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Dream Machine

Album: ''Dream Machine'' (1995)
1. Lions Will Never Die
2. No God, No Master
3. Prisoners Of The Past
4. The Marginal
5. Eternida
6. The Horia
7. People Of The Sky
8. Dream Machine


Album: ''Etherias'' (2002)
1. The Court Of Sovereign
2. The Opened Window
3. Son Of Etherias
4. Fallen Rain
5. Historia
6. Sailing With A Traitor
7. Fountain Of Youth
8. The Blaze Of The Setting Town
9. Distress
10. The Old Child
11. The Hands Of Religion
12. Lacerians
13. The Soldier's Letter
14. Authority
15. Painful Secret
16. Torments Of Hell



Medusa,the progressive/industrial band from Mumbai has been creating waves in the Metal circuit since they hit the stage for the first time.

The band,with its unique industrial sound,and outstanding originals,has never left a venue unscathed and has managed to win numerous accolades,in the relatively short 1 year that they have been around.

With original compositions like Crop,Whitesign and Drip,that have made their mark as crowd favorites in their home city of Mumbai,and getting requests for them in cities where the band hasn t played before,is a just example of the sheer talent and musicality that the band holds within it s 5-member ensemble.

With influences ranging from Heavy Metal to Electronica,this is one band that is truly unique.

The band:

Raxit Tiwari :Vocals.

Siddharth Shah:Bass Guitar.

Rahul Nadkarni : Lead/ Rhythm Guitar.

Jay Rowkavi : Drums.

Noel Menezes :Keyboard.

The titles that the band has managed to gather in this short period of time,is a feat that goes unparalleled by any other band of their age.

Awarded 2nd Runners up after Medicis and Myndsnare,at Unmaad,the Rock Competition of IIM Bangalore -January, 2004.

Awarded 1st Runners up at the St. Francis Engineering college Rock competition -February,2004.

Awarded Best college band from Mumbai – Winners at the MTV Hero Honda Campus Rock Idols -September,2004.

Interviewed by All India Radio (107.1) as upcoming rock act, in July 2004.

The original composition ‘Crop' was aired live.

Included in the Razz yearly booklet,alongside Mumbai rock veterans – Bombay Black and Vayu.

The original ‘Drip chosen for the GIR 2005 compilation album. -January,2005.

All this,in only a year since their start,and a whole lot more to come.

What sets the band apart from the others in the circuit is the fact that they concentrate on creating and improvising on originals rather than just playing covers of other bands.

The fact is rather proven by the huge fan-base the band has managed to gather.

Medusa have also released a full length album titled Advisory and their latest song Beep Off got featured on Great Indian Rock X compiliation CD which was released by RSJ Records, the in-house record label of the New Delhi based Indian Rock magazine, RSJ, i.e. Rock Street Journal.

power metal

France, formed in 1993



Vocals, Guitars : Olivier Delestre
Guitars, Vocals : Gilles Giachino (Xtrunk, Kragens)
Bass, Vocals : Errol Foulon (Xtrunk)
Drums : Eric Saramago

Bass, Vocals : Claude Audaux


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