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Negative Prevails

Album: ''Negative Prevails'' (1999)
1. By The Dawn Of The 13th
2. Pyheretic
3. I Bleed Black
4. Posed To Slaughter
5. Blood Streams
6. A Religious Sickopathic
7. Bewitched By The Engraved
8. Cozmic Autopsies
9. Message In A... Coffin (Police cover)
10. Negative Prevails (Outro)

Bedtime for Mercy

Album: ''Bedtime for Mercy'' (2000)
1. Overblood
2. Less Than Human
3. Bedtime For Mercy
4. Astroblaster (Dominion Of The Unknown)
5. A Treacherous Wish
6. Conspiracy
7. NothingFace [Voivod cover]
8. Crypt Of Sexorcism
9. SleepDead

Livid Corruption

Album: ''Livid Corruption'' (2004)
1. House of Festering
2. Livid
3. Red Creeps
4. One Step in Murder
5. Hatemonger
6. Flatline
7. White Worms
8. Nyctophobic
9. The Dead Rise Above



If you're talking about Death Metal and searching for a band to doubtless act for Italy, you can't do without referring to Natron as the most influential Italian band of the last 15 years. Thanks to their remarkable presence in the scene with relentless touring and through their records Natron always mantained high quality standards and mainly managed to come up with an exceptional blend made of early 90's Death Metal psychotic riffs and unearthly horror moods built on refined and ultra-powerful grinding rhythmic grounds, and massive vocal patterns growling eerie lyrics; a costantly evoluting sound that helped the band to distinguish itself from the mass of hundreds of brutal death bands in the underground metal community.

Natron was one of the first death metal bands to emerge from Italy in the early nineties. Hailing from the proud igneous deep south, Natron formed back in may 1992 but the band truly got themselves into gear in november 1994 when , achieved a stable line-up, they unleashed the first demo named "Force", their first raw piece of grinding death metal. In spite of its gross sonic violence the demo allowed the band to surface the national underground and not late a deal offer came in the early 1995 from an italian label called CSP. The band entered the Zasko Lab studio (Rome) in april 1996 and recorded new material for a mini album. For months this label ripped off the band which realized the wasting of time so in july 1997 the band compiled some excerpts from the previous recording to put out a new demo called "A taste of blood".and make a promo-tape for labels only. This second demo marked a mentionable improvement and shortly after the - now long time dead - underground italian label Headfucker offered to release their debut album. In august the band moved to the Nadir studio (Genova) to record "Hung, Drawn & Quartered" , the Natron excellent first album that was released in december 1997 . As a consequence of this the band started to promote massively the debut album embarking for their first tour in Europe ,visiting countries like France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Natron started to strike favourably abroad so that in 1998 their weird death metal attracted the attention of french label Holy records which turned up to sign the band for a four albums deal. In march 1999 Natron entered the Abyss studios in Sweden under the precious supervision of Tommy and Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain) to record the follow-up to their debut, and one month later- as a preventive form of promotion - the band went touring Europe as opening act for their label-mates Septic Flesh and Misanthrope. In june 1999 the second high-acclaimed album "Negative Prevails" was issued and the band reckonized as a new school death metal talent. Enthusiastic reviews urged the band to enter the Abyss studios again in may 2000 to release their third album. "Bedtime for Mercy" -issued in november- marked a new step forward in the band's evolution, focusing more on experimental fields. Furthermore their previously announced mini album "Unpure" saw the light the same month of the year. What was supposed to be their real debut finally found the racks in 2000, released 4 years later by the italian Nocturnal Music.

Throughout the following two years the band engaged in a further series of shows; 2001 was spent doing a french tour supporting Septic Flesh and playing off gigs and festivals in Italy including the Agglutination Fest, the most important metal fest in southern Italy. 2002 began with the band trekking with german death metal sensation Necrophagist and czech Intervalle Bizzarre all over Europe including Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic and Slovakia. In order to celebrate Natron first ten years of career, in november 2002 Holy records unleashed "Necrospective", an album featuring all the material published by the band previous the Holy records era. To properly support "Necrospective" Natron teamed up with czech deathsters, Pandemia for an European tour ( Czech Rep., Germany, Poland, England, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy) in January, August and October 2003. Despite all this intense giggin' the band started to work hardly on their "come back", and decided to enter the studio again, not before starting newly a trek over Europe during the spring 2004 with austrian grinding Force Mastic Scum and introducing the songs from the upcoming album to the audience of Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

In june 2004 the band recorded their 4th full-length album in Italy at the local Jolly Roger studio and went mixing it at the Starstruck studio in Copenhagen ( Denmark) with producer Anders Lundemark (Konkhra). Two weeks later, in july Natron performed the worldwide famous Obscene Extreme festival in Czech rep. Finally in november 2004 the new heavy-weight "LIVID CORRUPTION" was out and its release date celebrated with an opening live-set for a Suffocation show in a hometown club. By this sort of blessing "Livid Corruption" was mostly enthusiastically reviewed and many are still considering this new chapter as the highlight of the band, needless to say german Rock Hard Magazine rated it as on of the best death metal albums ever released since the last 3 years and compared it to the Terrorizer's "World Downfall" grind masterpiece.

During the spring 2005 Natron promoted the album headlining a tour in Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Czech Republic, played a bunch of summer festivals in Italy, France, Belgium with the likes of Aborted, Pungent Stench, Blood Duster and a memorable show with Obituary at the Czech Brutal Assault fest in august 2005.

Winter 2006 saw Natron on tour supporting Metal Blade Dutch deathsters God Dethroned, all over Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria and soon after this trek Natron holed up in the rehearsal room to start writing the new album and recording some demos. But the last commitment of the year for Natron was supporting Nuclear Blast metal weirdos Die Apokalyptischen Reiter on their European tour between November and December 2006.

Technical Death Metal

Italy (Bari), formed in 1992



Diego Fanelli - vocals (Vulvectomy, Penis Leech/Stench of Dismemberment)
Domenico Mele - guitars
Lorenzo ``Fünj`` Signorile - bass
Max Marzocca - drums

Michael Maggi - bass
Marco Aromatario - guitars (Exhumer (Ita), Requiem K626, Mutala, Corpsefucking Art)
Raffaele Fanelli - vocals (ex-Motherly Sin)
Vito Laterza - Bass (Penis Leech}, ex-Stench of Dismemberment , Exhumer (Ita))
Mike Tarantino - vocals (Penis Leech)


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