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Pits of Utumno

Album: ''Pits of Utumno'' (1988 Demo)
1. From Dusk to Dawn
2. Being Boiled
3. Eternal Sancitity
4. Pits of Utumno
5. The Beyond
6. Dance Their Dance

Resurrection Absurd

Album: ''Resurrection Absurd'' (1989 EP)
1. Dictated Deliverance
2. Travel
3. The Afterthought
4. Selected Killing
5. Lies of Distrust

The Eternal Fall

Album: ''The Eternal Fall'' (1990 EP)
1. Burnt Identity
2. Female Infanticide
3. White Gallery
4. Pits of Utumno
5. Eternal Sanctity


Album: ''Cursed'' (1991)
1. Cursed
2. Body Count
3. Exit to Temptation
4. Unreal Imagination
5. Isolated
6. Sold Baptism
7. Suffer Life
8. Opportunity Is Gone
9. Darkness


Album: ''Odium'' (1993)
1. Resistence
2. The Art of Sinking
3. Submission
4. Under the Surface
5. Drowning Sun
6. War Inside
7. Golden Age
8. Odium

Feel Sorry For The Fanatic

Album: ''Feel Sorry For The Fanatic'' (1996)
1. This Fantastic Decade
2. Last Laugh
3. Cash...
4. ...And Its Amazing Consequences
5. Curiosity
6. Forgotten Days
7. Souls On A Pleasuretrip
8. Graceland
9. Watch The Fortune Wheel
10. A New Start

1987-1997: The Best Of Morgoth

Album: ''1987-1997: The Best Of Morgoth'' (2005 Best of/Compilation)
1. Selected Killing ("Resurrection Absurd" EP, 1989)
2. Lies of Distrust ("Resurrection Absurd" EP, 1989)
3. Travel ("Resurrection Absurd" EP, 1989)
4. Burnt Identity ("Eternal Fall" EP, 1990)
5. White Gallery ("Eternal Fall" EP, 1990)
6. Pits of Utumno ("Eternal Fall" EP, 1990)
7. Body Count ("Cursed", 1991)
8. Isolated ("Cursed", 1991)
9. Sold Baptism ("Cursed", 1991)
10. Resistance ("Odium", 1993)
11. Under the Surface ("Odium", 1993)
12. Drowning Sun ("Odium", 1993)
13. This Fantastic Decade ("Feel Sorry for the Fanatic", 1996)
14. Graceland ("Feel Sorry for the Fanatic", 1996)
15. Last Laugh ("Feel Sorry for the Fanatic", 1996)



Morgoth was a German death metal band, formed in 1985 under another name. In 1988 they choose the name Morgoth for themselves. They began their career with two EPs called "The Eternal Fall" and "Resurrection Absurd", which were both re-released on one disc by their label Century Media in 1991. The same year their also released their first full-length album "Cursed". After the follo-up "Odium" in 1993 the band took a half-year long break with Grewe recording with Power of Expression and Comecon. In 1996 they recorder their last album "Feel Sorry For The Fanatic". They broke up shortly after this.

Death Metal (1987-1993), Alternative Rock (1996)

Death, society, personal

Germany (Meschede), formed in 1987

Century Media


Marc Grewe - vocals (bass until 1990) (Action Jackson, Comecon, Power of Expression)
Harald Busse - guitar
Carsten Otterbach - guitar
Sebastian Swart - bass (Action Jackson)
Rüdiger Hennecke - drums, keyboards


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