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Plague Waste and Death

Album: ''Plague Waste and Death'' (2001)
1. Plague, Waste And Death
2. This Bitch Will Burn At Night
3. In Memoriam
4. The Arrival Of Dana
5. Straight War
6. Requiem
7. Ashes To Ashes, Lust To Lust
8. Where The Angels Keep Silence

Enter The Sea Of Flames

Album: ''Enter The Sea Of Flames'' (2002)
1. The Valley Of Buried Ships
2. Beyond The Green Hills
3. Thy Armageddon
4. Thy Ravens Lay
5. Come On Bitch, Be My Victim
6. To Honour The Brave
7. In Cold Blood
8. Anam Cara
9. Enter The Sea Of Flames


Album: ''Celts'' (2003)
1. Celts (Intro)
2. Giants of Stone
3. Warstained Iron
4. Mists of Mag Da Cheo
5. Reapperance
6. Through the Halls of Ice
7. Staring in the Eyes of ChuChullain
8. Era Reiks Fomore
9. Cursing the Beheaded
10. Dance of the Leprachaun
11. Bitchcraft
12. Outro


Album: ''Headcult'' (2005)
1. Morrigans Flight Over Celtic Lands
2. Crom Cruach
3. Where Rainbows End
4. Bloody Blue Faces
5. They Can't Tame The Devil
6. Headcult
7. Talisain
8. Beyond The Convent
9. Spell Of The Mountain King

Welcome to Samhain

Album: ''Welcome to Samhain'' (2006)
1. We Are Possessed
2. The Eye Of Despair
3. Welcome To Samhain
4. Bastard And Bitch
5. Cranking Battleharps
6. Life, Death And The Here After
7. Belive In Eternity (Mayhemic Truth Cover)
8. Armour Of Honour
9. Roaring Warlike And Victious
10. Poch Mo Hoine



Back in 1992 two Bathory-Freaks named Beliar (git.) und Balor (dr.) came up with the idea to form a band to express their musical vision and Mayhemic Truth was born...

One year later they recorded their the first Demo "Son of dawn" which came out in a limited edition of 100 copies. After the release of the demo Beliar und Balor recruited Lilith on bass and wrote the songs for the second demo simply called "Promotape '94".

When the Promotape was out Mayhemic Truth got the chance to support the "Sons of Northern Darkness" Tour in Germany. Shortly after the tour Lilith left the band and Beliar and Balor did some gigs as a duo.

In 1995 Mayhemic Truth entered the studio to record their 7" EP "Cythraw" which came out on Folter Rec. After the release of the 7" a tour with Countess, Mortuary Drape and Drowned followed, then a gig at the first "Under the Black Sun" Open Air in Brohm, and the first "Fuck Christmas" Festival in Berlin.

One year later, in 1996, Mayhemic Truth entered the studio again to record their 3rd demo called "Demo '96". After the recordings Mayhemic Truth did some more gigs and in May '97 the band split up...

...2 years later Iron Pegasus Rec. came up with the idea to re-release the 7" EP and the Demo '96 as the "In Memoriam" CD/LP/Pic...

In 2000 Beliar and Balor came together once more and Morrigan was born. They started to write new songs and recorded their first CD "Plaque, Waste & Death" which was released by Barbarian Wrath in May 2001. In the same year Morrigan headlined the Under The Black Sun-Festival and played some more gigs including the Drakkar Hellfest.

In April 2002 "Enter The Sea Of Flames" was released by Barbarian Wrath, followed shortly by the vinyl version of the "Plague..." album on Miriquidi Prod.

In late 2002 Baldur entered the band as second guitarist and currently Morrigan are working on songs for their yet untitled 3rd CD.

In May 2003 Morrigan broke with their Label Barbarian Wrath and decided to run their own label "Horns Of Cernunos Prod.".

Since 15.09. 2003 Baldur is out of the band.

Black/Viking Metal

Celtic themes

Germany (Grossbettlingen), formed in 2000

Undercover Records


Beliar - Guitars & Vocals
Balor - Drums (ex-Witchburner (Ger), ex-Blizzard (Ger))

Baldur - Guitars (Tepheret, Bestial Desecration, Chant of Blasphemy, session for Vargsang)


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