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Worst Nightmare

Album: ''Worst Nightmare'' (1998 Demo)
1. Lose in the End
2. Worst Nightmare
3. Monster
4. If You Can't Trust Me

The 1st Single

Album: ''The 1st Single'' (2000 Single)
1. Fire (Burn)
2. Why Don't You Wake Up?

The Nightmare Continues...

Album: ''The Nightmare Continues...'' (2001)
1. Why Don't You Wake Up?
2. If You Can't Trust Me
3. Everyone Seems to Have the Truth
4. Fire (Burn)
5. Too Much Money
6. Worst Nightmare
7. Monster
8. The Hangman
9. Prostitute Yourself
10. Lose in the End
11. The New "The Best"
12. Rain (Kiss cover)
13. Diamonds And Rust (Judas Priest cover)

No One Can Stop Us

Album: ''No One Can Stop Us'' (2004)
1. At Last
2. A Toast To Your Life
3. No One Can Stop Us!!!
4. Over The Edge
5. Metallic Mission
6. Riding On Two Wheels
7. Angels Of Darkness
8. Metalhead
9. Salem, The City Of Witches
10. Sanctuary
11. Spartacus, The King Gladiator
12. Battle at Anthares Setor
13. If You Can't Trust Me (Live at Ritmus)
14. MonsteR (Live at Ritmus)

Harder, Thicker & Longer

Album: ''Harder, Thicker & Longer'' (2005)
1. Monster's on the loose
2. Us againt the World
3. Shut the fuck up
4. All in vain
5. Women (They're mine)
6. This is your story
7. No one gets out alive
8. You belong to me
9. That's why i've killed the president
10. Evil by nature
11. Get me out
12. The show is not over yet
13. Metal boy


There are at least 5 bands called Monster:

- The Heavy/Hard/Thrash Metal band "MonsteR" from Brazil, They have 3 albuns already released ("The Nightmare Continues...","No One Can Stop Us!!" & "Harder, Thtcker & Longer") The band has only 3 members: Paul X (Bass and Vocal), Stone (Guitar) and E.V. Sword (Drum). Their website is

- Monster a ska-soul-punk band from Sweden that split up in 2000. They released two albums: "Rockers Delight" (1997), "Gone Gone Gone/A Bash Dem" (1999) and some EPs. Their singer Anders Wendin now has a soloproject called Moneybrother, other band members are now with The Concretes

- And the HC band Mönster from Germany.

- There is another band called Monster from British Columbia, Canada. Their song "Dirty Town" has been played on CBC radio one. They might be hippies.

- There's a whole new Korean pop boy's band group called monster. Monster (몬스터) and consist of 4 members : Heaven (Chun Gook, 천국), Real (리얼), David (데이빗) the vocalists, And Caho (가호) the rapper.

Heavy Metal

Life, Society, Partying, Metal

Brazil (São Paulo, SP), formed in 1998



Paul X - Bass, Vocals
E.V. Sword - Drums
Luiz Portinari - Guitars

Renato Stone - Guitars


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