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Out of a Center Which is Neither Dead nor Alive

Album: ''Out of a Center Which is Neither Dead nor Alive'' (2005)
1. Waging War on the Forevers
2. Narcotics and Dissecting Knives
3. Holy Flower of the North Star
4. Three Hours
5. Bloodletting and Forgetting
6. Wisp of Tow

The Ritual Fires of Abandonment

Album: ''The Ritual Fires of Abandonment'' (2007)
1. Embers
2. White Wings
3. Mescaline Sunrise
4. The Orphans of Piety
5. Circle of Ashes
6. Ceremony Ek Stasis



Located along the in-betweens of Chicago and Peoria, Illinois, and drawing its nominal inspiration from the Belarusian capital, nestled deep amidst the in-betweens of the East and the West, a city that has been burned to the ground on several occasions only to be rebuilt like a phoenix rising from its ashes, MINSK is an eclectic roller coaster of passion, aggression, rhythm, noise, and trance. The music is as organic as it is other-worldly, infusing the rhythms of the earth and the resonance of the human voice with the synthetic sounds of machines, amplifiers, and effects.
MINSK performed its first show in March of 2003, released a demo CD with Lisa Falzone Recordings later that year, and has spent the last three years performing, writing, and recording. In 2004, they performed at the inaugural Templars of Doom festival in Indianapolis and appeared on a Thinker Thought Records compilation CD, entitled If it Plays...

In 2005, they put the finishing touches on their new album with producer Sanford Parker, who joined the band during the recording process. Parker, also known for his play in the band, Buried at Sea, has produced such acts as Pelican, Rwake, Lair of the Minotaur, Unearthly Trance, and Venomous Concept. The band performed at 2005 and 2006's South by Southwest music festivals in Austin, TX, and Emissions from the Monolith festivals in Youngstown, OH.

Minsk's latest work, The Ritual Fires Of Abandonment, was released in Febuary of 2007

Doom Metal

Depression, complex and abstract concepts

United States of America (Peoria, IL), formed in 2002

Relapse Records


Dustin Addis - Guitar
Chris Bennett - Guitar
Anthony Couri - Drums
Tim Mead - Vocals, conga drums, keyboard
Sanford Parker - Bass (ex-Buried at Sea)

Drew McDowell - Bass


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