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Burning The Cross

Album: ''Burning The Cross'' (1981 Demo)
1. Burning The Cross
2. Curse Of The Pharaohs
3. Return Of The Vampire
4. A Corpse Without Soul
5. On A Night of Full Moon

Album: ''Demo #1'' (1981 Demo)
1. Death Kiss
2. You Asked For It
3. Running Away

Mercyful Fate

Album: ''Mercyful Fate'' (1982 EP)
1. A Corpse Without Soul
2. Nuns Have No Fun
3. Doomed By The Living Dead
4. Devil Eyes


Album: ''Melissa'' (1983)
1. Evil
2. Curse Of The Pharaohs
3. Into The Coven
4. At The Sound Of The Demon Bell
5. Black Funeral
6. Satan's Fall
7. Melissa

Black Masses

Album: ''Black Masses'' (1983 Single)
1. Black Masses
2. Black Funeral


Album: ''Don't Break The Oath'' (1984)
1. A Dangerous Meeting
2. Nightmare
3. Desecration Of Souls
4. Night Of The Unborn
5. The Oath
6. Gypsy
7. Welcome Princes Of Hell *
8. To One Far Away
9. Come To The Sabbath

The Beginning

Album: ''The Beginning'' (1987 Best of/Compilation)
1. Doomed By The Living Dead
2. A Corpse Without Soul
3. Nuns Have No Fun
4. Devil Eyes
5. Curse Of The Pharaohs (live)
6. Evil (live)
7. Satan's Fall (live)
8. Black Masses

Return of the Vampire

Album: ''Return of the Vampire'' (1992 Best of/Compilation)
1. Burning the Cross
2. Curse of the Pharaohs
3. Return of the Vampire
4. On a Night of Full Moon
5. A Corpse without Soul
6. Death Kiss
7. Leave My Soul Alone
8. M.D.A. (Mission: Destroy Aliens)
9. You Asked for It

A Dangerous Meeting

Album: ''A Dangerous Meeting'' (1992 Split)
1. Doomed By the Living Dead
2. A Corpse Without Soul
3. Evil
4. Curse of the Pharoahs
5. A Dangerous Meeting
6. Gypsy
7. Come to the Sabbath
8. The Candle
9. Charon
10. Halloween
11. No Presents For Christmas
12. Arrival
13. Abigail
14. Welcome Home
15. Sleepless Nights
16. Eye of the Witch

In The Shadows

Album: ''In The Shadows'' (1993)
1. Egypt
2. The Bell Witch
3. The Old Oak
4. Shadows
5. A Gruesome Time
6. Thirteen Invitations
7. Room Of Golden Air
8. Legend of the Headless Rider
9. Is That You, Melissa?
10. Return Of The Vampire...1993


Album: ''Egypt'' (1993 Single)
1. Egypt


Album: ''Time'' (1994)
1. Nightmare Be Thy Name
2. Angel Of Light
3. Witches' Dance
4. The Mad Arab
5. My Demon
6. Time
7. The Preacher
8. Lady In Black
9. Mirror
10. The Afterlife
11. Castillo Del Mortes

The Bell Witch E.P.

Album: ''The Bell Witch E.P.'' (1994 EP)
1. The Bell Witch
2. Is That You, Melissa
3. Curse of the Pharaohs (live)
4. Egypt (live)
5. Come to the Sabbath (live)
6. Black Funeral (live)

Into The Unknown

Album: ''Into The Unknown'' (1996)
1. Lucifer
2. The Uninvited Guest
3. The Ghost Of Change
4. Listen To The Bell
5. Fifteen Men (And A Bottle Of Rum)
6. Into The Unknown
7. Under The Spell
8. Deadtime
9. Holy Water
10. Ktulu (The Mad Arab Part II)

Dead Again

Album: ''Dead Again'' (1998)
1. Torture (1629)
2. The Night
3. Since Forever
4. The Lady Who Cries
5. Banshee
6. Mandrake
7. Sucking Your Blood
8. Dead Again
9. Fear
10. Crossroads


Album: ''9'' (1999)
1. Last Rites
2. Church Of Saint Anne
3. Sold My Soul
4. House On The Hill
5. Burn In Hell
6. The Grave
7. Insane
8. Kiss The Demon
9. Buried Alive
10. 9

The Best of Mercyful Fate

Album: ''The Best of Mercyful Fate'' (2003 Best of/Compilation)
1. Doomed by the Living Dead
2. A Corpse Without A Soul
3. Nuns Have No Fun
4. Evil
5. Curse of the Pharaohs
6. Into the Coven
7. Black Funeral
8. Satan's Fall
9. A Dangerous Meeting
10. Desecration of Souls
11. Gypsy
12. Come to the Sabbath
13. Burning the Cross
14. Return of the Vampire

mercyful fate


Mercyful Fate is a Danish heavy metal band, and helped inspire black metal (by playing a form of speed metal that introduced black metal elements).

