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Mekong Delta

Album: ''Mekong Delta'' (1987)
1. Without Honour
2. The Cure
3. The Hut of the Baba Yaga
4. Heroes Grief
5. Kill the Enemy
6. Nightmare Patrol
7. Shivas Return
8. Black Sabbath
9. Back Home (In Hell)

The Music of Erich Zann

Album: ''The Music of Erich Zann'' (1988)
1. Age of Agony
2. True Lies
3. Confession of Madness
4. Hatred
5. Interludium (Begging for Mercy)
6. Prophecy
7. Memories of Tomorrow
8. I, King, Will Come
9. The Final Deluge
10. Epilogue
11. The Gnome

The Gnome

Album: ''The Gnome'' (1988 EP)
1. The Gnome*
2. The Hut of Baba Yaga
3. Without Honour
4. The Cure

The Principle of Doubt

Album: ''The Principle of Doubt'' (1989)
1. A Question of Trust
2. The Principle of Doubt
3. Once I Believed
4. Ever Since Time Began
5. Curse of Reality
6. Twilight Zone (Lord Fouls Hort)
7. Shades of Doom
8. The Jester
9. El Colibri
10. No Friend of Mine


Album: ''Toccata'' (1989 Single)
1. Toccata
2. Black Betty (Ram Jam cover)
3. Interludium (Part II)

Dances of Death (and other Walking Shadows)

Album: ''Dances of Death (and other Walking Shadows)'' (1990)
1. Dances of Death - Introduction
2. Dances of Death - Eruption
3. Dances of Death - Beyond the Gates
4. Dances of Death - Outburst
5. Dances of Death - Days of Betrayal
6. Dances of Death - Restless
7. Dances of Death - Sanctuary
8. Dances of Death - Finale
9. Transgressor
10. True Believers
11. Night on a Bare Mountain


Album: ''Kaleidoscope'' (1992)
1. Innocent?
2. Sphere Eclipse
3. Dance on a Volcano
4. Dreaming
5. Heartbeat
6. Shadow Walker
7. Sabre Dance
8. Misunderstanding
9. About Science

Visions Fugitives

Album: ''Visions Fugitives'' (1994)
1. Them
2. Imagination
3. Suite for Group and Orchestra (Introduction, Preludium, Allegro, Dance, Fugue, Postludium)
4. The Healer
5. Days of Sorrow

The Principle of Doubt (Ambitions)

Album: ''The Principle of Doubt (Ambitions)'' (2005 Best of/Compilation)
1. Sphere Eclipse
2. Transgressor
3. True Lies
4. Confession of Madness
5. Interludium
6. Dance on a Volcano
7. Toccata
8. I, King, Will Come
9. Dreaming
10. The Cure
11. Night on a Bare Mountain

mekong delta


Mekong Delta is a thrash metal band from Germany. Taking their name from the geographic location of a massive massacre that took place during the Vietnam war, when about 4 million civilians were killed by US military forces. Mekong Delta pioneered the genre that is known as progressive thrash metal today, implementing strong melodical elements and classical concepts (usually based on Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky's pieces) into their thrash/speed metal sound, which became most prominent on their Kaleidoscope album. It is clear that the band is the key influence on modern technical progressive metal bands like Spiral Architect.

When the band first started, they were surrounded by a cloud of mystery, as all of the band members were under contracts with other bands, and thus had to use pseudonyms to avoid any legal problems.

The current line-up is:

Ralf Hubert - Bass
Uli Kusch - Drums (Masterplan, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Holy Moses, Roland Grapow)
Peter 'Lake' Sjöberg - Guitars (Theory in Practice, Mutant, Sorcery)
Leszek 'Leo' Szpigiel - Vocals (Wolf Spider, Scanner, Duke)

However, big names such as Jörg Michael (Drums, Rage, Stratovarius and Saxon) , Peter Haas (Drums, Krokus), Jochen Schröder (Guitar, Rage, Avenger), Frank Fricke (Guitar, Living Death, U.D.O.), Reiner Kelch (Guitar, Living Death), Uwe Baltrusch (Guitar, Sodom and PETER "PEAVY" WAGNER (Bass, Rage) have also been members of Mekong Delta at certain points.

A new album, titled "Lurking Fear", is set for release at 24.08.2007.

Progressive Thrash Metal

Philosophy, Fear, Metaphysics

Germany (Velbert/Nordrhein-Westfalen), formed in 1985

AFM Records


Leszek "Leo" Szpigiel - Vocals (Wolf Spider, Non Iron, Crows, Scanner, Duke)
Ralph Hubert [Björn Eklund] - Bass (X-Mas Project)
Peter Sjöberg - Guitar (Theory in Practice, Mutant (Swe), Sorcery (Swe))
Uli Kusch [Patrick Duval] - Drums (Masterplan, Shock Machine, Sinner (Ger) (guest), Helloween, Gamma Ray, Holy Moses, Roland Grapow, Beautiful Sin, Axe La Chapelle, Ride The Sky) (1988, 2006-)

Wolfgang Borgmann [Keil] - Vocals (1987-1990)
Doug Lee - Vocals (Siren (US))

Jochen Schröder - Guitars (Rage (Ger), Avenger (Ger)) (1985-1987)
Frank Fricke [Rolf Stein] - Guitars (Living Death, U.D.O., X-Mas Project) (1987-1989)
Reiner Kelch [Vincent St. Johns] - Guitars (Living Death, X-Mas Project) (1987-1988)
Georg Syrmbos - Guitars (1991)
Uwe Baltrusch [Mark Kaye] - Guitars (House of Spirits, Sodom)

Peter "Peavy" Wagner [Jake Jenkins] - Bass (Rage (Ger), Avenger (Ger), Der Riß, Victor Smolski) (-1987)

Jörg Michael [Gordon Perkins] - Drums (Avenger (Ger), Axel Rudi Pell, Beto Vázquez Infinity (Guest), Der Riß, Grave Digger, Headhunter (Ger), House Of Spirits, Rage (Ger), Running Wild, Saxon, Stratovarius, Tom Angelripper, Unleashed Power, Laos, Schwarz Arbeit) (1987-1990)
Peter Haas - Drums (Krokus, Calhoun Conquer, Poltergeist (Che), Babylon Sad, Clockwork (Che))


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