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Album: ''Awakening'' (1998)
1. Break the Chains
2. No More Shadows from the Past
3. The Return of Aslan
4. Heavenly Love
5. Time of Changes
6. The Awakening
7. Touch from You
8. Sign of the Time

Long Live the King

Album: ''Long Live the King'' (1999)
1. Gates of Cair Paravel (Introduction)
2. Living Water
3. Shelter Through the Pain
4. The Mission
5. What You Give Is What You Get
6. The Lost Son *
7. Long Live the King
8. Dangerous Game *
9. Star over Bethlehem
10. Shadowlands (Outro)

Desert Land

Album: ''Desert Land'' (2001)
1. Inner Sanctum
2. The Witch & the Lion *
3. Falling from the Throne
4. Revolution of Mother Earth
5. The Light at the End of the Tunnel
6. Angels Are Crying
7. Walking the Wire
8. Misty Morning
9. Trapped in This Age

The Great Fall

Album: ''The Great Fall'' (2003)
1. War Preludium
2. The Countdown Has Begun
3. Back from Hell
4. No Time to Lose
5. Innocent Blood
6. Ground Zero
7. Judgement Day
8. Desert Land
9. The Great Fall of Man

At Short Notice... Live in Germany

Album: ''At Short Notice... Live in Germany'' (2004 DVD)
1. Introduction
2. Inner Sanctum
3. The Mission
4. War Preludium
5. The Countdown Has Begun
6. Back from Hell
7. No Time to Lose
8. Long Live the King
9. Living Water
10. Shelter Through Pain
11. Dangerous Game
12. [guitar solo]
13. Awakening
14. Break the Chains
15. The Witch & the Lion

Enter the Gate

Album: ''Enter the Gate'' (2006)
1. Into This Game
2. People of the Bloodred Cross
3. Another World
4. Show All the World
5. Enter the Gate
6. Take Me Home
7. This Is My Life
8. Aiming Higher
9. The Man from Nazareth
10. Hymn to the North



1) Narnia is a Christian heavy metal/power metal band from Sweden. Their trademarks are their generally fast tempo, uplifting vocals, and the neo-classical playing style of guitarist Carl Johan Grimmark. The current lineup features Grimmark on guitar and backing vocals, Andreas Johansson on drums, Andreas Olsson on bass, and Christian Rivel on lead vocals.

On a side note, Christian Rivel runs the Swedish record label Rivel Records, which features mainly melodic/heavy metal, but has also released CDs from anomalies such as the black-metal band Crimson Moonlight.

2) Narnia was a British folk band who recorded his sole eponymous album in 1974.
Hyped up by dealers worldwide as a masterpiece of acid-folk, this has a few arresting moments, but is generally overestimated. The main problem is the compositions, which do not render anything not heard before elsewhere. At worst they are trite and lacking of depth, at best they are agreeable as on Agape and on by far the best track Living Water. The playing is good, while the lyrics have strong religious undertones. Pauline Filby sings very well, but often sounds uncomfortably like Dusty Springfield while the overall sound is reminiscent of The Seekers. The most positive effect of this album could be that one may want to re-read the excellent Narnia Cycle by C.S. Lewis.

In June 1972 the band Agape formed featured John Russell and Pauline Filby. Filby had been married for some time to Jack Filby who was a vicar. They formed a folk duo after their marriage and lived in Cliff Richard's home in Essex, which was a Christian Arts Centre. Pauline had been a folk singer for a few years before she married.

(Quote from "The Tapestry of delights" book by V. Joynson)

Power, Neo-classical metal


Sweden (Jönköping), formed in 1993

Massacre Records


Christian Rivel-Liljegren - Vocals (Wisdom Call, Flagship, DivineFire, Audiovision)
Carljohan Grimmark - Guitar, Vocals (Saviour Machine, Rob Rock, Planet Alliance, Beautiful Sin, ex-Audiovision, Flagship)
Andreas Olsson - Bass (7days, Wisdom Call, DivineFire, Stormwind (Swe), Rob Rock, Harmony, Abscess Plague)
Andreas Johansson - Drums (Wisdom Call, Rob Rock)

Fredrik Junhammar - Drums (1997-1997)
Jakob Persson - Bass(1997-2001)
Martin Claeson - Keyboards (1997-2003)
Linus Kase - Keyboards (ex-Audiovision, Flagship)


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