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Gates Of Metal Fried Chicken Of Death

Album: ''Gates Of Metal Fried Chicken Of Death'' (2005)
1. Intro
2. Metal Is The Law
3. Evil Papagali
4. Metal Massacre Attack (Aruê Aruô)
5. Feel The Fire From Barbecue
6. Metal Milkshake
7. The God Master
8. Cereal Metal
9. Metal Dental Destruction
10. Let´s Ride To Metal Land (The Passage Is R$ 1,00)
11. Metal Glu-Glu
12. Away Doom
13. Metal Bucetation



Massacration is a fake self-proclaimed "greatest and most classic heavy metal band, the inspiration behind most heavy bands since 1985, whose members' hairdos and posing influenced the whole heavy metal culture". The classical line-up consists of Detonator (a castratto vocalist, real name Bruno Sutter), Blond Hammet (lead guitar, real name Fausto Fanti), Jimmy "The Hammer" (drums, real name Felipe Torres), Headmaster (rhythm guitar, real name Adriano Pereira) and Metal Avenger (bass, real name Marco Antônio Silva).

Massacration was created in the sketch comedy show Hermes & Renato along with other fake bands like samba school "Unidos do Caralho a Quatro" or the axé band "Coração Melão" (Melon Heart). But, like The Monkees, Massacration became a huge success, and a real band.

The main inspiration for Massacration probably came from the movie Spinal Tap, which deals with the clichés of heavy metal music the same way Massacration does.

The band was idealized by and composed of members of the Brazilian comedy act Hermes & Renato that aired on MTV circa 2002.

After the making of the song (and video) Metal Massacre Attack, the video began airing not only on the Hermes & Renato comedy show, but also on the MTV regular rotation videos. The promo video was such a success that the crew was forced to make more songs and videos. Metal Bucetation followed Metal Massacre Attack.

In 2005 they finally finished their first album, Gates of Metal Fried Chicken of Death, produced by João Gordo, lead singer of Ratos de Porão, a reputed hardcore punk Brazilian band. The first single was Metal Is the Law.

They have been requested to perform live their songs, and have so far appeared in the Abril Pro Rock Festival and Brasil Metal Union (the latter an all-heavy metal festival). Most of the humour effect of the band relies on its use of a fake English (mocking the fact that many Brazilians prefer foreign music despite being unable to understand it), exaggerate posing, outrageous clothes and gear.

The success they achieved was so high, they even have their own MTV show, where only heavy metal videos are broadcasted (which, to some, is surprising, considering the pop-oriented nature of MTV).

It is rumored that their tour drummer is Igor Cavalera of Sepultura. Massacration actually opened some venues for Sepultura during the course of 2005, and Cavalera actually played with them in some venues, under the alias "El Covero" (Spanish for the gravedigger).

Heavy Metal

metal, parody, mockery, nonsense

Brazil (Petrópolis/RJ), formed in 2004



Detonator (Bruno Sutter) - vocals
Blond Hammet (Fausto Fanti) - lead guitar
Headmaster (Adriano Pereira) - rhythm guitar
Metal Avenger (Marco Antônio Alves) - bass
Jimmy ``The Hammer`` (Felipe Torres) - drums

Straupelator (Fernando Lima) - session drums


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