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Album: ''Født til å Herske'' (1993)
1. Født til å herske, Part 1
2. Født til å herske, Part 2

Album: ''Ånden Som Gjorde Opprřr'' (1994)
1. En mørk horisont
2. Visjoner av en eldgammel fremtid

Keiser av en dimension ukjent

Album: ''Keiser av en dimension ukjent'' (1995)
1. Reisene til grotter og ødemarker
2. Keiser av en dimension ukjent

The Stargate

Album: ''The Stargate'' (1999)
1. Child of Curiosity and the Old Man of Knowledge
2. I Am the World
3. World Essence
4. Across the World of Wonders
5. (Passing By) An Old and Raped Village
6. Towards the Gates of the Stars
7. Spirit of Conquest / The Warfare
8. Army of Conquest / The Warfare (Ever Onward)

The Smell of Rain

Album: ''The Smell of Rain'' (2001)
1. Scar Trek / Parasite God
2. Flux / Mental Maelstrom
3. Spirit in a Vacuum
4. Monolith
5. You Put a Hex on Me
6. Everyone Leaves
7. Marshland
8. Antimental
9. Smell the Witch

The Grudge

Album: ''The Grudge'' (2004)
1. Broken Skin
2. Way Too Wicked
3. The Grudge
4. Decadent and Desperate
5. The Worst in Me
6. Gibber
7. Twist the Knife
8. The Loneliest Thing
9. Le Petit Cochon Sordide
10. Asthma

The Grudge/Decadent and Desperate

Album: ''The Grudge/Decadent and Desperate'' (2004 Single)
1. The Grudge (single edit)
2. Decadent and Desperate (Flickin' the Bitch Switch mix)
3. The Grudge (Despectus)

Soul in a hole

Album: ''Soul in a hole'' (2005 DVD)
1. Intro
2. Broken Skin
3. Way Too Wicked
4. Marshland
5. The Worst in Me
6. Monolith
7. Gibber
8. Decadent and Desperate
9. Parasite God
10. The Loneliest Thing
11. Asthma
12. The Grudge
13. Smell the Witch
14. Mental Maelstrom
15. Le Petite Cochon Sordide
16. Parasite God (video)
17. Mental Maelstrom (video)
18. The Grudge (video)
19. Decadent and Desperate (video)

Decadent and Desperate

Album: ''Decadent and Desperate'' (2005 Single)
1. Decadent and Desperate
2. Underdog
3. Gibber (Gibbering Idiot mix)

Some Kind of Heroin

Album: ''Some Kind of Heroin'' (2007 Best of/Compilation)
1. Underdog (Zombie Girl Remix)
2. The Grudge (Gothminister Mix)
3. Twist the Knife (The Gibbering Mix by Implant)
4. Broken Skin (Septic Wound Mix by XP8 feat. Stephan Groth)
5. The Grudge (Mental Siege Mix)
6. Gibber (PIG Remix)
7. Way Too Wicked (Rape, Dope and the American Way Mix by The Kovenant)
8. Gibber (Lysergic Club Mix by Velvet Acid Christ)
9. Worst In Me (Girls Under Glass Mix)
10. The Grudge (David Wallace Remix)
11. Broken Skin (Funker Vogt Remix feat. Stephan Groth)
12. The Grudge (Emotional Heresy by Kubrick)
13. Decadent and Desperate (Therafuck Remix by Dope Stars)
14. Gibber (Gibbering Idiot)
15. Way Too Wicked (Absinthium Mix)
16. The Worst In Me (Extraction Mix by In the Nursery)



Starting his career as bass player in Norwegian black metal band Emperor, Mortiis quit to pursue solo work. Abandoning metal music, he dedicated himself to compose eerie and melancholic dark ambient soundtracks. After a demo cassette released on his own label Dark Dungeon Music, he had his first LP issued by German label Malicious Records, then he entered the pantheon of notorious Swedish company Cold Meat Industry, boosting his career. Meanwhile, Mortiis also released a bunch of records through his own self-produced Dark Dungeon Music, particularly by his various side-projects Vond, Fata Morgana and Cintecele Diavolui (meaning 'The Devil's Songs' in Romanian) (see the relative Discogs entries). In 1999 Mortiis left Cold Meat Industry and signed a contract with British label Earache, which released "The Stargate", his final ambient orchestral opus.

With "The Smell Of Rain" (2001) Mortiis has turned away from ambient music to go back to a song-oriented approach, mixing electro, synth pop and heavy guitars. "The Smell Of Rain" created a divide among fans - the songs this time had a darkwave feel to them, and some fans loved the new sound, while others hated it. Many fans thought Mortiis had betrayed them, as they were expecting what many had nicknamed "The Stargate II".

Mortiis's newest album, "The Grudge", took an even more drastic turn from his Era I and Era II albums. "The Grudge" took a heavy industrial turn, combining grinding guitars and industrial programming. Long time fans were not too happy with this turn, but it helped gain Mortiis even newer fans. Recently, the Norwegian government has declared The Grudge as a cultural artefact, requiring the album to be in libraries across the country.

Mortiis has recently announced that he is wrapping up work on the soundtrack to the movie 'Broken', Renegade Films 2006; Broken is directed by Adam Mason who first worked with Mortiis on the video for Decadent & Desperate. Having completed a near albums worth of songs, Mortiis commented at how they were 'atmospheric and eerie' and also 'very dark' while 'some of it actually is semi-song structured, with some melody and sense to it'.

He has become a sort of gothic icon due to his bizarre dark elf make up, which he has always used since his very early days. His prosthetic nose caught on fire once while he was playing live. As with the progression of his music, Mortiis abandoned his trademark 'dark elf' image in exchange for a more conventional 'cave man' look. This new direction moved away from prosthetics, and towards a band covered in dirt style body make-up.

Ambient, Darkwave, Industrial/Gothic (new)

Fantasy, Depression, Anger.

Norway (Notodden), formed in 1992

Earache Records


Mortiis (Haavard Ellefsen) - Vocals, Piano, Synth, Bass (ex-Emperor, Vond, Cintecele Diavolui, Fata Morgana (Nor))
Åge Michael Trøite - Guitar (Lost in Time (Nor))
Leo Troy a.k.a Svein T - Drums
Gawron (Levi Troite) - Guitar (Lost in Time (Nor))

Sarah Jezebel Deva - Female vocals (Angtoria, Cradle of Filth, ex-Covenant (Nor), ex-Therion (Swe), ex-Tulus, The Gathering (Guest))
Mortal (Anund Grini) - Guitar (2001-2002)
Asmund Sveinunggard - Guitar
Christopher Amott - Guitars (Secret Session-Member on "The Smell of Rain" Sessions) (Armageddon (Swe), Arch Enemy)
Endre Tonnesen - Session Bass on "The Grudge"


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