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Album: ''Master'' (1990)
1. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Unknown Soldier
3. Mangled Dehumanization
4. Pay to Die
5. Funeral Bitch
6. Master
7. Bass solo/Children of the Grave (Black Sabbath cover)
8. Terrorizer
9. The Truth

On The Seventh Day God Created... Master

Album: ''On The Seventh Day God Created... Master'' (1991)
1. What Kind of God
2. Latitudinarian
3. Heathen
4. Used
5. Demon
6. Constant Quarrel
7. Judgement of Will
8. America The Pitiful
9. Whose Left To Decide
10. Submerged In Sin

Faith Is In Season

Album: ''Faith Is In Season'' (1998)
1. Follow Jesus
2. Cast The First Stone
3. Addicted To The Pistol
4. Imprisoned
5. Re-Terrorizer
6. We're About To Fall
7. Believers Have A Choice
8. Faith Is Still In Season
9. Broken Promise
10. Where Are You Now?
11. Butchered By Numbers
12. Antidote
13. Spiritual Bankruptcy
14. Victims Of Jesus
15. Return To Vietnam
16. Previously Committed

Unreleased 1985 Album

Album: ''Unreleased 1985 Album'' (2003)
1. Master
2. Unknown Soldier
3. Mangled Dehumanisation
4. Funeral Bitch
5. Terrorizer
6. Pledge Of Alliance
7. Re-entry And Destruction
8. Constant Quarrel
9. Judgment Of Will
10. Submerged In Sin
11. Cut Through The Filth

Four more Years of Terror

Album: ''Four more Years of Terror'' (2005)
1. Race to Extinction
2. Shoot to Kill
3. All We've Become
4. Does One Feel Pain
5. Betrayal
6. Hell Probably Win
7. Can the US Be So Great
8. Lined Up and Punished
9. Blind Hatred
10. Line to Kill
11. Special Skills
12. To Fight and Die
13. Everything is Rotten



Master is the band of Paul Speckmann (voice/bass/souls). They were well known in the undeground to be one of the first death metal band and most influencial one with Death on the early death metal scene. The band begins in 1985 and still exist now and they have several albums and many line up.

Master is also a heavy metal band from Russia.

There is a third band called Master, producing experimental music. They appear on the compilation Whatever! on Wrong Music.

Death Metal

Politics, Death, Religion

United States of America (Chicago, Illinois), formed in 1983

Twilight Distribution


Paul Speckmann - Vocals, Bass (Abomination, Death Strike, Speckmann Project, ex-Krabathor, Martyr (Cze), ex-War Cry, Funeral Bitch (US), Solutions, Walpurgisnacht (US))
Alex ``93`` Nejezchleba - Guitars (Shaark, Mamut)
Zdenek Pradlovsky - Drums (Shaark)

Paul Masvidal (ex-Death, ex-Cynic (US), Portal (US), Gordian Knot)
Brian Brady (ex-Abomination, Solutions)
Jeff Kobie
Sage Gonzales
Petr "Ronald Reagan" Krystof (Krabator, Krabathor, Martyr (Cze))
Chris Mittleburn (ex-Sindrome (US), ex-Death Strike)

Libor "Harry Truman" Lebanek
Aaron Nickeas (Abomination, , ex-Body Bag, ex-Speckmann Project)
Sage Johnson (Walpurgisnacht (US))
Bill Schmidt on ``Master`` (ex-War Cry, ex-Diamond Rexx, ex-Mayhem Inc., ex-Death Strike)
Steve Bailey


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