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Shadow Sun

Album: ''Shadow Sun'' (2004 Demo)
1. Shadow Sun
2. Oblivion
3. Crowd of Nothing
4. New Dawn



In 2002 Mythlorian is formed by a group of talented musicians with diverse musical backgrounds in the Dutch metal scene. They've set a clear goal in growing to be a Dutch melodic Metal band that can compete with international acts. Quality and professionalism are therefore seen as very important. After many line-up changes they release their first demo titled 'Shadowsun' in 2004, inspired by Scandinavian acts In Flames, Soilwork, Evergrey and Children of Bodom as well as American acts Pantera and Symphony X.

This release gained a deal of very positive reviews from the Dutch metalmedia and immediately deserves a spot on Aardschoks Metalbash [The most influential metal contest in The Netherlands]. After playing with renown acts as In Quest ( Belgium), Eminence (Brazil) and Epica and Goddess of Desire (Netherlands), they started recording a successor for 'Shadowsun' which had almost sold out. In October 2005 Mythlorian released their official EP 'The Cruelty Machine'. A record that sounds heavier and meaner, with compositions that have grown even more, strengthened by catchy double melodies and solos. Finished with brutal grunts/screams and even clean vocals, this is a new step on the way of Mythlorian reaching its goals.

With Tom Heijnen (ex-Conquestador, ex-Influence) now behind the drum kit, Mythlorian will again appear on Aardschoks Metalbash, and the coming year The Netherlands will be subdued as they ravage the national stages.

After playing and winning the national Metal battle they have earned a spot at Wacken Open Air 2007 to compete at the international Metal battle. With great support of Dutch fans they earned the 3rd spot at the competition.

Groove/Melodic Death Metal

Netherlands (Dordrecht), formed in 2003



Bouwewijn Pieters - Bass
Tom Heijnen - Drums (Conquestador, ex-Influence (Hol)), Double Diamond)
Ewout Pieters - Guitars, Vocals
Mark Bogert - Guitars

Rogier van Amersfoort - Drums (ex-Ominous Dusk)
Stanford Koch - Drums
Peter van Toren - Drums (X-Tinxion, ex-Hidden Remains, ex-Mortal Sin (Hol), A New Dawn)
Richard Sonneville - Keyboards
Alexei Panov - Guitars
Vincent van den Boom - Guitars


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