The band was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1980 from the ashes of Hank Shermann's band Brats' and King Diamond's band Black Rose. Shortly thereafter, in the Spring of 1981 they helped out a fellow Dane, Michael Denner, with demos for his band Danger Zone. Soon it was apparent that Shermann, Denner, Diamond and Denner's bassplayer, Timi Grabber, fit well together as a unit and those players performed under the Mercyful Fate moniker for the first time in Denmark.

There were the usual member changes for a young band; Denner left and then returned and drummers came and went, but finally Kim Ruzz established himself as the drummer. The band recorded their first material on vinyl late in 1982 for the Dutch label "Rave On" titled Nuns Have No Fun (album). Mercyful Fate's musical style, combining musical influences from artists such as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Judas Priest, and incorporating the theatrics of such showmen as Alice Cooper, utilized a dark, atmospheric, aesthetic in conjunction with elements of the NWOBHM and thrash metal movements that would go on to strongly influence the black metal subgenre (as would contemporaries such as Venom, Bathory, and Celtic Frost.)

Following their first album (actually a four song EP) the band released two stellar albums: Melissa and Don't Break The Oath. Both albums featured the distinctive sound of Shermann and Denner on guitar, the unique rhythm section of Grabber (aka Timi Hansen) and King Diamond's wickedly evil falsetto vocals. Both albums are now considered to be all time classics in both the Power Metal and Black Metal genres. But sadly the inevitable internal differences forced the band to break up in April of 1985. Diamond, Grabber (now Hansen) and Denner formed the King Diamond solo band which continued the heavy, evil tradition of Mercyful Fate, albeit with a more progressive, conceptual theme. Shermann went towards a more AOR-type approach with his band "Fate".

But these Danes always stayed in touch, even helping out in each others various solo performances. And as the years passed the cult following of the band refused to die off and, in July of 1992 the band reformed and signed a contract with Metal Blade (an independent Heavy Metal label led by Brian Slagel who released the debuts of Mercyful Fate influenced bands Metallica and Slayer). All the original members, minus Kim Ruzz, who was replaced by Morten Nielsen, were back for a second chance. In 1993 they released In the Shadows, and, in the years since have released four more albums; Time, Into the Unknown, Dead Again and 9. As in the past band members have left and been replaced. Michael Denner left and was replaced by Mike Wead, Drummer Nielsen was later replaced by Snowy Shaw who was then replaced by Bjarne Holm, Bassist Timi Hansen left quickly and was replaced by Sharlee D'Angelo. King Diamond has, since the initial split, also kept together a very successful solo band.

Currently, Mercyful Fate are on a hiatus; the band reportedly still owes the record company one more album, but when it will occur is unknown. There is also talk of a DVD release of early Mercyful Fate audio and video material which is highly anticipated by the fans of the band. Additionally, Shermann, Denner, Holm and King Diamond solo-band Bass player Hal Patino have formed Force Of Evil, a band that incorporates many of the themes of the original Mercyful Fate.

Black/Heavy Metal

Satanism (old), evil, horror, occult themes

Denmark (Copenhagen), formed in 1981

Massacre Records

On hold

King Diamond (aka Kim Bendix Petersen) - Vocals (Black Rose (Dnk), Brats, Danger Zone (Dnk), guest appearances in Coal Chamber and Usurper (US))
Hank Shermann (aka Rene Krolmark) - Guitars (Brats, ex-Fate (Dnk), Zoser Mez, Gutrix, Shermann Soldiers, Virus 7, Force of Evil, Rax Load)
Mike Wead (aka Mikael Wikström) - Guitars (King Diamond, Abstrakt Algebra, Memento Mori, Witch (Swe), ex-Candlemass, Maninnya Blade, Hexenhaus)
Sharlee D'Angelo (aka Charles Peter Andreason) - Bass (Arch Enemy, ex-Sinergy, Illwill, ex-Dismember, Witchery (Swe), ex-Facelift, Spiritual Beggars)
Bjarne Thomas Holm (aka Bob Lance) - Drums (Force of Evil, ex-Fate (Dnk), Gutrix, Shermann Soldiers, Rax Load)

Michael Denner (ex-Brats, Danger Zone (Dnk), ex-King Diamond, Iron Space, Zoser Mez, Force of Evil)
Carsten Van Der Volsing (Brats) (played on the very first MF demo)
Benny Petersen (on 'Burning the Cross' demo)

Timi ''Grabber'' Hansen (ex-King Diamond, Danger Zone (Dnk))

Jan Musen (played on the very first MF demo)
''Old'' Nick Smith (Danger Zone (Dnk))
Ole Frausing (Missing Link)
Kim Ruzz
Morten Nielsen (Mercyful Fate, Apocalypse (Dnk), Crime Academy, Furious Trauma, Red Warszawa, Zoser Mez, Shermann Soldiers)
Snowy Shaw (Tommie Helgesson) (ex-Dream Evil, ex-Notre Dame, Illwill, ex-King Diamond, Memento Mori)


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