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Demo # 1

Album: ''Demo # 1'' (1991 Demo)
1. Fuck Me Jesus
2. Departure from the Mortals
3. The Black
4. Within the Abyss
5. (Shut Up and Suffer)

Dark Endless

Album: ''Dark Endless'' (1992)
1. Still Fucking Dead (Here's No Peace)
2. The Sun Turns Black as Night
3. Within the Abyss
4. The Funeral Seemed to Be Endless
5. Departure from the Mortals
6. The Black...
7. Dark Endless
8. Holy Inquisition

Those of the Unlight

Album: ''Those of the Unlight'' (1993)
1. Darkness Breeds Immortality
2. Those of the Unlight
3. Wolves
4. On Darkened Wings
5. Burn My Coffin
6. A Sculpture of the Night
7. Echoes from the Past
8. Stone Stands Its Silent Vigil

Opus Nocturne

Album: ''Opus Nocturne'' (1994)
1. The Appearance of Spirits of Darkness
2. Sulphur Souls
3. From Subterranean Throne Profound
4. Autumnal Reaper
5. Materialized in Stone
6. On Untrodden Paths (Wolves Part II)
7. Opus Nocturne
8. Deme Quaden Thyrane
9. The Sun Has Failed

Fuck Me Jesus

Album: ''Fuck Me Jesus'' (1995 EP)
1. Fuck Me Jesus
2. Departure from the Mortals
3. The Black
4. Within the Abyss
5. Shut Up and Suffer
6. Dark Endless *
7. In Conspiracy with Satan (Bathory cover) *
8. Woman of Dark Desires (Bathory cover) *

Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered

Album: ''Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered'' (1996)
1. Summon the Darkness
2. Beyond the Grace of God
3. Infernal Eternal
4. Glorification of the Black God
5. Darkness It Shall Be
6. The Black Tormentor of Satan
7. Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania
8. Legion


Album: ''Glorification'' (1996 EP)
1. Glorification of the Black God (remix)
2. Total Desaster (Destruction cover)
3. Sex with Satan (Piledriver cover)
4. Sodomize the Dead (Piledriver cover)
5. The Return of Darkness and Evil (Bathory cover)


Album: ''Here's No Peace'' (1997 EP)
1. Here's No Peace
2. Still Fucking Dead
3. Within the Abyss

Live in Germania

Album: ''Live in Germania'' (1997 Live album)
1. Beyond the Grace of God
2. Sulphur Souls
3. The Black
4. Darkness It Shall Be
5. Materialized in Stone
6. Infernal Eternal
7. On Darkened Wings
8. Wolves
9. Untrodden Paths (Wolves Part II)
10. Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania
11. Legion
12. Total Desaster (Destruction cover)


Album: ''Nightwing'' (1998)
1. Preludium
2. Bloodtide (XXX)
3. Of Hells Fire
4. Slay the Nazarene
5. Nightwing
6. Dreams of Blood and Iron
7. Dracole Wayda
8. Kaziklu Bey (The Lord Impaler)
9. Deme Quaden Thyrane
10. Anno Domini 1476

Panzer Division Marduk

Album: ''Panzer Division Marduk'' (1999)
1. Panzer Division Marduk
2. Baptism by Fire
3. Christraping Black Metal
4. Scorched Earth
5. Beast of Prey
6. Blooddawn
7. 502
8. Fistfucking God's Planet


Album: ''Obedience'' (2000 EP)
1. Obedience
2. Funeral Bitch
3. Into the Crypts of Rays (Celtic Frost cover)

Infernal Eternal

Album: ''Infernal Eternal'' (2000 Live album)
1. Panzer Division Marduk
2. Burn My Coffin
3. Baptism by Fire
4. The Sun Turns Black as Night
5. Of Hells Fire
6. 502
7. Materialized in Stone
8. Beast of Prey
9. Those of the Unlight
10. Sulphur Souls
11. Dreams of Blood and Iron
12. Fistfucking God's Planet

La Grande Danse Macabre

Album: ''La Grande Danse Macabre'' (2001)
1. Ars Moriendi
2. Azrael
3. Pompa Funebris 1660
4. Obedience unto Death
5. Bonds of Unholy Matrimony
6. La Grande Danse Macabre
7. Death Sex Ejaculation
8. Funeral Bitch
9. Summers End
10. Jesus Christ... Sodomized

