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Colombia... Imperio del Terror

Album: ''Colombia... Imperio del Terror'' (1989 Demo)
1. Prólogo
2. Tiempos de Guerra
3. Imperio del Terror
4. Sepulcros en Ruinas
5. Escoria
6. Los Pecados de Dios
7. Sangrienta Muerte
8. Epílogo

Cáncer de Nuestros Días

Album: ''Cáncer de Nuestros Días'' (1990 Demo)
1. Intro / Temor
2. Justicia Ramera
3. Brutales Masacres
4. Conflicto de Paz
5. Termonuclear
6. Imperio del Terror
7. Ritos de Muerte
8. Ola de Violencia
9. Intro / Vida
10. Tiempos de Guerra
11. Sepulcros en Ruinas
12. Sangrienta Muerte
13. Nigthmare (Sarcófago cover)
14. Chemical Warfare (Slayer cover)


Album: ''Requiem'' (1991)
1. Intro - Requiem
2. Cortejo Fúnebre
3. Justicia Ramera
4. Brutales Masacres
5. Sepulcros en Ruinas
6. Escoria
7. Ola de Violencia
8. Tiempos de Guerra
9. Conflicto de Paz

Ola de Violencia

Album: ''Ola de Violencia'' (1991 EP)
1. Sangrienta Muerte
2. Mórbida Implosión
3. Decadencia

Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo

Album: ''Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo'' (1993 EP)
1. Sarcasmo Divino
2. Camino al Calvario
3. Imperio del Terror
4. Una Flor sobre mi Tumba


Album: ''Sacro'' (1995)
1. Sacro
2. Orgasmos Oscuros (Paraíso)
3. Tierra de Lamentos
4. Confesiones
5. Dolor Sensato
6. Mas allá del Dolor...
7. Funeral Amén
8. Dios del Horror
9. Pecados no Perdonados
10. Ritos de Muerte
11. Moral Esclava

Muerte Verdadera Muerte

Album: ''Muerte Verdadera Muerte'' (2001)
1. Espinas
2. Exodo
3. Sangre En Mis Manos
4. Violentada
5. Símbolos (De Héroes)
6. Prepárate A Morir
7. Masacrados
8. Razones De Odio
9. País En Sangre
10. Strutter (KISS cover)

Total Death

Album: ''Total Death'' (2004)
1. Slaves of Death
2. Battlefields
3. Kill or Get Killed
4. Soldiers of the Unknown
5. Death Metal Forever
6. Wrath Intense Pain
7. Oh My God!!
8. Victims

Cancer de Nuestros Dias

Album: ''Cancer de Nuestros Dias'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. Prologo
2. Tiempos de Guerra
3. Imperio del Terror
4. Sepulcros en Ruinas
5. Escoria
6. Los Pecados del Dios
7. Sangriente Muerte
8. Epilogo
9. Intro / Temor
10. Justicia Ramera
11. Brutales Massacres
12. Conflicto de Paz
13. Termonuclear
14. Imperio del Terror
15. Ritos de Muerte
16. Ola de Violencia
17. Intro / Vida
18. Nightmare (Sarcófago cover, live)



MASACRE began in 1988, their extreme sounds fitted perfectly within the European scene in the early eighties. Death Metal and MASACRE were born in Medellín (Colombia) in years where violence, corruption, drugs and death were our daily food in a slowly bleeding country. Maybe that was the main reason for MASACRE to acquire an immediate answer from the fans, and they found represented in the heavy sound of death metal the cold and dying reality that they live every day.

MASACRE begins its musical career with a demo tape in 1989 entitled "Colombia... Imperio del Terror", next year comes a second demo tape named "Cáncer de Nuestros Días". These two demos show what is going to come from this colombian band, which would carry in the bloody hearts of the world of Death Metal.

In 1990 the band releases its first Mini LP named "Ola de Violencia", and with this one they fund their extreme sound and their compromise with the fans desiring dark terror. The french label Osmose Productions, released the first CD of the band entitled "Requiem" (1991), gaining MASACRE with this one a world wide recognition and placing the band as one of the best in Death Metal. After this CD the band toured in Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru. Too many foreign magazines began to give the band a highly deserved place.

