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Season of the Dead

Album: ''Season of the Dead'' (1987)
1. Season of the Dead
2. Forbidden Pleasure
3. Bleeding Torment
4. Insane for Blood
5. Reincarnation
6. Ancient Slumber
7. Mental Decay
8. Abomination
9. Terminal Vision
10. Painful Discharge
11. Beyond and Back

Holocausto De La Morte

Album: ''Holocausto De La Morte'' (1998)
1. Bloodfreak
2. Embalmed Yet I Breathe
3. The Cross Burns Black
4. Deep Inside, I Plant The Devils Seed
5. Burning Moon Sickness
6. Cadaverous Screams Of My Deceased Lover
7. Children Of The Vortex
8. Hymns Of Divine Genocide

Black Blood Vomitorium

Album: ''Black Blood Vomitorium'' (2000 EP)
1. And You Will Live In Terror
2. They Dwell Beneath
3. It Lives In The Woods
4. Black Blood Vomitorium

Cannibal Holocaust

Album: ''Cannibal Holocaust'' (2001 EP)
1. Cannibal Holocaust
2. Burning Moon Sickness
3. It Lives In The Woods
4. Baphomet Rises
5. Chainsaw Lust
6. Cannibal Holocaust (Video Track)

The Divine Art of Torture

Album: ''The Divine Art of Torture'' (2003)
1. Blaspheme The Body
2. Upon Frayed Lips of Silence
3. Parasite Eve
4. Maim Attraction
5. Rue Morgue Disciple
6. The Sick Room
7. Conjuring The Unnamable
8. Flowers Of Flesh And Blood
9. The Divine Art of Torture
10. Zé Do Caixão

Goblins Be Thine

Album: ''Goblins Be Thine'' (2004 EP)
1. Sadako's Curse
2. To Sleep with the Dead
3. Young Burial
4. The Fog
5. Goblins Be Thine

Harvest Ritual Volume I

Album: ''Harvest Ritual Volume I'' (2005)
1. The World, The Flesh, The Devil
2. Dead Skin Slave
3. Unearthed
4. Cadavera X
5. London 13 Demon Street
6. Return To Texas
7. Akumu
8. Stitch Her Further
9. Excommunicated
10. Harvest Ritual

Draped In Treachery

Album: ''Draped In Treachery'' (2005 Split)
1. Cannibal Holocaust
2. Burning Moon Sickness (rare demo version)
3. It Lives In The Woods (rare demo version)
4. Baphomet Rises
5. Chainsaw Lust
6. Christianity Has No Chance
7. Possessed (From Within)
8. Banished Rhythmic Hate
9. Contemplating The Pitch Black
10. View of a Desolate Wasteland
11. Swallowed By Black Mass
12. Accepting The Rise of Satanism
13. Unspoken Vows of a Midnight Offering
14. Draped In Treachery
15. The Woods Own Countless Voices
16. Poisoned by the Blood of Christ

Slit Wrists and Casket Rot

Album: ''Slit Wrists and Casket Rot'' (2006 Live album)
1. Requiem For a Black Pope
2. Upon Frayed Lips of Silence
3. Blaspheme the Body
4. Cannibal Holocaust
5. Parasite Eve
6. And You Will Live in Terror
7. Maim Attraction
8. Flowers of Flesh and Blood
9. Rue Morgue Disciple
10. Embalmed Yet I Breathe
11. The Divine Art of Torture
12. Zé do Caixão
13. Young Burial



Necrophagia was one of the first death metal bands, assembled in 1983.

Early days:

Necrophagia was a popular group in the underground "tape trading" scene of the early-to-mid-1980s. Featuring hard-driving metal and growling vocals, Necrophagia became a pioneer in the fledgling death metal genre. Their first full-length album, Season of the Dead, was recorded and released in 1987.

With Phil Anselmo:

The band then split up due to musical differences, and lay dormant until 1997 when frontman Killjoy reformed the band with then-Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo on guitar, Wayne Fabra on drums and Jared Faulk on bass (later succeeded by Dustin Havnen). This lineup released the album Holocausto de la Morte and the EP Black Blood Vomitorium.

Gorelord mainman Frediablo was then added as second guitarist, and Opal Enthroned (real name: Stephanie Windstein) joined the band on keyboards. This lineup released the Cannibal Holocaust EP before spliting up.


In 2002 Killjoy announced the new Necrophagia lineup. Joining he and Frediablo would be Fug on guitar, Iscariah (formely of Immortal) on bass, Titta Tanni on drums and Mirai Kawashima of Japanese experimental black metal band Sigh on keyboards. This proved to be the most productive time for Necrophagia, with all members concentrating on the band rather than treating it as a side project. They released the albums The Divine Art of Torture and Harvest Ritual Vol. 1, as well as the Goblins Be Thine EP.

On 06/06/06 Necrophagia released Slit Wrists And Casket Rot, a live album from their "Harvesting the Dead" tour. A new full-length album is due on Halloween 2006, and an EP entitled Satan's Skin is also in the works.

Frediablo left the band in early 2006 to concentrate on his other band Grimfist, and has been replaced by Undead Torment.

Death Metal

Horror, Gore, Death

United States of America (Wellsville, Ohio), formed in 1984

Red Stream


Frank "Killjoy" Pucci - Vocals (The Ravenous, Viking Crown, Wurdulak, Cabal (US), Forlis, Hidden (US), Enoch (US), Eibon (US), Guest Vocals for Obscene Eulogy)
Iscariah (Stian Smorholm) - Bass (Amok (Nor), ex-The Clan Destined, Dead to this World, ex-Enchanted, ex-Immortal (Nor), Wurdulak)
Fug - Guitar (Soul Forsaken, Wurdulak, Ave Sathanas)
Titta Tani - Drums (see Abstracta, Astra (Ita), Icycore, Daemonia, DGM, ex-Empty Tremor and ex-Glory Hunter (Ita))
Undead Torment - Guitars (ex-Nokturne, Draconis, Diabolos)

Larry "Madthrash" Madison (1984-1987)
Frediablo (Gorelord, ex-Wurdulak, Hemnur, Soul Forsaken, ex-Grimfist, Ave Sathanas, Deride, session for Svartpest)
Anton Crowley (Phil Anselmo) (1997-2001) (Pantera, Down, Viking Crown, Superjoint Ritual, Christ Inversion, ex-Southern Isolation, Enoch (US), ex-Razor White, Eibon (US), Body And Blood, Arson Anthem)

Bill James (1984-1987)
Bill Bork
Dustin Havnen (1997-1999)
Jared Faulk (1999-2001)

Mirai Kawashima (Cut Throat (Jpn), Enoch (US), Gorelord (as guest), Sigh, Amduscias (Jpn), Blood from the Soul, Hidden (US))

Joe Blazer (1984-1987)
Wayne Fabra (Christ Inversion, Graveyard Rodeo) (1997-2001)


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