šimon left the band. In february 2001 Zdenko Cidilo joins the band.

In April 2001 Black Widow is awarded at „slovak-overall“ festival Rock Folk Tatry 2001 in the band category for „the best musician performance“. They are also awarded by special price donated by director of Liptovský Mikuláš Culture House.

In the summer semi-hippie Marek Eštočin joins the band as the second guitarist. Strong 5 memebered Black Widow is rolling on and each gig is succesful. The highlight of these successe is winning the festival Zlatý Štít Liptova 2001. Paradox – Black Widow is criticised by jury, but they win and are awarded as festival laureat in the band category.

Black Widow spreads its wings.

Another nuts kick – drummer Zdenko Cidilo sells his drumset and leaves „rolling train“. This situation looks really hard and critical. The rest doesn´t give up. Some drummers try to play with Black Widow, but with no effect.

Winter and spring 2002 look really bad ...

In this situation Mirra Kerežan leaves the band. The 3 others still don`t give up and in the summer of 2002 they wake up the sleeping machine. The first drummer Andrej Šimon comes back. Black Widow tries to roll on exactly for one year, but all memebers conclude to split the band in the summer of 2003.

Sometime in the spring of 2003 Mirra Kerežan comes back from Czech Republic – but he does not join the band.

Part III

Pavol and Mirra meet together. One call to Marek and everything is clear. They are together again. Black Widow is back. Black Widow is at the new beginning.

... but ... beginning begins by funeral – they are burig the hope they find the drummer in Liptovsky Mikulas. They seek in other towns. They ask the musicians from other towns, if they know someone ...
novy začiatok

They had been searching for really long time. Band receives phone number of drummer Juraj Zelinka from Martin. Only one call and Juraj comes to Liptovsky Mikulas. A week after they jamm and rock in rehearsal – everything is clear. They are jumping ahead for playing and they are booked for the festivals, which have later deadline.

Here comes the new Black Widow – „New Black Widow“.

Part IV
In the fall of 2005 Marek and Palo ask their old friend - manager Peter Lehotský - to work with the band. He agrees and the very next summer New Black Widow plays at some really important Slovak festivals. Then he comes with really good news - New Black Widow becomes support of legendary Czech band Arakain during the anniversary tour within Slovakia. And the story continues...

Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Slovakia (Liptovský Mikulá), formed in 1999



Marek Radiè -Vocals
Mirra Kerean - Guitar
Pavol Maro - Bass
Juraj Zelinka - Drums

Martin Nemèek - Guitar
Andrej imon - Drums
Zdenko Cidilo - Drums
Marek Etoèin - Guitar


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