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Goat of Sin

Album: ''Goat of Sin'' (2004)
1. Patuoinas / Scapegoat
2. You Filthy Pig
3. Kõnge Tuhaks
4. Varjuta
5. Pure Hate
6. Heavy Metal Bastard

Ma Ei Talu Valgust

Album: ''Ma Ei Talu Valgust'' (2004)
1. Kõnge Tuhaks / Drop Dead To Ashes
2. Koolita Kristlast Kirvega / Teach Christian With Axe
3. Inimpeldik Eluebard / Human-Crap Life-Bastard
4. Sured Hirmust / You Die From Fear
5. Elutu Olevik / Lifeless Present
6. Ma Ei Talu Valgust / I Can't Stand The Light
7. Varjuta End / Eclipse Yourself
8. Jääst / Of Ice

The Target of Hate

Album: ''The Target of Hate'' (2005)
1. Madness Reigns
2. The Scapegoat
3. You Filthy Pig
4. Holy Disease
5. Human target
6. Pure Hate
7. Overloaded Maniac
8. Our Future Is Black

must missa


1996 - someday around winter Kris and Viking got together to create a band. Living in really small town the effort was big enough for Berg to join shortly afterwards, in the beginning of the year

1997 – Berg Joined. Line up now was Kris – drums, Berg – vocals, Viki - Guitar

1999 – We got our first experiences on stage, namely in Metal Fest Four.

2000 - All this shit was going on our nerves. We decided to record our material in Theka Studio. 4 tracks recorded in studio & 1 recorded in rehearshal made it to demo „Sex Beyond The Grave“ (40 copys). A month later it was spread amongst friends...

2001- Demo copy made it to hands of Juris (Beverina) who liked it so much he and his partner Alex from Ketzer Records released it on MC and around 1500 copies has been spread by now...

2002 - Parasite Records from UK was really enjoying our demo and agreed to release our debut album. Few months latter we started to record the whole material, 9 songs in total, in MusicWorks Studio. Song were a bit different from demo, going more to the roots, being similar to first Celtic Frost albums. Things didn't went that well as planed as Parasite was closed after a while because of many reasons and Kris had to go to serv his time in army.
At the end of the year we did find new label to release our new material - Death To Mankind from Spain.

2003 - Negotiations with Death To Mankind which ended with agreement to release material summer 2003. Kris (drums) left the band and luckly Ank (guitar), Suss (drums), Martin (bass) agreed to play in Must Missa.

2004 - 14.02.2004 Finally i recieved package from DTM with Must Missa "Ma Ei Talu Valgust" CD's. And 4 years of pain with this chapter was closed and done! Such a reliefe!
Also we had another Line-Up change:
Berg left the band in spring. He moved to live in England. So I (viking) took over the vocals. After a while and some gigs our bassist Martin left also. We decided not to take any more members so i had to take over the Bass guitar too. Line up now is Viking – Bass/Vocals, Ank – Guitar, Suss – Drums

Black/Thrash Metal

Vikings, battles (early) / hate, alcohol (now)

Estonia (Tallinn), formed in 1996

Nailboard Records


Viking - bass / guitar / lead vocals (Herald, Tharaphita)
Anc - guitar / vocals (Discrucior, Forfeit, Tharaphita, Meinardus, Suppuration (Est), Sorts, C.C.C.)
Suss - drums / vocals (Mortified (Est), Manatark, ex-Rattler, Skydancer (Est), ex-Obscured (Est), Veil (Est))

Martin - bass (2003-2004) (Winter Night Overture, Manatark)
Berg - vocals (1997-2003) (Ohvrikivi)
Kris - drums (1996-2003) (Moonlight Descends)
Gates - bass (2003) (Loits, ex-Manatark, Thy Lord, The Grey Calamity, Sorts, Pirit)
Argoth - bass (2001-2002) (Realm of Carnivora, Spellbinder (Est), Hord, Urt)
Nuki - bass (1999-2000) (Third Descent)


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