In 1992 Osmose edited a split CD which included MASACRE with its Mini LP "Ola de Violencia" plus two live tracks and the american band Profanatica. Also, Ciber Music Productions from Holland releases a compilation CD with the best bands of Death Metal including MASACRE with a track called "Mórbida Implosión". In 1993 the band produces with and independent label (Mórbida Productions) the Mini LP "Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo" with four songs filled with hate and violence.

After the Mini LP the band recorded in 1996 the CD "Sacro" produced by the label Lorito Records from Medellín. With this CD the band gains new blood, putting itself on a high place in the local and international scene. This CD was distributed by important labels in many places around the world. MASACRE toured a lot around the country and visited Venezuela two times in 3 cities there, playing with important bands. After that tour, the band traveled to Ecuador playing and showing its songs in Quito.

In 1999 MASACRE recorded 3 songs as an advance demo of their totally extreme and brutal CD “Muerte Verdadera Muerte”. In June 1999 the label Hurling Metal Records from Argentina releases a compilation CD including a live track from MASACRE alongside with important bands from Argentina. Besides, the colombian label Tribulación Records released a compilation including the band with a track from its Maxi LP "Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo".

In 2001, MASACRE signed with a new label from Colombia named Decade Records, which released the record entitled "Muerte Verdadera Muerte". This CD contains 10 brutal tracks including one version of our gods Kiss (Strutter). It is important to say that in this CD MASACRE shows its maximum development as an extreme, technical and brutal band within the Death Metal in the world.

The Magazine Sacrilegio (from Argentina), and its included compilated CD chose one song from "Death Truly Death" called “Espinas” (Thorns) and a record label from Argentina named Hurling Metal Records whose owner is the legend Alfredo "Pocho Metallica" licensed the copyrights to release "Death Truly Death" (Muerte Verdadera Muerte) in Argentina. This version included 2 bonus tracks live and a CD-Rom.

In 2001 MASACRE begun the “Death Truly Tour” to support the CD “Muerte Verdadera Muerte” which became one of the best tours of the band because the fans really received and supported MASACRE and its CD. This tour included many cities and towns in Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador and each show was a memorable moment of Pure Fucking Death Metal where MASACRE gave everything to the fans and played tracks from all of its CDs and the fans felt the energy and progress showed by the band. This tour continued during 2002 and MASACRE made good use of the time between shows writing new material for the next CD which certainly will become the most brutal, technical, fast and aggressive in MASACRE’s career.

In 2003 MASACRE recorded the pre-production for the new CD "Total Death" with 9 tracks and the band is sure these tracks truly represent all the aggressiveness MASACRE wants to reflect.

In 2004 "Total Death" is out. This CD was produced, mixed and masterized by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Ex-Morbid Angel) at Mana Recording Studios in Tampa-Florida. All of our fans certainly will receive this CD as the best recording of the band!!! To support this record, MASACRE went for the most extense tour done by the band so far, named "Muerte Total" in South America, including several cities in Colombia, two dates in Venezuela, one concert in Ecuador, three shows in Peru, two in Bolivia, four shows in Argentina and ended with four concerts in Chile. During those months on tour the band proved once again the loyalty for Death Metal and the respect that exists between the band and its fans.

Too many things are going to come for the band, and they will demonstrate why MASACRE is one of the most important bands world wide in its genre.

Death Metal

Death, Nuclear Warfare and Corruption, Anti-Christ

Colombia (Medellin), formed in 1988



Alex ``Trapeator`` Oquendo - vocals (ex-Ekhymosis, Pirokinesis, Sadistic Kill)
Jorge Londoño - guitars
Alvaro Alvarez - bass (ex-Remembrance of Pain, ex-Murder (Col))
Mauricio Reyes - Drums

Dilson Diaz - bass, backing vocals (vocals on La Pestilencia)
Juan Carlos Gomez - guitars
Antonio Guerrero - guitars
Alejandro Saldarriaga - bass
Mauricio ``Bull Metal`` Montoya - drums (ex-Typhon (Col), ex-Neurosis Inc., ex-Agressor (Col) ) (R.I.P)
Rafael Muñoz - guitars (Remembrance of Pain)
Victor Gallego - drums (R.I.P. October 30th 2005)
Wilson Henao - drums


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