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Black Mass Desecration

Album: ''Black Mass Desecration'' (2003 Demo)
1. Christ's Eyes Stare into Oblivion [Temple I]
2. Black Mass Desecration
3. Vermin Born of Virgin [Temple II]
4. Impure Burials Prevail
5. Golgotha March [Temple III]
6. Bonethrone Triumph
7. Low Tide in Heaven [Temple IV]
8. Doom of Nekros - Death of Christos
9. Acid Orgy [Goatlord Cover]

Bunkertor 4 Rehearsals VCD

Album: ''Bunkertor 4 Rehearsals VCD'' (2004 DVD)
1. Curse Of The Necromantical Sabbath
2. Red Wine Runs Out Of The White Skull Of Jesus

Teitanblood/Necros Christos

Album: ''Teitanblood/Necros Christos'' (2006 Split)
1. Infernal Abomination of Death
2. Baptized by the Black Urine of the Deceased

necros christos


It was in autumn 2001 when Black Death Metal fanatic Mors Dalos Ra (guitars, vocals and keys) put some guitar lines unto tape which later became the infamous Necromantic Doom demo. Always possessed by things as the occult and dark wisdom involved in music, his style seems to be primitive old school on the one hand, but is totally disturbing and devastating on the other. Really deep guitars perform weird, ritual-chanting melodies, like hundreds of death monks humming an endless funeral dirge, accompanied by midtempo drumming and a voice, which seems to speak with hamestagan´s tongues itself. Interludes, in this case called temples, complete the unholy sermon.

But time passed and so it took him over one year to finish the first apparition. In fact, the demo got many fanatic responses when released as well as some critics concerning the drum machine that was used on Necromantic Doom. Only 75 CD-R copies with pro-printed booklet were spread but astonishingly, the name of Necros Christos reached many with this first sign of dwelling.

Originally meant as a one time thing it happened again that black sorcery gathered clouds of inspiration and so four new hymns saw the light of birth, or was it the dark of the always existing? But who knows ...

The unholy spirit of Necros Christos got completed as drummer Martin Chain joined the band to record the 2nd demo assault. Coming from old Berlin underground commandos such as Cursed Nazarene (R.I.P.), his primitive but totally honest and offensive style seemed to be unholy perfect for the upcoming studio congregation. The result manifested in Black Mass Desecration - a demon of impure underground darkness, which was first released by main priest Mors Dalos Ras own label Tothundemeton Revelations in an unholy cooperation with Berlin based Black Warcult Productions. The demo contained songs as the cryptic title track, as well as Bonethrone Triumph, Doom Of Nekros - Death Of Christos, not to forget the sinister temple commands which once more hold the whole ritual together.

Originally meant to be released on Warhammer Records (USA), everything seemed to be ready for the upcoming conquering. But unexpected like the lighting bolt which once enlightened the black sky on the day of crucifixion, Warhammer died a far too early death and sadly vanished, but leaving an unmerciful inheritance with numerous and blasphemous releases.

But another dark entity lurked in the shadows, a demon summoned by infernal necromancy and death, named Silcharde. This small label and distribution from Florida/USA got interested in releasing the unholy tape and so another black alliance was cast unto the earth. And finally the Silcharde Records catalogue was completed in early summer 2004 with the release of Black Mass Desecration as Rite 002. Sad to admit that the demo never got released in any detail Silcharde once promised it to unleash. Only 200 pro-printed booklets were sent to Mors Dalos Ra who was forced to spread the curse with standard cassettes instead of pro-printed and duplicated tapes which once were offered him ...

But the disciples grew ... and the band was asked about doing a 7inch on Calabozo Records (SPA) as well as a tape on Ironfist Kommando Productions (CHILE). Also Mike Meacham (ex-Warhammer Records) playing in a funeral doom act called Loss asked for a split release and the band honourable agreed. But Mors Dalos Ra had to look for a new goatskinner first, 'cause Mr. Chain, who obviously did a fuckin' great job on Black Mass Desecration, had to quit just after one studio audition due to the lack of time. Bearing the mark of a true deathworshipper, the pact was sealed with Luciferus Christhammer, an insane Metal maniac looking like an unholy goat minion on his way to hell ... and a furious drummer as well. This unholy alliance entered the halls of the Berlin Sound From Below studio to record the most intense and black Necros Christos tracks up to date. These audio armageddon commands saw the darkness of birth in 2004 and so thy prophecies were fulfilled when Curse Of The Necromantical Sabbath got released on black wax, later followed by Grave Damnation on tape. Both releases contained again for what the entity became known; the devotedly will to worship darkness, damnation and death, the triune essences of real, occult Death Metal - bringing fear to those who take this term far too lightly ...

During this period, the Black Mass Desecration demo got re-released by Time Before Time Records (POL) as a split CD with UK bastards Goat Molestör due to the nearly non-existent distribution and feedback of Silcharde.

And again it was time to initiate a waiting neophyte ... Black Shepherd Ov Doom, originally meant as session bass sodomizer, became a permanent member of the goetic manifestion. Baptized under the banner of the infamous Berlin concert with Inquisition (USA), he proved to be the best tool of spreading the curse more intensively ... what the band successfully did, bringing their black mass live unto stages in London, Barcelona and Belgium in late 2005. More live ceremonials all around ancient Europe are to come in the year of 2006 ...

... which also saw another re-release of one of the earlier works. Grave Damnations incoming on CD by Worship Him Records (NOR) was gladly accepted due to the bad distribution and work of Ironfist Kommando. The CD version came with better artwork and sound according to the digital format and of course, had a lot of better distribution due to Worship Hims work.

And another oath was sworn ... getting in contact with the guys of Sepulchral Voice Records from Germany, it was clear which offer the band would gladly accept ... namely the call of the sepulchral communion. The first full length opus of Necros Christos entitled Triune Impurity Rites is planned for late 2006 and will become one of the most ritualizing records ever.

Black/Death Metal

Darkness, Damnation, Death, Anti-christianity

Germany (Berlin), formed in 2001

Black Warcult Productions


Mors Dalos Ra - Guitars, Vocals, Keys (Drowned (Ger))
Black Shepherd Ov Doom - Bass (Drowned (Ger))
The Evil N. - Guitars

Martin Chain - Drums
Christhammer - Drums


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