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Up from the Ashes

Album: ''Up from the Ashes'' (1998)
1. The Chosen Son
2. Faethon
3. Zephyrous
4. (Ta En Eleusini Mystiria)
5. Zeus ( Wrath Of The Gods)
6. The Silent Kingdom Of Hades
7. The Great God Pan

Ancient Tartaric

Album: ''Ancient Tartaric'' (1998 Live album)
1. Wrath Of The Gods
2. Feathan
3. Mighty Burzum (Black Spell Of Destruction) (Burzum cover)
4. The Silent Kingdom of Hades
5. Iketis
6. Norsk Arisk Darkthrone (Under a Funeral Moon) (Darkthrone Cover)
7. Winterwar Memorial

Skotos Aenaon

Album: ''Skotos Aenaon'' (2001)
1. ... And Bloodshed Must Be Done
2. Diastric Fields Of War
3. Iketis
4. Skotos Aenaon
5. Astro-Thetis-Cosmos
6. Hyperion
7. Wolf Of Ions
8. In Honor Of The Wolf
9. Winterwar Memorial

River at Dash Scalding

Album: ''River at Dash Scalding'' (2003)
1. As The Clouds Of War Gather
2. The Continuity Of Land And Blood
3. The Great Meridian Tide
4. Revolt Against The Modern World
5. The Life And Death of Europa Part I. Cosmogonia (Life) Part II. Kalki The Avenger-Lightning And The Sun (Death)
6. The Triumph Of Will
7. Ancestor-Worship
8. Salvatores Dei
9. The Plunderer (Ved Buens Ende cover)
10. Steppe

Aghivasiin - Lessons on How to Defeat Death

Album: ''Aghivasiin - Lessons on How to Defeat Death'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. Alchemist
2. Zeus (Wrath Of The Gods)
3. Zephyrous
4. Winter War Memorial
5. Iketis
6. A Holocaust In Front Of God's Eyes
7. Steppe
8. Kalki The Avenger - Lightning And The Sun (Death)
9. Iketis (bonus live video)
10. Diastric Fields Of War (bonus live video)
11. Faethon (bonus live video)
12. Skotos Aenaon (bonus live video)
13. Wolf Of Ions... (bonus live video)

Live in Athens Part II

Album: ''Live in Athens Part II'' (2004 Live album)
1. Iketis
2. The Great Meridian Tide
3. Faethon
4. Diastric fields of War
5. Lost Wisdom (Burzum Cover)
6. Steppe (Ved Buens Ende Cover)
7. Alchemist (from "Lessons..." Compilation)
8. Zeus (Wrath Of The Gods)
9. Salvatores Dei
10. Skotos Aenaon

Discipline Manifesto

Album: ''Discipline Manifesto'' (2005)
1. Extreme Unction
2. Blessing Of Sin
3. For The New Man
4. Arrival Of The Cesar
5. Blast Furnace
6. The Day Is Breaking
7. The Last Loyal
8. Land Of Dreams
9. Last Man Against Time

Voice of Hate / Naer Mataron

Album: ''Voice of Hate / Naer Mataron'' (2006 Split)
1. Venus in furs (Velvet Underground Cover)
2. Chaos disruption

naer mataron


Naer Mataron were gathered back in the year 1994 with the aim to play Hellenic black metal. Their lyrics are dealing with the ancient Hellenic pantheon, with virtues such as pride and honour drawn from periods and heroes of European history. With line-up changes and personal conflicts Naer Mataron released a promo "The Great God Pan". With this release they signed a deal with Black Lotus rec. Kaiadas is now leading this black metal tank and in 1998 their first album entitled "Up From The Ashes" became a reality. A masterpiece of fast, violent black metal with melodic pagan atmosphere and feeling. For two whole years Naer Mataron worked on a new material with a satanic devotion to their cause and finally in November 2000 their album entitled "Scotos Aenaon" (ancient Greek phrase for endless darkness) hit the streets. This album gives a jolt to the Hellenic black metal scene. Fast drumming and riffing mix with epic melodies supported by keyboards completed by the haunting screaming vocals Naer Mataron participate in many live shows such as the memorable live with Mayhem, Rotting Christ and Order Of The Ebon Hand. In 2001 Aphelion prod. releases a 7"ep called "A Holocaust In Front Of God`s Eyes"in the vein of old school black metal. In the anno domini 2002 Kaiadas meets the person who changes the way the songs were composed,his name is Warhead. His inexhaustible talent indominating over drum kit was an inspiration to the band.Kaiadas bases on him the third album "River At Dash Scalding".This album is recorded in the well-known Praxis studio.This time the band sounds like a war machine of raging fury. Ingenious compositions of real black metal music, an unrivalled album. Follows a long succesion of live shows.Naer Mataron participate in a remarkable live in Gagarin club with Rotting Christ and Horrified, their performance is majestic. In the beginning of 2004 the band performs live with Gorgoroth and the show is like it is supposed to be unholy. In 2004 shadowface rec. releases a limited to 1000 copies anniversary album entitled "Aghivasiin-Lesson On How To Defeat Death". Durring 2004 the spring-summer period three new releases come to light. At first the album "River At Dash Scalding" is being released on double LP by the Norwegian Apocalyptic Empire rec., then Black Lotus rec. re-released the first two albums on a double CD entitled "Awaken In Oblivion" limited to 2000 copies also the debut "Up From The Ashes" is being released to vinyl limited to 500 copies by the German Undercover rec. Naer Mataron supports Dissection in Thesaloniki giving a great show to the funs and afterwards travels to Bulgaria where they headline at the Winter Storm festival. In 2005 Naer Mataron are recording their album "Discipline Manifesto" first in Athens and then in Oslo, Norway. Naer Mataron after recording with mister Vicotnic (Ved Buens Ende,Dodheimsgard), Agressor (Aura Noir,Virus) and Apollyon (Aura Noir,Lamented Souls), then they are mixing and mastering "Discipline Manifesto" album in Oslo at the studio Skrekk and Skru and in the famous Strype Audio with Vicotnic and Tom Kvalsvoll. They are performing live in one of the greatest festivals in Europe,the Inferno festival,along with names like Morbid Angel, Candlemass, Arcturus, Dissection, Aura Noir, Lamented Souls, Gehenna, Tsjuder, it was the ultimate live show. Spring passes... Summer is coming and still the sky is dark... "Discipline Manifesto" is released...

Black Metal

Ancient Greek Mythology, Anti-christian

Greece (Athens), formed in 1994

Season of Mist


Kaiadas - Bass (ex-Crucifiction (Grc))
Warhead - Drums (ex-Nordor)
Henrik Nordvargr Björkk - Keyboards (MZ. 412, Pouppée Fabrikk, Folkstorm, Toroidh, Nordvargr, Goatvargr, Marvargr, Muskel, HH9, Vargr, Forgotten Tomb)
Indra - Guitars
Dimitris - session guitars (Black Winter (Grc))

Lord Alatoth (1994 - '97) - Vocals (Vorphalack, Nar Mataron)
Lethe (1995 - '98) - session Drums, Keyboards (Order of the Ebon Hand,Nocternity (Grc) ,ex-Septic Flesh)
Aiqhr (Aithir) - Vocals
Efialtis - session Vocals (1999)
Morfeas (Morpheas) - Vocals,Guitars, acoustic instruments


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