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Album: ''Hope'' (2007)
1. Intro
2. Confession
3. Hope
4. Last Breath
5. Seven Sins
6. Fade Away
7. All My Fears
8. My Inner War



Myrath(which means Legacy) was formed in early 2001 under the name of XTAZY by guitarist Malek Ben Arbia (who was just 13 years old at the time) with two of his childhood friends,Fahmi Chakroun (drums)and Oualid Issaoui ( guitar)
The line up was shortly after completed by Zaher Ben Hamoudia ( Bass) andTarek Idouani (vocals).

Myrath first started playing in local concerts a variety of songs of different styles of their favorite bands which goes from blues to heavy metal to death metal
In 2003 Elyes Bouchoucha (keyboards and vocals) who just graduated from Tunis conservatory joined the band in replacements of Tarek Idouani while oualid issaoui (guitar) quit the band.
With this new line up Myrath got into progressive metal and for almost 2 years they played in several concerts exclusively songs of the progressive band SYMPHONY X which has become their favorite band at that time (and still is)
After several years of playing music written by others Myrath gained enough experience and playing skills to start writing their own music The choice of music they decide to write reflected their oriental origin and their western influence (a combination of progressive,oriental,heavy;trush and melodic)
In the summer of 2004 Fahmi Chakroun (drums) and Zaher Hamoudia ( Bass) were replaced respectively by Saif Ouhibi and Yassine Belgith in an effort to get musicians fully dedicated to the band
With this new line up Myrath released their first self produced album ‘’double face ‘’ on March 2005.
Even though it was a first recording experience, this album (which was released in Tunisia only as the band was not signed yet) did however show encouraging signs of composing skills
In September 2005 Malek Ben Arbia the band founding member and guitarist traveled to Nancy -France to enroll in the famous Guitar school, Music cademy International (M.A.I.) to undergo a one year extensive training course so as to improve his knowledge in music theory and improve and diversify his playing skills

In March 24th 2006 Myrath opened for ADAGIO and ROBERT PLANT in the 3rd edition of the Mediterranean guitar festival which gave them the opportunity to meet Adagio band members and mainly their keyboard player Kevin Codfert who happened to be also a sound engineer and a producer.
After graduating from M.A.I. guitarist Malek Ben Arbia returned to Tunisia in late July 2007 with the firm intention to pursue an international music career with Myrath.
To this respect experienced Bass player Anis Jouini joined the band in September 2006 in replacement of Zaher Hamoudia (who replaced for a short period of time Yassine Belgith)
With a line up now consisting of 4 skilled musicians fully dedicated to the band and sharing the same ambition of success, Myrath spent about 3 months writing new songs for the second album .
In December 2006 they recorded the album “Hope” with Kevin Codfert as sound engineer and producer
This new album was a turning point in Myrath carrier as thanks to Kevin valuable assistance, and superb work, the band was signed by the French label Brennus Music who released "Hope" in September 2007
In June 2007 Zaher Zorgati considered by many as the best Metal singer in Tunisia joined Myrath as lead vocals and has made his debut concert in the “Rock à Radés Festival” on 10 August 2007

Progressive Metal

Hope, optimism, inner struggles

Tunisia (Ez-zahra), formed in 2001

Brennus Music


Zaher Zorgatti : Vocals (ex- Pirania)
Elyes Bouchoucha : Keyboards-Vocals ( Ex- Xtazy , Out Body experience)
Malek BenArbia : Guitars ( Ex-Xtazy)
Anis Jouini : Bass ( Ex-Propaganda, Xtazy)
Saif Ouhibi : Drums ( Ex- Xtazy)


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