Slay The Nazarene

Album: ''Slay The Nazarene'' (2002 EP)
1. Slay the Nazarene (live)
2. Of Hell's Fire (live)

World Funeral

Album: ''World Funeral'' (2003)
1. With Satan and Victorious Weapons
2. Bleached Bones
3. Cloven Hoof
4. World Funeral
5. To the Death's Head True
6. Castrum Doloris
7. Hearse
8. Night of the Long Knives
9. Bloodletting
10. Blessed Unholy
11. Blackcrowned


Album: ''Hearse'' (2003 Single)
1. Hearse
2. Phantasm (Possessed cover)

Plague Angel

Album: ''Plague Angel'' (2004)
1. The Hangman of Prague
2. Throne of Rats
3. Seven Angels, Seven Trumpets
4. Life's Emblem
5. Steel Inferno
6. Perish in Flames
7. Holy Blood, Holy Grail
8. Warschau
9. Deathmarch
10. Everything Bleeds
11. Blutrache

Funeral Marches and Warsongs

Album: ''Funeral Marches and Warsongs'' (2004 DVD)
1. Blackcrowned
2. With Satan and Victorious Weapons
3. Azrael
4. Wolves
5. World Funeral
6. Hearse
7. Bleached Bones
8. Of Hells Fire
9. Darkness It Shall Be
10. Fistfucking Gods Planet
11. Blackcrowned
12. With Satan and Victorious Weapons
13. Azrael
14. Wolves
15. World Funeral
16. Hearse
17. Bleached Bones
18. Of Hells Fire
19. Darkness It Shall Be
20. Fistfucking Gods Planet
21. Jesus Christ Sodomized
22. Baptism by Fire
23. The Black
24. Still Fucking Dead
25. Hearse (video clip)
26. World Funeral (video clip)


Album: ''Deathmarch'' (2004 EP)
1. Steel Inferno (alternative version)
2. Tod und Vernichtung
3. The Hangman of Prague (rehearsal)
4. Throne of Rats (rehearsal)


Album: ''Blackcrowned'' (2005 DVD)
1. Panzer Division Marduk
2. Burn My Coffin
3. Baptism by Fire
4. The Sun Turns Black as Night
5. Wolves
6. Holy Inquisition
7. Still Fucking Dead
8. Within the Abyss
9. Dark Endless
10. The Sun Turns Black as Night
11. Burn My Coffin
12. Materialized in Stone
13. The Black...
14. Azrael
15. Beyond the Grace of God
16. Those of the Unlight
17. Sulphur Souls
18. Jesus Christ... Sodomized (bonus track)
19. La Grande Danse Macabre (bonus track)


Album: ''Warschau'' (2005 Live album)
1. The Hangman of Prague
2. Seven Angels, Seven Trumpets
3. Slay the Nazarene
4. Azrael
5. Burn My Coffin
6. Panzer Division Marduk
7. Blutrache
8. Bleached Bones
9. The Black...
10. Steel Inferno
11. On Darkened Wings
12. With Satan and Victorious Weapons
13. Throne of Rats
14. To the Death's Head True
15. Sulphur Souls
16. Warschau
17. Wolves

Blood Puke Salvation

Album: ''Blood Puke Salvation'' (2006 DVD)
1. Azrael
2. The Hangman of Prague
3. Burn My Coffin
4. With Satan and Victorious Weapons
5. Perish in Flames
6. Slay the Nazarene
7. Sulphur Souls
8. Panzer Division Marduk
9. The Black...
10. Warschau
11. Bleached Bones
12. On Darkened Wings
13. Throne of Rats
14. Wolves
15. The Black
16. Bleached Bones
17. Throne of Rats
18. World Funeral
19. Slay the Nazarene
20. Sulphur Souls
21. Panzer Division Marduk
22. Throne of Rats (video clip)
23. Steel Inferno (video clip)
24. The Hangman of Prague (video clip)

Rom 5:12

Album: ''Rom 5:12'' (2007)
1. The Levelling Dust
2. Cold Mouth Prayer
3. Imago Mortis
4. Through the Belly of Damnation
5. 1651
6. Limbs of Worship
7. Accuser / Opposer
8. Vanity of Vanities
9. Womb of Perishableness
10. Voices from Avignon



Marduk is a Swedish black metal band. Marduk's predominant lyrical topics are Satanism, anti-Christianity, death, war, diversity, unity, chaos, rage, angst, justice, environmentalism and the Third Reich. The latter is a recent addition to their lyrical-conceptual themes, stemming from their 1999 release Panzer Division Marduk; it quickly grew among their fans' favorites and so far Marduk have released more and more songs relating to that dark but fascinating chapter of human history such as "The Hangman of Prague" (monicker of Prague "Reichsprotektor", (and, by the Way, Leader of the "Sicherheitsdienst", Reinhard Heydrich), "Deathmarch" and others.

