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Irreversible Diagnůstico De Muerte

Album: ''Irreversible Diagnóstico De Muerte'' (2006 Demo)
1. Serosa Acumulación Anormal Congénita
2. Avanzado Estado de Descomposición
3. Linfogranulamatosis Maligna
4. Aguda Hemoptisis Pulmonar
5. Hiperhidratación Isotónica Tisular
6. Excesiva Hemorragia Arterial
7. Cadáver Desmembrado
8. Severo Teratoblastoma Embrionario
9. Coágulo Sanguíneo Vascular
10. Storm Of Stress (Terrorizer Cover)
11. Distrofia Muscular Progresiva Pseudohipertrófica
12. Canibalismo Intrauterino
13. Combustión Corporal
14. Gil Coma (Ratos De Porão Cover)
15. Agonizando (Enfermo Terminal II)
16. Secreción Purulenta (Demo Version)
17. Plaga Zombie (Demo Version)



Max Lobier was the original founding memeber, a friend Fred Bouchet join the band as bassist.With addition of a skin pounder the three man death machine of Morgue was born.
In the year 2000 with Fred now on guitar, they added a new bass player.Soon after the achieved a recording contract with Fleshfeast Productions and Ablated Records.MORGUE released both "Bonecrunch" MCD and "Artgore" debut full CD. Later,Evil BikerRecords released a split with LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY.

The band went on tour with BRODEQUIN and VOMIT REMNANTS for a short time in North America.After which they severed ties with Ablated records and joined Adipocere Records. Their CDs can be purchased through Razorback records in the US.It is unknown if the band is still together or not. The band's web page has either been moved or is no longer running.Either way the gorehounds have produced some very impressive BRUTAL DEATH GOREGRIND! The Album ARTGORE is a MUST for any GOREGRIND collection.

Death Metal

Argentina (Comodore Rivadavia), formed in 2000




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