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Extreme Cold Weather

Album: ''Extreme Cold Weather'' (1987)
1. Extreme Cold Weather
2. Enjoy Yourself
3. Johannes Paul Der Letzte (Dedicated in Hate to Pope John Paul II)
4. Mother Theresa (Dedicated in Love to Mother Theresa)
5. Hyper Borea
6. Radezky March (We Hate to Be in the Army Now)
7. Nero


Album: ''Psychomorphia'' (1990 EP)
1. Birth of a Second Individual
2. Psychomorphia
3. Right for Unright
4. M.A.N.I.A.C.*

Choir of Horrors

Album: ''Choir of Horrors'' (1991)
1. Choir of Horrors
2. Akasha Chronicle
3. Weeping Willow
4. Lycantropus Erectus
5. Münchhausen Syndrome
6. Cautio Criminalis
7. Northern Command
8. Weena

Rotten Perish

Album: ''Rotten Perish'' (1992)
1. Prelude: Act of Fate
2. For Those Who Will Fail
3. Living with a Confidence
4. Raped Bodies
5. Lines of Thought of a Convicted Man
6. Contrition
7. Condemned Cell
8. Dreams of Eschaton (Manilla Road cover)
9. Anorexia Nervosa
10. Deformed Creatures
11. Alzheimer's Disease
12. Ascension of a Divine Ordinance


Album: ''Underground'' (1994)
1. Battle in the Ancient North
2. Revelation of Fire
3. Underground
4. Epitaph
5. The Way of the Strong
6. Living in a Lie
7. Screams of Frustration
8. The Ballad of Jesus
9. Dark Lust
10. One Thousand Pallid Deaths
11. The End



There are several artists named Messiah.

1) Messiah was a techno/rave band from the UK.
2) Messiah was a Swiss metal band.

Messiah (UK band)

Formed in 1988 during London's acid house craze by college friends Ali Ghani and Mark Davies, Messiah's brand of techno encompasses the aggression and volume of punk and the diva vocals of house music. When Ghani and Davies met at an Iggy Pop concert, the two decided to purchase some electronic equipment and make music for fun; when musical chemistry became evident, they began to get into the English techno and rave scene. After the release of 1993's Temple of Dreams, their first full-length U.S. album, 21st Century Jesus, was released one year later. Messiah Meets Progenitor followed in 1998 and saw a fairly dramatic shift in style. The introduction of guitars into the mix pushed their sound more towards that of Jesus Jones, Pop Will Eat Itself or later Prodigy.

Messiah (Swiss metal band)

Messiah were a death/thrash metal band from Switzerland. The band is best remembered for their first two full-length albums, Hymn to Abramelin and Extreme Cold Weather.

Messiah's debut album, Hymn to Abramelin, was released in 1986 through Chainsaw Murder Records. Their sophomore LP, titled Extreme Cold Weather, came out in 1987 and was re-issued on CD three years later by Nuclear Blast. The release also contained the band's debut album. The band then managed to sign to a German major metal label, Noise Records, which released their next album, Choir of Horrors, in 1991. Messiah released two more albums, Rotten Perish and Underground, through Noise, but disbanded in the mid-1990's. Although the band members have since rehearsed together, they have decided not to re-unite.

Death/Thrash Metal

Anti-christianity, social&personal experiences

Switzerland (Baar / Zug), formed in 1984

Noise Records


Andy Kaina - vocals (1990-1994), (2003)
R. B. "Brögi" Broggi - guitars (Cruise Missile (Che)) (1984-1995), (2003)
Patrick "Frugi" Hersche - bass (Chapter Seven, Creepozoid, Amon (Che), Succubus, Requiem (Che), Innocent F.F.) (1990-1994), (2003)
Steve Karrer - drums (Curare, ex-Infected (Che)) (1991-1995), (2003)

Vocals, Bass:
Reto Wilhelm "Tschösi" Kühne (Babylon Sad, Fear of God (Che)) (1984-1988)

Christofer Johnsson (Therion (Swe), ex-Carbonized (Swe), Procreation (Swe), Demonoid, ex-Liers in Wait) (1994-1995), Crematory (Swe) (Guest))

Andre "Stony" Steiner (R.I.P.) (1985)
VO Pulver (Poltergeist (Che), Gurd, Carrion (Che)) (1987-1988)
Dani Raess (Babylon Sad) (1990)

Dave Philips (1988)
Oliver Kohl (1994-1995)

Rolf "Jazzi" Heer (Braindead (Che), Poltergeist (Che))
Peter Schuller


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