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Angels Of The Apocalypse

Album: ''Angels Of The Apocalypse'' (2000)
1. The End Of The World
2. Perchance To Dream
3. 2000 Years
4. This Lover's Heart
5. The Queen Of Sheba
6. With Dignity And Grace
7. A Million Miles Away
8. The Beast Of Babylon
9. The Endless Enigma
10. Only In My Dreams (Bonus Track)



there are atleast 2 Mastermind.

1. MASTERMIND is brothers Berends, Bill and Rich. Rich is a drummer who subscribes to the Carl Palmer school of drumming. Music, lyrics, guitar, bass and faux-keyboards (actually a guitar-controlled MIDI setup) were handled masterfully by brother Bill, while Rich pounded out complex drumming and sang. Even though the music is guitar based you can hear influences from ELP. They play a melodic ELP - styled energetic and bombastic progressive rock. The music, a heavy metal, jazz fusion, and progressive hybrid, propels you at a breakneck speed from the opening notes to the final chord.

On their third release, bass provided by Phil Antolino left its main influences for a more original Progressive music with long instrumental developments where it's hard to believe than only three musicians are enough to produce such a complex music! "Volume IV", is truly ASTONISHING. With "Excelsior" addition of keyboardist Jens Johansson, they abandoned Rich's vocals completely and did an all-instrumental album. At the same time, the music began to leave the 70's prog sound behind, and the move towards a more progressive metal sound began, though this album also has a lot of jazzy influences. With the release of "Angels of the Apocalypse" MASTERMIND's first release on a major label (Inside Out), the move towards progressive metal was complete. MASTERMIND is a band to watch. They aspire to the fame and glory of ELP.

2. Mastermind (aka X-Fly)
owner of Headfuck records.
raw and brutal hardcore techno that will blow your mind!The lable has signed names like the destoyer, drokz and tails.

Progressive Metal

Fantasy, Angels, Life, Feelings

United States of America (New Jersey), formed in 1986

Inside Out Music


Bill Berends - Guitars, Midi-Guitar
Rich Berends - Drums (Mike Fillius)
Tracy McShane - Vocals
Greg Hagen - Bass
Jens Johansson - Keyboards (Johansson, The Johansson Brothers, Stratovarius, ex-Dio, Silver Mountain, ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Adrián Barilari, guest, Russell Allen's Atomic Soul, guest)

Phil Antolino - Bass
Lisa Bouchelle - Vocals


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