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Album: ''Below'' (2003)
1. Made To Measure
2. Destination 666
3. Desperate (Death Parade)
4. Mucher No Illores
5. Dead End Love
6. Gallery In Black
7. Below
8. A Silent Moment
9. The Sobering
10. They Speak
11. If You Wish…
12. Night's End (Gallery #2)



mindFIELD is:
• Gabriel Shaw - all lead vocals, instruments, and programming.
• Régan Miller - live synths, samplers, and vocoder.
• Stacia Tucker - live synths
The Story So Far...

Gabriel Shaw of mindFIELD has always found inspiration in pioneers from diverse ends of the musical spectrum, from ambient to hip-hop,from Depeche Mode to The Pixies. He has used this eclectic love of music to create for his own band a sound that is as emotionally driven and ever-evolving as that which first incited his passion for composition.

mindFIELD, with its infectious beats and fluid soundscapes, has often been compared to artists such as Delerium and Orbital. It is the strong bass lines and skillful hooks, however, which distinguish him as an electronic act whose awareness of sound and sense of arrangement extends beyond the dancefloor. mindFIELD has had an overwhelming response on college radio stations and in local venues and remained in the top ten on's electronic music chart for a month. Gabriel has been hired by Apple Macintosh to perform at their computer shows and has collaborated with members of Fear Factory and Killing Joke, adding his distinctive components to their solo projects. He also plays live percussion for Metropolis Records artists Mono Chrome and live guitar for Invisible Records artists Chemlab.

"Singularity", the latest CD release from mindFIELD has met with significant acclaim from fellow musicians, DJs and fans alike. The album's first single, "1:1.618", has found its way onto computer hard drives all over the world as a free download from and brought a flood of emails pouring in for more. "Singularity" is a collection of tracks that would be as perfectly suited for the DJ decks of an exclusive cocktail lounge as they would on a crowded dancefloor.

mindFIELD features keyboardists Régan Miller and Infrastructure's Stacia Tucker, whose live support help give the group a powerful stage presence. All three band members have been involved in the Boston electronic music scene for years.

Gothic/Melodic Metal

Germany (Hamm), formed in 1994



Rainer Sickler - Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Marc Zirnsak - Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Danny Karbus - Keyboards, Vocals
Sascha Schiller - Drums (Solar Fragment, ex-Oneiros (Ger), ex-Freaks on the Roof)
Philip Akoto - Bass, Growls (Exposed Guts)


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