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Album: ''Fool's Game'' (1989)
1. State Of Mind
2. Spectacle Of Fear
3. Every Day's A Holiday
4. Spellbound
5. Sever And Splice
6. The Artist
7. Shatter
8. Reckless Abandon
9. Super Freak
10. Numb

In this life

Album: ''In this life'' (1991)
1. In this life
2. The strain
3. High potency
4. Window
5. Esse quam videri
6. A beginning
7. Falling away
8. Killing time
9. Downtown
10. Progress
11. Larger than life

Falling Away

Album: ''Falling Away'' (1991 EP)
1. Falling Away
2. Lion's Den
3. Jonny the Fox Meet Jimmy the Weed (Thin Lizzy cover)


Album: ''Vision'' (1992 EP)
1. In time
2. Wast county hospital
3. The vagrant
4. Reach
5. Close minded
6. Vision

The Next Room

Album: ''The Next Room'' (1994)
1. Lo-Cal, Hi-Fiber
2. Skid
3. Crash
4. Splinter Down
5. Shut
6. Pauper's Wine
7. Acrophobia
8. Murray The Mover
9. In A Turn
10. The Trellis
11. The Next Room Over
12. Rubber Crutch



In the late '80s, San Francisco's Mordred was one of the first bands associated with the brief but extremely media-hyped stylistic fad called funk metal. The band never truly distinguished themselves amongst the many thrash contenders of the period, however, and much like their funk metal niche, quickly faded away into obscurity. Originating in the exciting Bay Area thrash metal scene, Mordred included vocalist Scott Holderby, guitarists Danny White and J. Taffer, bassist Art Liboon, and drummer Gannon Hall. While their precise style of power metal riffing was no different from that of other Bay Area stars such as Testament and Forbidden, the band distinguished themselves thanks to Liboon's uncommonly upfront bass work and a tentative flirtation with funk. In fact, their 1989 debut, Fools Game, contained a cover of Rick James' funk classic "Superfreak," featuring scratches courtesy of DJ Aaron (Pause) Vaughn. After replacing Taffer with guitarist James Sanguinetti and making Vaughn a full-time member, the band decided to embrace their funk interests for their next, and perhaps best work, 1991's In This Life. But even as it spawned a minor hit in metal circles with "Falling Away," tensions were building within the band, live reviews were mixed, and 1992's Visions EP marked the beginning of the end. Vocalist Scott Holderby was sacked (replaced by Paul Kimball) and the band recorded one more album, 1994's The Next Room (which saw them back-pedaling into a more mainstream metal approach), before splitting up.

Thrash Metal/Funk

United States of America (San Francisco, CA)



Scott Holderby - Vocals
James Sanguinetti - Guitars (ex-Heathen)
Chris Powell - Guitars
Arthur Liboon - Bass
Aaron Vaughn - Keyboards
Gannon Hall - Drums

Paul Kimball - Vocals (1994)
Danny White - Guitars (1989-1994) (Mercenary (US))
Jim Taffer - Guitars (1989)
Steve Scates - Vocals
Alex Gerould - Guitar
Erik Lannon - Drums (Proudflesh)


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