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Transfiguration Of The Corpse

Album: ''Transfiguration Of The Corpse'' (2006 EP)
1. Following The Evil's Paths
2. Living Dead Abortion
3. Violent Scenes



Death Metal band formed at the beginnigs of 2004 by Alejandro Russo (vocalist and
guitarist) and Luis Langelotti (Lead Guitar). Previously, in 2003, the above mentioned
musicians were composing songs and projecting a Black Metal band that lasted a few
months with Franco Lovisolo (bass) and Fernando Pesci (drums).
The musical predilections of the founding members, added to the fact that Alejandro
became part of the Black Metal band Nocturnal Cry, contributed to NecroabortioN's birth
as band of Death Metal, now without the participation of Franco and Fernando.
After several months of suffering the absence of a drummer and a bassist, the
musicians did not stay back and continued composing and giving life to their project.
At the beginning of 2005 Demian Caym (current Demoniac Infected's drummer) joined
the band, adapting himself rapidly to it. Months later equal luck would run Patricio
OlguĂ­n in bass, thanks to the mediation that would take Demian between him and
the original musicians. The will and the competition of these new members were basic
factors in order that the same ones were passing to occupy a fundamental place in
Together with the advent of the year 2006 it gave place the first production of the band,
which's title would be "Transfiguration of the Corpse", E.P. constituited by three songs:
Following the evil's paths, Living Dead Abortion and Violent Scenes. All the energy and
capacity of the musicians, clearly, at the service of brutality. A work that was seeking to
form and to combine the musical diverse interests of everyone in the band, without
neglecting the intrinsic violence of the Death Metal genre.
In November of 2006 NecroabortioN makes its first live presentation, together with the
powerful Colombian band of Black Metal Luciferian, and sharing stage, besides, with
Dislepsia and Satanachia Agliareth. The year 2007 appears as a moment of supreme
transcendency for the band, so much for its projections in shows, as regarding to what
will be its first L.P, programmed approximately for October/November of the above
mentioned year.

Death Metal

Anti-Religious, Gore

Argentina (Buenos Aires), formed in 2004



Alejandro Russo - Guitar and Vocals
Luis Langelotti - Guitar
Patricio Olguin - Bass
Demian Cain - Drums


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