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Album: ''Join The MBG'' (2003)
1. Join The MBG
2. A Cigar Rules The World
3. Madness
4. The Crown
5. I Want To Belive
6. Your Friend Is Back
7. Mr. Xenophobia
8. A Story 'bout A Band
9. Things I'm Living For
10. The Cave
11. Shaggadelic



Misbegotten was founded in May 1993,
and the first live show was performed in December of that year.

After lots of Concerts in 1994, the band made it 6th place at the Finals of the ABC Bandcontest, out of more than 100 bands.

The first EP called “Children For Sale” was recorded in summer ‘95.
The disc sold more than 600 copies in direct selling.

1996, the song “Bull Branson” was recorded and featured on the Adamos Sampler(Nacht und Nebel Tonträger).

In spring ‘97 the band started to produce their first LP “Perfect World”, which was presented to the public in september at the Rockhouse Salzburg. As of today, more than 1000 copies of “Perfect World” are sold.

Also in ‘97, Misbegotten supported OBITUARY on their “Back for the Dead”-Tour in may.

In December 1998, a videoclip for the single “Bull Branson” was filmed. Set locations included a castlein Lower Austria, and the “Toihaus” in Salzburg.

In 1999, Misbegotten supported Grip Inc. in may, Pro Pain, Pissing Razors and Letzte Instanz in july. Autumn was used to record live-performances for the X-TRAORDINARY 3 Sampler.
In October, 2 Songs(“Children For Sale” und “Truth will Out”) were released on the Sirdar Sampler in Colorado(USA) (with a pressing of 25.000 pieces) and were promoted during a US-Pro-Snowboard-Tour promoted.
Lastly for this eventful year, Misbegotten was featured on the japanese “cozo”-Sampler in november.

In summer 2000, Misbegotten played at three Open-Air Festivals in Germany(Burgbergfestival,
Homberg, with Letzte Instanz,… /Fun&Crust, Bannberscheid, with Dritte Wahl,… /Neu-Ulm).

The Years 2001/2002 were used to work hard on new Songs.
In the U.S., Misbegotten was voted three times to the “featured (Metal-)Artist of the Week” on
Furthermore, the band was featured on three sampler releases in Germany and England.

In the Year 2003, the LP “Join The MBG” was recorded and after a series of problems(like broken fingers, change of the rehearsal- and studio-location..) finally released in september, and presented at the “10 Years Of MBG”-Show at the Rockhouse Salzburg.

In Summer ‘04 the band changed their lead vocalist,
which brought even more power to the bands established mixture of Hardcore and Metal.

Subsequently, a year full of concerts and shows followed(Misbegotten was part of the “All-Freaks-Tour” amongst other things).

In Spring 2005, Misbegotten played at the Finals of the Aeordrome-Bandcontest in Vienna, after winning the preliminary round in Salzburg.
A lot of Gigs followed(i.e. At the “Free Your Mind”-Festival in Abtenau, support for SOILWORK and HATESPHERE in Salzburg).

2006 was used to work on and record new songs, from which 7 made it on to the 4th Misbegotten LP: “To End All Lies”, which was released early 2007.

Thrash Metal

Austria (Salzburg), formed in 1993

Noise Head Records


Markus Juhn ( Drums )
Gerhard Resinger ( Vocals )
Günter Trimmel ( Bass )
Bernt Wimmer ( Guitar )
Rainer Maislinger ( Guitar )

Sebastian Linnemayr - Guitars
Gruber Max - Guitars, Backing Vocals


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