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Minas Ithil

Album: ''Minas Ithil'' (2000 Demo)
1. Kvädet om leithian
2. Skuggbruden
3. Nattmaran



Moria (USA) - Moria started out in the spring of 2003 to bring together the brutality and epicness of metal along with the intensity, integrity and ideals of hardcore. They've completeted several tours including a full US tour and have shared the stage with many large touring acts.

Moria (Brazil) Playing since early 2004, the band still having the same line-up, except for the drums that have recently change. With their first Demo Cd, entitled “Nightmare”, they started to spread their music and became recognized by the local public as a promising band. Always in constant rhythm of composing new songs, they show intention to record an Album real soon. Before the birth of Moria, most of the Musicians of the band had different bands such as Black Metal, Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, and so on…this mixture of genres made the band what they are, a very unique and creative sound, with mixing up a lot of metal elements and creating a original sound.

Moria (BGR) - In the end of 2002, Werwolf meets Khan Kubrat - a man with the same ideas and music orientation as him, and after discussing the real results from such an initiative like founding a black metal band and recording an album, they decide to try. They record the demo "Turning Of The Sorrow" in the winter of 2002/2003, which surprisingly brings them a contract with Counter Attack Productions for releasing two albums - several months later the first full-length album of Moria comes out - "Mountains In Sorrow". After less than a month Werwolf leaves. Several months the line-up is suffering new changes, and finally Werwolf returns as the new drummer is the talented Julian Borisov and Gormoth Iscariot comes as second guitarist. Written by Dominus from

Black Metal

Fantasy, Medieval

Sweden (Stockholm), formed in 1997



Jesper - Guitar & Vocals
Vicky - Bass & Female Vocals
Tobias - Drums
Joel - Lead guitar & extra vocals


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