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Carnal Lust and Wolfen Hunger

Album: ''Carnal Lust and Wolfen Hunger'' (2000)
1. Moonchild
2. Carnal Lust And Wolfen Hunger
3. Across The Circle's Edge
4. I Saw Them Dying
5. Ixaxar (Mira De Intimis Gentibus Libyae, De Lapide Hexecontalitho)
6. The Coldness Of Venus
7. Sweet Red Divine
8. Meal bennique
9. Let My Dreams Become Your Nightmares
10. Saducismus Triumphatos

...For We Blessed This World With Plagues

Album: ''...For We Blessed This World With Plagues'' (2002)
1. Nocturnal, Everlusting
2. ...For We Blessed This World With Plagues
3. Farewell To The Flesh
4. The Season Shaped In Black
5. ...As I Gave You Birth
6. Death Is Tender
7. The Serpent And The Snake
8. Deep Beneath
9. Cast Away Your Dreams
10. Silver Ghost
11. Winter Comes This Autumn
12. Let My Dreams Become Your Nightmares

 / Inevitability

Album: ''Íåèçáåæíîñòü / Inevitability'' (2004)
1. Òåíè Íî÷è / Shadows of the night
2. Ñèëà Âåòðà / Power of wind
3. Íåèçáåæíîñòü / Inevitability
4. Ïëåíÿ Çàáëóäøèå Îãíè / Capturing lost blazes
5. Âîëêè / Wolves
6. Íà ïîðîãå / At the threshold
7. Îáëàêà / Clouds
8. Êàê áûòü ìíå çäåñü / How should I be here
9. Ïóòü çàáâåíèÿ / Path of oblivion
10. Ïòèöà-äóøà / Soulbird
11. Îáëèê òâîé / Your appearance



I am here in order to get you acquainted with one of the most anxious and fascinating phenomenas light has ever saw - Ladies and gentlemen, here comes NARGATHROND…
NARGATHROND is a dark ambient project, diverse and innovative musically, dealing with the subjects of occultism and S/M lyrically… It has no history and will never have. NARGATHROND is only a project based on our spiritual creativity, our thoughts, dreams and visions. It’s not a usual band, you see…
"We" means me, Kai Mathias Stalhammar (a.k.a. Herr Stalhammar) as the one responsible for poetry, management and concept, and Lazar who is actually the mastermind behind NARGATHROND. Everything regarding music is his fault.
The birth of NARGATHROND took place in rather weird circumstances, back in 1996. Or maybe year after, or year before… As it was said, NARGATHROND has neither past, not future. It’s just present what we are talking about… living in… dreaming of…
In accordance to such a path in music, life and history, a path that we chose, there were not and will not be any so-called "demo" or "promo" tapes. No albums as well. Solely chaotic projections and visions from the dark horizons no human eyes will ever see. The first revelation was entitled "Carnal Lust And Wolfen Hunger"… brought forth the light by CDM Records. See "creations" section in order to know more on this subject…
And the last message I should correspond over to you regards the name we have chosen for this phenomena. It doesn’t have ANYTHING in common with J. R. R. Tolkien, even though it was taken from one of his works. We do not follow this newborn "Middle-Earth trend" - and never will. Remember that.
In darkness,
Herr Stalhammar.

Ambient/Black Metal


Russia (Moscow), formed in 2000

More Hate productions

On hold

Sergei ``Lazar`` - vocals, guitars, and samplers (Rossomahaar, Stonehenge (Rus), Arkona (Rus))
Ruslan ``Kniaz``` - bass (Rossomahaar, Stonehenge (Rus), Arkona (Rus))
Sergei ``Flint`` - lead guitar (Saints Everlasting Rest, Last Serenade)
Kai Mathias Stalhammar - vocals


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