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Madness, My Friend

Album: ''Madness, My Friend'' (2006)
1. Burned To Ash
2. No Salvation
3. Madness, My Friend
4. What We Are
5. No More
6. Little White Lies
7. In The End
8. In My Darkest Hour
9. Who's Laughing Now?
10. Twisting The Knife
11. Not While I Live



In 1997, a Perth metal band called "METALMORPHIS" had for 5 years been "doing" the scene, leaving in its wake a series of demos, live videos and magazine appearances. Despite being featured by the bible of Australian metal, "HM MAGAZINE" ("FRESH FLESH") and revirewed as "ONE OF THE BEST USIGNED METAL BANDS IN AUSTRALIA", no contract beckoned, and so MICK PAPKE, the guitarist songwriter took the virtually unheard of and almost blasphemous move of recruiting a keyboard player to add some dimension to the sound. Before the new line-up could really get gigging the band folded.

The new keyboardist, JEREMY DEVEREUX and Mick formed a new band with a more original feel and "GOUGE" was created, gigging solidly and cutting a CD, but after a time some members chose to further other careers and they disbanded.

In late 98, Jeremy joined "KIN", a local grindcore band and overnight they sot to the top of the metal scene in Perth, enjoying a crammed schedule of gigging, recording, touring, radio interviews and video production. The CD "THIRD EYE" shot up the charts, obtained national radio play on "TRIPLE J", both prime-time and on "THE THREE HOURS OF POWER" and made it onto the "WAMI Compilation CD for national distribution. The band also supported metal giants "SOULFLY" and "ENTOMBED" and a video was played on "RAGE". Still no label beckoned and in early 2000 Jeremy left to try again from scratch.

Mick had at this time been recording a solo project "CONCERTO IN HADES MINOR" and had become adept at ther process of recording and mixing and in late 2000 they teamed up again to create a new sound. Over the following year two CD's were made using two different vocalists and styles of playing to show versatility and ability and are now ready to be heard by the world. The one song released onto mp3 format on the net has become one of the most hit on songs in a very short time, and the next will be coming soon. This new project is called "NEVERBORN".

Neverborn is a band hard to define, even harder to categorise. Some make comparisons to Fear Factory due to the kick-driven rhythms and Meshuggah due to the unusual timing structures. Others suggest influences such as Dimmu Borgir, Carcass, Soilwork, Slayer, Alice in Chains, Pantera, Symphony X, …. too many to list. Actually, they are all correct. Neverborn defies any category because it draws inspiration from hundreds of bands and resembles none. In January 2006 Neverborn launched their first CD, the 11 track album "Madness, my Friend." It was a low budget affair and intended for local release only, but found it's way all over the country, including being given a prime place on the "Underearthed 4" compilation. Reviews were vaired, but the general message was that the material was fresh and innovative, but the mix below par and the decision was made to ensure the next CD is a vast improvement. And so it was. Recorded at Depth Studios with the notorious Geoff, the new CD is as mould-breaking and fresh as the last CD, but with more aggressive songwriting, a different feel and a sharp modern sound mix. Titled "1000 Miles of Hell", it is a fiery spiteful album full of hate and malice, brutal and beautiful all at once, melodic and aggressive in equal parts and a huge step forward for Neverborn. There is no filler material in this CD, each song is meticulously crafted and recrafted until it glows with arrogance and spits its hate unrelenting . From the explosive machine gun riffs of "Black veiled" to the frantic pace of "wonder if I'm dead", from the dark melodies of "Final Breath" to the violent grooves of "Divide and Conquer", this is an 11 track album that demands your full attention.. On July 6th, 2007 Neverborn launched "1000 Miles of Hell" at Heat Nightclub with friends The Alchemont, Dyscord, Angelsai and Left Ablaze. It was a massive affair in which Neverborn unleashed "1000 Miles of Hell" with their trademark balls to the wall piss drinking fucking metal show, with as much Beer, Girls and Metal as you can handle. Neverborn is: Big Mac- Vocals Jez- Keys, Vocals BJ- Guitars, Vocals Juicebag- Bass Foetus- Drums

Death Metal

Australia (Perth/Western Australia), formed in 2000



Jeremy Devereux - Key/Vocals
Michael Papke - Guitars/Vocals
Chris "Big Mac" Swain - Lead Vocals
Michael Vulin - Drums/Bongos
Matt Bennan Jones - Guitars
Josh Harris - Bass


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