Marduk was founded in Norrköping, Sweden in 1990 by Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson. His ultimate goal was to create the most blasphemous and Satanic band ever conceptualized.

In 1991, Marduk released a three song demo entitled "Fuck Me Jesus", which due to its dark and irreverent lyrics was highly received by a cult following.
During 1992, Marduk released their first full-length album "Dark Endless" under the label No Fashion and continued to tour Sweden, augmenting their steadily growing fan base. Marduk switched over to the French label Osmose in 1993 after a dispute with No Fashion. Marduk began to tour throughout the rest of Europe in 1994 and in 1995 had their first gig across the Atlantic in Mexico City. They continued to amass fans and release albums over the next few years, even spearheading the European "Black Metal Assault Tour" in 1998.

In 2000, Marduk founded their own record label, Blooddawn Productions.

In 2004 Marduk released their ninth studio album "Plague Angel" which was a great hit all over Europe and later on in the U.S.A. To celebrate Marduks 15 years anniversary a live album called "Warchau" was released with 17 live tracks from a show in Poland, 2005.

In 2006 a very substantial double DVD, which was called "Blood Puke Salvation", containing 2 concerts professionally filmed in Tilburg (Holland) and Antwerpen (Belgium). Videoclips, photo-gallery, interviews, behind the scenes material and rare handycam footage from the Deathmarch tours of 2004 and 2005.

In 2007, they released their tenth studio album entitled "Rom 5:12".

Marduk continues to tour Europe, release albums, and is regularly featured in many prominent Metal music festivals.

Black Metal

Anti-Christian, Death, Satan, War

Sweden (Norrköping), formed in 1990

Blooddawn Productions/Regain Record


Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson - Guitars (Abruptum, Devil's Whorehouse, Moses) (1990-)
Mortuus "Arioch" - Vocals (Triumphator (Swe), Funeral Mist (Swe)) (2003-)
Magnus "Devo" Andersson - Bass (Cardinal Sin (Swe), ex-Sargatanas Reign, IXXI (Session), Overflash, ex-Allegiance (Swe)) (also guitar 1992-1994) (2004-)
Lars Broddesson - Drums (2006- ) (Excessum (Swe), Absurdeity)

Andreas "Dread" Axelsson (ex-Edge of Sanity, ex-Incapacity, Infestdead) (1990-1993)
Joakim "Af Gravf" Göthberg (1993-1995) (+ Drums (1990-1993) + Guitars) (Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade, ex-Darkified, ex-Moment Maniacs, Dimension Zero, ex-Grimorium (Swe), ex-In Flames, Cardinal Sin (Swe))
Erik "Legion" Hagstedt (ex-Ophthalamia, Rebelangels, Elizium (Swe)/Devian) (1995-2003)
Naihmass Nemtheanga (Guest on Rom 5:12 ("Accuser/Opposer")) (Primordial,Void of Silence)

Kim Osara (1995-1996)
Peter Tägtgren (1996-97 - guest session second guitar on tour and on Live in Germania album) (Hypocrisy (Swe), ex-The Abyss, ex-Lockup, Pain (Swe), ex-Bloodbath (Swe), ex-War (Swe), ex-Sorhin, ex-Dellamorte, ex-Algaion)

Rickard Kalm (1990-1992)
B. War (Bogge Svensson) (ex-Devil's Whorehouse, Rebelangels, ex-Allegiance (Swe), ex-Moment Maniacs) (1992-2004)


Fredrik Andersson (ex-Allegiance (Swe), Skullcrusher, Triumphator (Swe), ex-Moment Maniacs) (1993-2002)
Emil Dragutinovic (ex-Nominon, The Legion (Swe), Rebelangels, Elizium (Swe)/Devian) (2002-Nov 2006)


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