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Album: ''Domicile...'' (1993 Demo)
1. Ignorance
2. Premature Burial
3. Battle Thy Demons
4. Obscurity
5. Induration of Sorrow


Album: ''Gummizild'' (1994 Demo)
1. One-Eyed Beast
2. Gate Away
3. Hour of Grief (Rehearsal Version)


Album: ''Supremacy'' (1996 EP)
1. Supremacy
2. Hour of Grief / Majestic Virtue of Silence
3. One-Eyed Beast
4. Premature Burial

First Breath

Album: ''First Breath'' (1998)
1. Symbiotic
2. World Wide Weep
3. Horizon
4. Master Game
5. Perceptive
6. Graveart
7. Next to Nothing
8. Demon8
9. Watching Me
10. Alternative Ways
11. Sister Jane
12. Supremacy (Bonus Track)


Album: ''Everblack'' (2002)
1. Intro
2. Everblack
3. Seize the Night
4. Screaming from the Heavens
6. Darkspeed
7. Bloodrush
8. A Darker Shade of Black
9. Bulletblues
10. Rescue Me
11. Alliance
12. Nothing's What It Seems (Outro)

11 Dreams

Album: ''11 Dreams'' (2004)
1. Into the Sea of Dark Desires (intro)
2. World Hate Center
3. 11 Dreams
4. Redestructdead
5. Firesoul
6. Sharpen the Edges
7. Supremacy v2.0
8. Music Non Stop (Kent cover)
9. Falling
10. Times Without Changes
11. Loneliness

The Hours That Remain

Album: ''The Hours That Remain'' (2006)
1. Redefine Me
2. Year Of The Plague
3. My World Is Ending
4. This Eternal Instant
5. Lost Reality
6. Soul Decision
7. Simplicity Demand
8. Obscure Indiscretion
9. My Secret Window
10. The Hours That Remain


Album: ''Retrospective'' (2006 Best of/Compilation)
1. Ignorance (intro)
2. Premature Burial
3. Battle Thy Demons
4. Obscurity
5. Induration of Sorrow
6. The Gate Away
7. One-Eyed Beast
8. Hour of Grief / ...Majestic Virtue of Silence
9. Supremacy



Mercenary is a six-piece metal band from Denmark that combines both power metal and melodic death metal genres, and in their earlier work thrash metal; however, they are simply "tagged" as a melodic death metal band by many. The band was formed in 1991. They have released a total of four albums.

Mercenary was formed in Aalborg, Denmark, in 1991. After the release of two demos, they were able to sign with Black Day Records, and released a four-song EP, Supremacy (1996). In 1997, they were signed to the Danish label Serious Entertainment, and in 1998 they released their full-length debut, First Breath.

In 2002, the band decided to expand their sound with the addition of vocalist Mikkel Sandager, as well as his brother Morten, who introduced keyboards into their songs. This new line-up added new dimensions to their sound, blending more melody into their more aggressive heaviness.

Mercenary's fame increased that year with their slot on the ProgPower music festival in the United States, as well as with the release of their sophomore effort, Everblack. It was after this that the band fired drummer Rasmus Jacobsen, thinking invested too little time into Mercenary and too much into other projects. During this time, guitarist Signar Petersen also left the band, due to personal reasons. Two old friends of Kral’s (drummer Mike Park Nielson and Martin Buus Pedersen) would soon fill in the two spots, and with this new lineup, Mercenary were signed to Century Media Records.

In 2004, Mercenary released their third full-length, 11 Dreams. This proved to be their most commercially successful album, earning much international attention from fans and critics alike.

It was at the end of March of 2006 that the band announced that Kral left the band. Mikkel Sandager said in a recent interview that Kral’s departure was due to "being away from his family and...trying to make it with the band for 15 years."

The band went about writing and recording their fourth full-length (The Hours That Remain) as a five-piece, with Mikkel Sandager performing all vocals, and the album's producer Jacob Hansen handling bass duties. On April 7, 2006 the band finished the recording at Jacob Hansens Studios. Shortly after this, the band managed to snag bassist/vocalist René Pedersen to fill in the void left by Kral.

Melodic Death Metal/Power Metal


Denmark (Ålborg), formed in 1991

Century Media Records


Mikkel Sandager - Vocals
Jakob Mølbjerg - Guitars (ex-Panzerchrist, Obscenity (Dnk))
Martin Buus Pedersen - Guitars
Morten Sandager - Keyboards (Elopa, Behind the Curtain)
Mike Park Nielsen - Drums (ex-Feticide, Ferocity (Dnk), Rosemary Woodhouse)
René Pedersen (Transparent) - Bass, Vocals

Rasmus Jacobsen - Drums (ex-Illnath)
Signar Petersen - Guitars (Behind The Curtain, Transparent)
Nikolaj Brinkman - Guitars
Henrik ``Kral`` Andersen - Bass, Screamed Vocals, guitar (ex-Geronimo)
Hans Jørgen Andersen - Rhythm guitar
Andreas W. Hansen - Bass
Jakob Johnsen - Drums


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