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Album: ''Demo'' (2000 Demo)
1. Shadows That Move
2. Welcoming War
3. Thank You For This
4. We Built This Come Death
5. Call of the Mastodon
6. Slick Leg
7. Hail to Fire
8. Deep Sea Creature
9. Battle At Sea

Demo 2001

Album: ''Demo 2001'' (2001 Demo)
1. Thank You For This
2. Call of the Mastodon
3. Hail to Fire
4. Welcoming War (Live)


Album: ''Lifesblood'' (2001 EP)
1. Shadows That Move
2. Welcoming War
3. We Built This, Come Death
4. Hail to Fire
5. Battle At Sea

Slick Leg

Album: ''Slick Leg'' (2001 EP)
1. Slick Leg
2. Thank You For This
3. Deep Sea Creature


Album: ''Remission'' (2002)
1. Crusher Destroyer
2. March of the Fire Ants
3. Where Strides the Behemoth
4. Workhorse
5. Ol'e Nessie
6. Burning Man
7. Trainwreck
8. Trampled Under Hoof
9. Trilobite
10. Mother Puncher
11. Elephant Man

March of the Fire Ants

Album: ''March of the Fire Ants'' (2002 Single)
1. March of the Fire Ants (Edit)
2. March of the Fire Ants (Album Version)
3. Emerald (Thin Lizzy cover)
4. Crusher Destroyer
5. Where Strides the Behemoth (Live)


Album: ''Emerald'' (2003 Split album)
1. Mastodon - Emerald
2. American Heritage - Boylover


Album: ''Leviathan'' (2004)
1. Blood and Thunder
2. I Am Ahab
3. Seabeast
4. Ísland
5. Iron Tusk
6. Megalodon
7. Naked Burn
8. Aqua Dementia
9. Hearts Alive
10. Joseph Merrick

Blood Mountain

Album: ''Blood Mountain'' (2006)
1. The Wolf Is Loose
2. Crystal Skull
3. Sleeping Giant
4. Capillarian Crest
5. Circle of Cysquatch
6. Bladecatcher
7. Colony of Birchmen
8. Hunters of the Sky
9. Hand of Stone
10. This Mortal Soil
11. Siberian Divide
12. Pendulous Skin

Call of the Mastodon

Album: ''Call of the Mastodon'' (2006)
1. Shadows that Move
2. Welcoming War
3. Thank You For this
4. We Built this Come Death
5. Hail to Fire
6. Battle At Sea
7. Deep Sea Creature
8. Slickleg
9. Call of the Mastodon

The Workhorse Chronicles: The Early Years 2000-2005

Album: ''The Workhorse Chronicles: The Early Years 2000-2005'' (2006 DVD)
1. Introduction to Mastodon
2. Profiling Mastodon
3. Pre-Mastodon
4. Formation of Mastodon
5. Mastodon Enviroment
6. Roar of Mastodon
7. Deep Sea Creature
8. Slickleg
9. Thank You For This
10. Call of the Mastodon
11. Shadows That Move
12. Battle At Sea
13. Hail to Fire
14. We Built This Come Death
15. Welcoming War
16. Burning Man
17. Crusher Destroyer
18. March of the Fire Ants
19. Mother Puncher
20. Ol'e Nessie
21. Trainwreck
22. Trampled Under Hoof
23. Trilobite
24. Where Strides the Behemoth
25. Workhorse
26. Megalodon
27. Aqua Dementia
28. Blood and Thunder
29. Hearts Alive
30. I Am Ahab
31. Iron Tusk
32. Island
33. Naked Burn
34. Seabeast
35. Creating the Videos
36. March of the Fire Ants (Extended Version)
37. Iron Tusk (Uncensored Version)
38. Blood and Thunder

Crystal Skull

Album: ''Crystal Skull'' (2006 Single)
1. Crystal Skull
2. Capillarian Crest

Radio Sampler

Album: ''Radio Sampler'' (2006 Single)
1. The Wolf Is Loose (Album Version)
2. Capillarian Crest (Single Version)
3. Crystal Skull (Album Version)

The Wolf is Loose

Album: ''The Wolf is Loose'' (2006 Single)
1. The Wolf Is Loose
2. Circle of Cysquatch (Live)

Colony of Birchmen

Album: ''Colony of Birchmen'' (2007 Single)
1. Colony of Birchmen
2. Iron Tusk (Live)



Mastodon is one of the new breed of metal bands from the US. They created waves in the metal community with the EP Lifesblood, released in 2001, just one year after the band's formation.

The band appeals to fans of both hardcore/noisecore and extreme metal, while combining elements of progressive music and beyond. Mastodon was first signed to Reptilian Records in 2000, shortly after recording their demo. Soon after this and the release of a little-known EP called "Slick Leg," however, the band was signed to Relapse Records - the label on which Mastodon's most critically acclaimed work was released: "Lifesblood," an EP in 2001; "Remission," the band's first full length album in 2002 and "Leviathan," the band's most popular release to date, in 2004. (A concept album based around Herman Melville's classic book, Moby Dick. This album featured more art work of Paul Romano.)

It was announced, in late 2005, that, having fulfilled contractual obligations to indie label, Relapse Records, Mastodon had been offered a deal by a major music label, a spot on the Warner Music roster alongside such bands as Green Day and My Chemical Romance. Despite this, however, Relapse Records released a DVD, and re-released the band's only demo.

An album titled "Call of the Mastodon", comprising the material recorded for the band's first and only untitled demo, which featured Eric Saner on vocals, was released in early 2006. A DVD entitled "The Workhorse Chronicles" was released not long after and a full length album, the band's Warner Music d├ębut, "Blood Mountain," was released September 12th, 2006. In an interview with MTV news, Brann Dailor revealed that the band's sound, on this upcoming release would be decidedly different and more "progressive." He also expressed excitement over the possibility of the birth of a new "prog movement," naming bands such as Isis, along with Mastodon, as prospective leaders of said movement.

Mastodon have previously appeared on the second stage at Ozzfest 2005

Mastodon is:
Brann Dailor - Drums. (Formerly of Today Is The Day, Lethargy.)
Troy Sanders - Vocals, Bass. (Also in Social Infestation, Four Hour Fogger.)
Bill Kelliher - Guitar. (Formerly of Today Is The Day, Lethargy.)
Brent Hinds - Guitar, Vocals. (Also in Fiend Without A Face.)

Aforementioned former member, Eric Saner, left the band soon after the release of the 2000 demo. Troy Sanders, the then bassist, was announced as the new lead vocalist, although vocal duties were increasingly shared with guitarist Brent Hinds to the point where they are considered co-vocalists.

Technical / Progressive Groove Metal

Life, Hardships, Heroic Tales, Mythical Beasts

United States of America (Atlanta, Georgia), formed in 1999

Warner Bros./Reprise Records


Troy Sanders - Bass & Vocals (Social Infestation, Puaka Balava, Four Hour Fogger, Knuckle)
Brent Hinds - Guitar, Vocals (Fiend Without A Face, Four Hour Fogger)
Bill Kelliher - Guitar (Today is the Day, ex-Lethargy (US))
Brann Dailor - Drums (Today is the Day, ex-Lethargy (US), Discordance Axis for some shows)

Eric Saner - Vocals

Scott Kelly - Vocals (Neurosis (US), Tribes of Neurot, Blood & Time)
Neil Fallon - Vocals (Clutch)
Josh Homme - Vocals (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Screaming Trees, Wellwater Conspiracy)
Cedric Bixler-Zavala - Vocals, Session Keyboards (At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta)


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