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Album: ''Metal'' (1982)
1. Enter the Warrior
2. Defender
3. Queen of the Black Coast
4. Metal
5. Out of Control with Rock 'n' Roll
6. Cage of Mirrors
7. Far Side of the Sun

Crystal Logic

Album: ''Crystal Logic'' (1983)
1. Prologue
2. Necropolis
3. Crystal Logic
4. Feeling Free Again
5. The Riddle Master
6. The Ram
7. The Veils of Negative Existence
8. Dreams of Eschaton/Epilogue

Open the Gates

Album: ''Open the Gates'' (1985)
1. Metalstorm
2. Open the Gates
3. Astronomica
4. Weavers of the Web
5. The Ninth Wave
6. Heavy Metal to the World
7. The Fires of Mars
8. Road of Kings
9. Hour of the Dragon
10. Witches Brew

The Deluge

Album: ''The Deluge'' (1986)
1. Dementia
2. Shadows in the Black
3. Divine Victim
4. Hammer of the Witches
5. Morbid Tabernacle
6. Isle of the Dead
7. Taken by Storm
8. The Deluge
9. Friction in Mass
10. Rest in Pieces


Album: ''Mystification'' (1987)
1. Haunted Palace
2. Spirits of the Dead
3. Valley of Unrest
4. Mystification
5. Masque of the Red Death
6. Up from the Crypt
7. Children of the Night
8. Dragon Star
9. Death by the Hammer

Out Of The Abyss

Album: ''Out Of The Abyss'' (1988)
1. Whitechapel
2. Rites Of Blood
3. Out Of The Abyss
4. Return Of The Old Ones
5. Black Cauldron
6. Midnight Meat Train
7. War In Heaven
8. Slaughterhouse
9. Helicon


Album: ''Roadkill'' (1988 Live album)
1. Dementia
2. Open the Gates
3. Mystification
4. The Deluge
5. Masque of the Red Death
6. Witches Brew
7. Spirits of the Dead
8. Far Side of the Sun

The Courts of Chaos

Album: ''The Courts of Chaos'' (1990)
1. Road to Chaos
2. Dig Me No Grave
3. D.O.A.
4. Into the Courts of Chaos
5. From Beyond
6. A Touch of Madness
7. (Vlad) The Impaler
8. The Prophecy
9. The Books of Skelos

The Circus Maximus

Album: ''The Circus Maximus'' (1992)
1. Throne of Blood
2. Lux Aeterna
3. Spider
4. Murder by Degrees
5. No Sign from Above
6. In Gein We Trust
7. Flesh and Fury
8. No Touch
9. Hack It Off
10. Forbidden Zone
11. She's Fading

Atlantis Rising

Album: ''Atlantis Rising'' (2001)
1. Megalodon
2. Lemuria
3. Atlantis Rising
4. Sea Witch
5. Resurrection
6. Decimation
7. Flight of the Ravens
8. March of the Gods
9. Siege of Atland
10. War of the Gods

Mark of the Beast

Album: ''Mark of the Beast'' (2002)
1. Mark of the Beast
2. Court of Avalon
3. Avatar
4. Dream Sequence
5. Time Trap
6. Black Lotus
7. Teacher
8. Aftershock
9. Venusian Sea
10. Triumvirate

Spiral Castle

Album: ''Spiral Castle'' (2002)
1. Gateway to the Sphere
2. Spiral Castle
3. Shadow
4. Seven Trumpets
5. Merchants of Death
6. Born upon the Soul
7. Sands of Time

Gates of Fire

Album: ''Gates of Fire'' (2005)
1. Riddle Of Steel
2. Behind The Veil
3. When Giants Fall
4. The Fall Of Iliam
5. Imperious Rise
6. Rome
7. Stand Of The Spartans
8. Betrayal
9. Epitaph To The King

Clash of Iron Vol. I - Live at Keep it True

Album: ''Clash of Iron Vol. I - Live at Keep it True'' (2007 Split)
1. Death by the Hammer
2. Ravenwreck

manilla road


One of the great cult metal bands from the eighties, Manilla Road still has a strong following, particularly in Europe. Isolated from the metal world in their home in Kansas, the trio (recently expanded to a quartet) have released an impressive array of albums over their career, all with a distinctively original sound. That sound consisted of gruff and nasal vocals, low-tuned, heavy guitar work, lyrics often delving into fantasy topics, and mostly slow to mid-paced riffing, with an emphasis on creating an epic feel to their works.
Their subsequent albums Crystal Logic, Open the Gates and The Deluge are generally considered to be classics in the field of epic heavy metal. The band was quiet for most of the nineties, but band leader Mark Shelton revived the group in 2001, and the group continues to record and enjoy cult success.

Epic Traditional / Power Metal

Literature, Horror, Mythology, Edgar Allan Poe

United States of America (Wichita, Kansas), formed in 1977



Mark ``The Shark`` Shelton - Guitars, Vocals (The Circus Maximus, Embryo, Apocalypse, Tumbleweed, Shag Nasty, The Herd) (1977-)
Bryan ``Hellroadie`` Patrick - Vocals (1999-2005, 2007-)
Harvey ``The Crow`` Patrick - Bass Guitar (2003-)
Cory ``Hardcore`` Christner - Drums (2004-)

Scott Peters - Drums (1999-2003) (Grand Facade, THP, Revulsion, Boggart, Mammoth)
Aaron Brown - Drums, Vocals (The Circus Maximus) (1991-1992)
Randy ``Thrasher`` Foxe - Drums, Keyboards, Guitars (1984-1990)
Rick Fisher - Drums (1979-1983)
Myles Sipe - Drums (1979)
Ben Munkirs - Drums (1977-1978)

Robert Park - Guitar (1977-1979) (R.I.P. 2000, drowned)

Mark Anderson - Bass (1999-2002) (Grand Facade, Inner Voice, Pain Purveyor, Satyros)
Andrew Cross - Bass, Vocals, Keyboards (The Circus Maximus) (1991-1992)
Scott ``Scooter`` Park - Bass (1977-1990)


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