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Horror Infinity

Album: ''Horror Infinity'' (1991 Demo)
1. Definitive Inquisition
2. Inmense Malignancy
3. Horror Infinity
4. The Burden of Evil

Burden Of Evil

Album: ''Burden Of Evil'' (1991 Single)
1. Immense Malignancy
2. The Burden of Evil

Imperial Doom

Album: ''Imperial Doom'' (1992)
1. Imperial Doom
2. Definitive Inquisition
3. Ceremonial Void
4. Immense Malignancy
5. Vicious Mental Thirst
6. Burden of Evil
7. Horror Infinity
8. Final Cremation
9. Darkest Dream

Darkest Dream

Album: ''Darkest Dream'' (1992 Single)
1. Darkest Dream
2. Horror Infinity


Album: ''Monstrosity'' (1994 Demo)
1. Manic
2. Stormwinds
3. Slaves And Masters


Album: ''Millennium'' (1996)
1. Fatal Millennium
2. Devious Instinct
3. Manic
4. Dream Messiah
5. Fragments of Resolution
6. Manipulation Strain
7. Slaves And Masters
8. Mirrors of Reason
9. Stormwinds
10. Seize of Change

In Dark Purity

Album: ''In Dark Purity'' (1999)
1. The Hunt
2. Destroying Divinity
3. Shapeless Domination
4. The Angels Venom
5. All Souls Consumed
6. Dust To Dust
7. Suffering To The Conquered
8. The Eye Of Judgement
9. Perpetual War
10. Embraced By Apathy
11. Hymns Of Tragedy
12. In Dark Purity
13. The Pillars Of Drear
14. Angel Of Death (Slayer cover)

Enslaving The Masses

Album: ''Enslaving The Masses'' (2001 Best of/Compilation)
1. Imperial Doom
2. Ceremonial Void
3. Darkest Dream
4. Vicious Mental Thirst
5. Final Cremation
6. Definitive Inquisition
7. Immense Maligamy
8. Horror Infinity
9. The Burden of Evil
10. Manic
11. Stormwinds
12. Slaves And Masters

Rise To Power

Album: ''Rise To Power'' (2003)
1. The Exordium
2. Awaiting Armageddon
3. Wave of Annihilation
4. The Fall of Eden
5. Chemical Reaction
6. A Casket For The Soul
7. Rise To Power
8. Visions of Violence
9. From Wrath To Ruin
10. Abysmal Gods
11. Shadow of Obliteration

Live Extreme Brazilian - Tour 2002

Album: ''Live Extreme Brazilian - Tour 2002'' (2003 Live album)
1. Destroying Divinity / Dust To Dust
2. Fatal Millennium
3. The Final Cremation
4. The Angel`s Venom
5. Imperial Doom / Raining Blood (Slayer cover)
6. Angel of Death (Slayer cover)



One of the first innovative bands to arise from the Tampa-Death-Metal scene. George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher's performed vocal duties in this band before joining Cannibal Corpse. Monstrosity blend an extreme scense of dissonant technicality with agressive riffing and vocals that paint images of imminent doom. The band has had members from Cynic, Death, Malevolent Creation and Morbid Angel.

The leader of the band is Lee Harrison (drummer)

Death Metal

Death, Horror, Violence

United States of America (Fort Lauderdale, Florida), formed in 1990

Metal Blade Records


Mike Hrubovcak - Vocals (Vile (US), Divine Rapture, ex-Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, XXX Maniak (Guest), Azure Emote)
Mark English - Guitar
Mike Poggione - Bass (Capharnaum (US), Eulogy (US), Lecherous Nocturne, ex-Scab Maggot)
Lee Harrison - Drums (ex-Malevolent Creation, ex-Atheist)

Kelly Conlon (ex-Vital Remains, ex-Death, Infinity Minus One, Eternal Tragedy)
Mark Van Erp (ex-Cynic (US), ex-Malevolent Creation, ex-Solstice (US)

Jamie Osburn - (Tour 1997-1998)
Jason Gobel (ex-Cynic (US), Gordian Knot)
Jason Morgan (Wynjara, Burner (US))
John Rubin (Malevolent Creation, (HatePlow)
Pat O'Brien (Chastain, Cannibal Corpse, Ceremony, Nevermore)
Tony Norman (Terrorizer, Lover of Sin, Morbid Angel, Voodoogods, Belligerent)
Sam Molina (also vocals before Jason returned for "Rise to Power") (Infernaeon)

Bobby Earl (Belligerent)
Brian Werner (Infernaeon)
George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (1990-96) (Cannibal Corpse, Paths of Possession, Ghoul (US))
Jason Avery (ex-Eulogy (US))


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