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Peccata Mundi

Album: ''Peccata Mundi'' (2000)
1. Peccata Mundi
2. Heavens Of Hate, Fields Of Fire
3. The Find Of Alone
4. Voluptous Womb
5. Awaiting The Long Sleep
6. Firebreeze
7. Lost Equilibrium
8. Suicide Caravan



In early 1993 Niklas Sundqvist, Robert Sundelin and Henrik Åberg formed the band Leprechaun with the intention of making dark, violent music. Vocalist Daniel Björkman was soon added to the line-up. Leprechaun played a couple of gigs before changing their name to Necromicon. In January 1994 the first demo 'When the Sun turns Black' was recorded. This demo wasn't spread widely at the time of its release but recieved some good and average reviews in the underground. The second demo 'Through the Gates of Grief', recorded in July '94, featured a new bassplayer, Jonas Mejfeldt. This tape made Necromicon a more or less well-known band in the underground. Soon after the recording Henrik left the band. Jonas moved on to play guitar and Niklas' younger brother Patrik filled in on bass. Also a keyboardist, Roger Johansson, was recruited at this time, as the keyboards were becoming a more important part in Necromicon's music. In early '95 a deal for a split-cd was signed with the new French label Impure Creations Records (now known as Velvet Music International). At this time Jonas was forced to leave the band, as he was becoming a father. The remaining members recorded five songs for this release in February of '95, but as the contract was altered later in the year, three additional songs were recorded in August. These tracks featured a new guitarist, Stefan Lundgren. The eight songs became the 'Realm of Silence' album, which was released in April '96. Following the release, Necromicon signed a new deal with the Dutch label Hammerheart Records, and started to make songs for the next album. This album, entitled 'Sightveiler', was recorded in the autumn of '97, and was released in March '98. This record was released in a luxurious A5 digipack and sold very good. After that the band was put on ice a while since the members had to concentrate on personal things etc. Some problems within the band resulted in a different line-up. Robert left the band due to almost no rehearsal, Daniel had to leave the group, Sara was cancelled as member and Roger left himself unreachable. The remaining souls of Necromicon braced themselves and started to make new music, Daniel was replaced by Kai Jaakola (Twilight), Sara with Ann zofie Elert and Robert with Alzazmon (drummer on Dark funerals Vobiscum album). The new album Peccata Mundi was released in July 2000 and the band is currently put on ice. So from the ashes of Necromicon the new band Cimmerian Dome has sprung...

Symphonic Black/Death Metal

Sweden (Luleå), formed in 1993

Hammerheart Records

Changed name

Stefan Lundgren: guitars (Sobre Nocturne, Dawn (Swe), ex-Mörk Gryning)
Nicklas Sundkvist: guitars (Deathbound, Hellmasker, Morthirim)
Patrick Sundkvist: bass (Them, Hellmasker, Darkest Season)

Daniel Björkman: vocals
Jonas Mejfeldt: bass, guitars
Roger Johansson: keyboards (Morthirim)
Sara Näslund: female vocals
Robert "Zoid" Sundelin: drums, vocals (Game Over, Hellmasker, Deathbound, Morthirim, Zmegma, The Hippos, Satariel, Cide, Bootpunk)
Tomas "Alzazmon" Asklund: drums (Dark Funeral, Dawn (Swe), Dissection (Swe), Entranced, Infernal (Swe))
Henrik Åberg - Guitar (Hellmasker, Battlelust)
Kai Jaakola: vocals (The Duskfall, Deathbound, Monsterspank, Deathchain)


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