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Album: ''Demo 2004'' (2004 Demo)
1. Whiplash (Metallica)
2. Mother (Danzig)
3. Each Dawn I Die (Manowar)
4. Black Funeral (Mercyful Fate)
5. Like Broken Glass (Crowbar)
6. Night Of The Graveless Souls (Emperor)
7. Shadow Of The Horns (Darkthrone)
8. Drink Till I Die (Bad News)
9. Earth Died Screaming (Tom Waits)



Mistress formed in Birmingham, England in 1999. After the 2nd Mistress gig in January 2000, the venue used was suddenly closed down within a week. A pattern was thus established & Mistress have continued in the same vein since. After reviews such as ' the of the most incendiary gigs I've seen in years' and 'like a 300 pound hillbilly about to smash your head in with a crowbar', UK underground label Rage of Achilles were impressed enough to agree to release the first two Mistress albums. The 1st self titled album of 'total fucking antisocial doom/grind/sludge' received, among other reviews, 5ks in Kerrang and a place in the Terrorizer magazine albums of the year poll. Quotes at the time included 'after listening to the first Mistress album, I felt like I needed a shower. And probably would have had not "Mistress" induced such a state of depression I couldn't get up off the couch'. A song taken from the album and put on a split 7" with doom lords Sally was even picked up on by Radio 1's John Peel for airplay on his show. There were gigs with Electric Wizard, Medulla Nocte, Extreme Noise Terror, Bolt Thrower (one review of the Camden gig with Bolt Thrower and Benediction included 'putting Mistress on this bill is like pissing in your kid's dinner'), as well an appearance at the semi-legendary Morrowfest in Nottingham.

The second album from the 'Lords of all that is wrong' entitled 'The Chronovisor' was released in late 2003. A raucous mixture of grindcore, hardcore punk, filthy sludge and howling alcoholic depression, it received feature reviews in Kerrang, Metal Hammer etc & many overseas mags, as well as being placed once more in the Terrorizer albums of the year poll. Press quotes this time around included 'Pounding reckless oblivion for those who want their metal delivered to them with the power of a hijacked Sherman tank run amok in a shopping mall' and 'a vile musical bastard, a bilious, screaming, snot-faced sludge orphan with all the taste and decorum of a sexual encounter in Wormwood Scrubbs'. Gigs with Napalm Death and Mayhem followed, plus a series of headline gigs around the UK with tortured Londoners Palehorse. Plans are now in place for a split 7" with Napalm Death/Melvins/Brutal Truth side project Venomous Concept, followed by releasing the next even more violent, unpleasant & mentally ill album 'In Disgust We Trust' through legendary underground label Earache. And of course getting wasted on Jagermeister and cheap cider while knocking the back out of gigs in as many places as possible.

Sludge Metal/Grindcore

United Kingdom (Birmingham), formed in 1999



Misery : Guitars (Exploder (UK), live for Anaal Nathrakh)
Dave Hunt : Vocals (Anaal Nathrakh,Benediction)
Dirty : Bass (Exploder (UK), Sally)
Migg (aka Irrumator) : Drums (Anaal Nathrakh, Frost (UK), Exploder (UK))
Drunken : Guitars (Eatinghumanshit, Life Denied, Exploder (UK))


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