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Nocturnal Practices

Album: ''Nocturnal Practices'' (1995 Demo)
1. Black Church Bells Ring
2. Bleed For Thy Sins
3. Eve Of Anti Creation
4. Sucking The Tongue Of The Ancient One
5. Frost Of The Diabolical Forest
6. Blasphemer (SODOM cover)
7. Outro


Dov J. Elkabas aka 'The Prophet' was born on 5 November 1968. He started deejaying in 1983. He first discovered turntables when he visited a roller disco (Het Nijlpaardenhuis) in Amsterdam.
He was so impressed by the enthusiasm it evoked that he got a job so he could buy a set of SL1200 MK2s and practice with the turntables at home. He spun disco at Het Nijlpaardenhuis for approximately two years until the roller disco was closed down. He then moved to a hip hop venue in Amsterdam known as 'Akhnaton'. Together with the members of the legendary 'Osdorp Posse' among others he started trying to make music in a very alternative way. There was no house music in those days - that didn't hit the scene until 1986-87.

Dov Elkabas first came into contact with house in 1988 when he was asked to spin at an event where only house music was played. This was the 'Let the Prophet Rise' event at the Jan van Galenhal in Amsterdam.
Together with his colleague 'MadDoc' he spent the whole evening creating music with synthesizers and samplers in an attempt to add his own unique touch to the evening.
The evening was such a success that it started the ball rolling. More and more people invited him to DJ.
Organisations such as Multigroove and ISP (later known as Hellraiser) began to book him on a regular basis and he did his thing at almost all of the events in and around Amsterdam.

In around 1991 he set up a DJ team better known as 'The Dreamteam'. These were four different DJs with four different styles who only worked together as a group - either spinning together or performing live. The four members of The Dreamteam were The Prophet, DJ Dano, Buzz Fuzz and Gizmo. In around 1991-92 the organisation ID&T was set up. The Dreamteam was asked to spin at the raves organised by ID&T - Thunderdome, Earthquake, Mysteryland, etc...
Together the Dreamteam made these raves a huge success. The Prophet was happy to go to all of the gabber events, sometimes as many as six in one evening!In the meantime the music became harder and harder. A certain group of DJs, including The Prophet, had breathed life into gabber or hardcore music. This was clearly the heyday of these genres.
Millions of copies of 'Thunderdome' CDs were changing hands across the counter and The Prophet became more and more famous.
To this day this kind of music can still be heard on every continent. The gabber DJs travelled and still travel the world to represent this music.

The Prophet has deejayed at almost all of the large events in the Netherlands - Thunderdome, Masters Of Hardcore, Hellraiser, Megarave, Earthquake, Trip 2 Dreamland, Dance 2 Eden, Mysteryland, Back 2 School, Qlimax, DefQon 1, Decibel, and Innercity. He has also deejayed at large events in other countries, such as Utopia Sydney, Goliath Zurich, Voyager Geneva, Mayday Germany, Resident E Germany, Atlantis Los Angeles, etc., etc...
All the while besides recording gabber music Dov Elkabas also went on producing other kinds of music that he very much enjoyed - an eclectic mix that ranged from club to techno to progressive to hip hop. For example, under a pseudonym 'The Rose', in 1995 he recorded the classic 'The Godzilla Project' which was brought out by the French label Pinguin Records - a track spun by all of the leading DJs in the world.

The Prophet also founded his own record label - Scantraxx Recordz - one of the most famous hardstyle record labels in the Netherlands in order to be able to promote the Dutch version of hardhouse ' hardstyle.
He felt that the music was now too fast and that the events were no longer as upbeat as he thought they should be.
The music has now reverted to 140 bpm, a 'female-friendly' danceable speed.
Dov Elkabas is still exploring club and progressive. With projects such as Stardancer, under which he brings out disco house, and Rokkwild (together with Cay-T), the 'Progressive project', is he pursuing the course he wishes to follow, namely 'serious dance music with a smile'.
These days The Prophet enjoys spinning genres such as early rave, early hardcore, hardstyle, club and progressive...
To be continued...

Black/Death Metal

Satanism, Blasphemy, Hatred

United States of America (Jackson, Michigan), formed in 1992

Moribund Records


Tchort - guitar, vocals, drums, keyboards (ex-Lucifer's Hammer, ex-Wind of the Black Mountains) (R.I.P. 03/23/2006 - Suicide By Overdose)
Xaphan (Sean Peters) - Guitar, Vocals (Summon, Wind of the Black Mountains, Dark Psychosis, Wastelander)
Necromodeus (Chas Schoals) - Bass, Backing Vocals (Summon)
Supmur (Mark Hauge) - Drums (ex-Summon, Dark Psychosis)

Andy Smith - bass (Lucifer's Hammer)


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