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Promo 2006

Album: ''Promo 2006'' (2006 Demo)
1. Forging the Universe
2. The Earth's Reflection
3. Lavish Lurid Liquid
4. (Enter) Into the Chambers
5. Lunar Link
6. Shangri-La
7. World in Me
8. Suicide by Suspicion



Mistral is: 1. A band and 2. A tranceproduction.

1. Mistral is more like art to Henrik Ryösä than a band - a vast range of soundscapes and moods he wishes to explore. A unique songwriting talent, he has penned songs in most genres of modern music since the mid 90's. His approach to music hails to his roots as an artist in that he is more confident about experimentation. He recognizes music fans can be more fickle, but with Mistral, Henrik believes he never abandons his own style, he just spreads his canvas wider than most.

Mistral began in 2001 as the band Sapientia dissolved after a brief 3 year existence. Henrik made the decision to move forward on his own with the production skills he had gained during his time working with the band. The first song produced for Mistral was not an original but a cover of "Threatened" which appeared on "A Tribute to Living Sacrifice".

Over the last 5 years Henrik continued to write and record tunes as he refined his vision of what was to become of Mistral. Moving from Canada to Sweden in 2004, he took a short break to regather his thoughts, acquire some new gear, and make new acquaintances. Now in 2006, he has not only done this, but amassed an arsenal of material, now being recorded and planned for release beginning later this year.

Here's the twist - he is not planning just one cd - but four, which will follow both one theme, and seperate themes. Each disc will contain 4 never-before heard tracks in a specific style, plus unique bonus material. Nothing is set in stone but this could include special printable artwork, remixes, or video features. After the 4th disc he intends to release all 4 cd's as a signed box-set. The planned releases are tentatively as follows:

1. Past - Classically influenced Melodic Metal
2. Present - Hardrock/Gothic/Doom
3. Future - Cyberthrash
4. Infinity - Scandinavian Folk Metal (sung in Finnish, Swedish & English)

Although he has received label interest, Mistral is currently an independent artist. Henrik is interested primarily in working with a forward-thinking company or individuals willing to try something different from the standard record industry business model and be a pioneer in the marriage of traditional albums with online music. If you want to know more, contact Mistral at: henrik AT metalhq DOT com.

2. The second Mistral is a tranceproduction by Richard van Dongen. Richard has made several kinds of electronic music, such as trance, happy hardcore and hardcore.
Popular releases in his trancegenre are "In my Dreams" and "Rhythm of Summer".
A popular release in his hardcoregenre is the song "Something 4 Your Mind".
And under the alias T.N.T. he made "Better than Better" which was a big happy hardcore song in that period.

Melodic Death Metal

Sweden (Luleå), formed in 2001



Henrik Ryösä - all instruments


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