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The Initiate

Album: ''The Initiate'' (1999 Demo)
1. Wasted
2. Fire in 3 Years
3. Result of Reprisal
4. The Initiate

Captive in the Room of the Conspirator

Album: ''Captive in the Room of the Conspirator'' (2000 EP)
1. Calm Before the Storm
2. An End Like This
3. The Solution
4. Catatonic Pictures
5. Result Of Reprisal
6. Indulgence Ends


Album: ''Antagonist'' (2002)
1. Tempest I
2. The Beginning of the End
3. An End Like This
4. Shadow of the Vengeance
5. Tempest II
6. Drowning
7. Still Believe In What Has Fallen Apart
8. Beneath The Ashes
9. Stillborn
10. What Remains
11. Declaration

Endorsed by Hate

Album: ''Endorsed by Hate'' (2004)
1. Catharsis
2. The World's Havoc
3. Endorsed By Hate
4. Watch It All Come Down
5. Without A Face
6. At The Gates Of Demise
7. Chosen Fate
8. The Omega Suite
9. Human Waste
10. Suffer Or Endure
11. Götterdämmerung

When Worlds Collide

Album: ''When Worlds Collide'' (2006)
1. 24HourHate
2. And If I Lose, Welcome Annihilation
3. Sirius
4. Wake Up In Hell
5. Annular Eclipse
6. Arcturus
7. Confessions Of The Heretic
8. There Is Something You Will Never Erase
9. The Omega Suite Pt. II
10. Sword And Bullet
11. Vermin
12. Koo She
13. Below Existence



Originating in Nordhausen, Germany, in 1998, Maroon are currently one of the premier vegan straight edge hardcore bands in the world today. Heavily influenced musically and politically by mid-1990s vegan straight edge hardcore acts such as Earth Crisis, Day Of Suffering, Loxiran and Morning Again, their music also displays influences from metal acts such as At the Gates, Metallica, Sepultura and Slayer.

The year of 1999 saw Maroon releasing a demo cassette entitled The Initiate, signalling a new era of vegan straight edge culture in Germany. All four of the songs were to be found on later releases, and they hinted at the storm that was to come.

Their first cd, Captive in the Room of the Conspirator, was recorded at Headquarters Studion in Berlin in spring 2000 and released that year on the now-defunct Kerosene Recordings label, featuring songs like the solution strongly advocating a vegan lifestyle and support for animal liberation and earth liberation. The band began touring Europe, opening for many hardcore acts including their idols Earth Crisis and Morning Again.

Later in the year Maroon released an untitled split 7" with Absidia on the Crap Chords label, featuring the song Wasted. That winter the band went back to the studio to record a split CD with Self Conquest entitled [album artist=Maroon]The Key[/album artist], this time using 101 Studios, also in Berlin. On the heels of this recording, released by Beniihana Records the band went back on the road once more, touring Europe and opening for bands including Heaven Shall Burn and Caliban.

In November 2001 Maroon entered Rape of Harmonies Studios to record their debut full-length, Antagonist, released on legendary US vegan straight edge hardcore label Catalyst Records ( Catalyst is run by Kurt Catalyst, frontman for defunct hardcore legends Birthright and a newer band, Risen. Antagonist featured Maroon's best work to date both musically and lyrically, delivering a number of hard-hitting songs including the vegan straight edge anthem Still Believe in What Has Fallen Apart and a cover of Canon's classic animal liberation rallying call Declaration. The album soon became one of Catalyst's biggest sellers in both the US and Europe, leading to more European tours.

After some line up changes Maroon switched labels to Alveran Records in 2003, who then re-released Antagonist. February 2004 saw the band at Denmark's Antfarm Studio recording a new full length album entitled Endorsed by Hate. Following the recording, original guitarist Marc Zech left the band, and was replaced by Sebastian Rieche. The album was released in Europe in June, and between June and December of 2004 Maroon played 60 shows across Europe, including major festivals such as With Full Force and Pressure Fest. In October the band switched labels again, signing to Century Media Records. In early 2005 Century Media/Abacus released Endorsed by Hate in North America.

Many of Maroon's die-hard vegan straight edge fans felt let down by Endorsed by Hate due to its general lack of overtly topical lyrics, especially after the inspiring "Antagonist". As opposed to previous releases, the new album makes no mention of veganism, straight edge, animal liberation or earth liberation in the lyrics, liner notes or artwork. Another disappointment for these fans was the change of Maroon's website address from "" to "", leading many fans to believe that Maroon have "sold out" on straight edge.

2006 saw the release of the new Maroon CD entitled When Worlds Collide which lead to some back-to-the-roots changes a least regarding the lyrics. 24 Hourhateor Wake Up In Hell (one of the disco-smashers 2006, deal with animal liberation, while
Like Sword And Bullet advises a life without drugs.
Regarding the music, the new album is more diverse than any of the others. Maroon combine both their old trademarks with some new features (even featuring clean metal-style vocal on Annular eclipse, even though it somehow lacks the spirit of the older Maroon releaes due to its very clean and sterile production.

Metalcore/Half-Thrash Metal

Animal Liberation, Veganism, Society, Death

Germany (Nordhausen), formed in 1998

Century Media


Andre Moraweck - Vocals
Sebastian Grund - Guitar
Sebastian Rieche - Guitar
Tom Eric Moraweck - Bass
Nick Wachsmuth - Drums

Marc Zech - Guitar


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