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Promo tape

Album: ''Promo tape '90'' (1990 Demo)
1. Family Of Dog (The Feast Of Ghouls)
2. De Magia Veterum
3. Faceless Gods
4. Evil Prayers
5. Lycanthropia
6. La Mort

Vampiric Rituals

Album: ''Vampiric Rituals'' (1992 Demo)
1. Lord Of The Abyss
2. The Feast Of Ghouls
3. Evil Prayers
4. Lycanthropia
5. De Magia Veterum
6. Faceless Gods
7. La Mort

Crossing The Fiery Path

Album: ''Crossing The Fiery Path'' (1993)
1. Intro
2. The Vampire Lord Speaks
3. The Warlock
4. Last Song for Valdezie
5. Unchaining the Wolf (At War)
6. Les Litanies De Satan
7. Lord of the Abyss
8. Tribes of the Moon

Demo 93

Album: ''Demo 93'' (1993 Demo)
1. The Warlock
2. Les Litanies de Satan

Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins

Album: ''Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins'' (1994 Split)
1. Lord of the Abyss
2. The Feast of Ghouls
3. Evil Prayers
4. Lycanthropia
5. De Magia Veterum
6. The Cult of the Dragon
7. The Tressrising of Nyarlathotep
8. La Reine Noir
9. Outro
10. Descent of a Prophetic Vision
11. Genesis of Apocryphal Desires

Scarlet Evil Witching Black

Album: ''Scarlet Evil Witching Black'' (1995)
1. Devilskin
2. Black Mirror
3. Pretender To The Throne (Opus I: The Usurper's Spawn)
4. The Arcane Light Of Hecate
5. Scarlet Witching Dreams
6. The Serpent And The Pentagram
7. Pretender To The Throne (Opus II: Battle At The Netherworld)
8. Spiritdance

From the Past We Summon Thee

Album: ''From the Past We Summon Thee'' (1996 EP)
1. Faceless Gods
2. Lycanthropia (Lycaon's Metamorphosis)
3. La Mort

Ancient Pride

Album: ''Ancient Pride'' (1997 EP)
1. Shaman
2. Ancient Pride
3. For The Light Of My Darkness
4. Each Dawn I Die (Manowar cover)

IV: Malice

Album: ''IV: Malice'' (2000)
1. The Blair Witch Cult
2. Those Who Never Sleep
3. Disciples Of Sophia (The Templars)
4. Murder, Magic And Tears
5. Invictus
6. Malice
7. Circle Of Burned Doves

Covering Evil (12 Years Doing the Devil

Album: ''Covering Evil (12 Years Doing the Devil's Work)'' (2001 Best of/Compilation)
1. My World, Your Hell
2. Death Rider (Omen cover)
3. The Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden cover)
4. The Demon's Whip (Manowar cover)
5. Mordor (Running Wild cover)
6. Pretender to the Throne pt.1 - The Usurper's Spawn
7. Scarlet Witching Dreams
8. Les Litanies de Satan
9. Lord of the Abyss



Necromantia was born on a November night, back in 1989, in Athens (Greece) when Magus (also known as Magus Wampyr Daoloth) - bass, vocals, and Makis (also known as Baron Blood) - 8-string bass, bass solos, came together in order to write their first lyrics.

The specific thing about Necromantia is that instead of a rythm guitar, they actually use an 8-string bass.
Magus writes all the lyrics.

Black Metal

Eternal Damnation, Hellenic Mythology, Sacrilege

Greece (Athens), formed in 1989

Dockyard 1


The Magus (aka Morbid, Magus Wampyr Daoloth, Avaris, George Zaharopoulos) - Bass, Vocals (ex-Diabolos Rising, ex-Raism, Necromancy (Grc), Septic Flesh, ex-Rotting Christ, Iron Youth, Thou Art Lord, Mortify (Grc), N.A.O.S., Wampyre Shadow Wolf)
Makis a.k.a. Baron Blood - 8-string bass (ex-Terra Tenebrae, Soulskinner (Grc))

Slow Death - Backing Vocals, Howling, Growling And Whispers (Vomit (Grc))
Yiannis "The Worshipper Of Pan" Papayiannis - Sax, Percussions, Keyboards, Tablas, Classic Guitar, Flute
Inferno - Synths, Piano
Iraklis Yalantzides - Keyboards (Swan Christy)
Lambros Sfiris - Keyboards
Divad (aka Dave P.) - Guitar (Blood Covered)
John Fiorentis - Guitar (Phantom Lord (Grc))
Nick Adams - Drums (Dark Nova)
George Panou - Drums


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